Firearms Training 2012 - not just 'job for the boys'!

Uploaded by westmidlandspolice on 28.06.2012

Well today's the final day of the course
and today we come down here as part of a three day package for the students
which is about training them to deal with people who are armed.
May have
killed people in schools
or in colleges
or may be in shopping centres.
The offenders identities
and their motives are unknown. You are to identify locate and neutralise the threat.
One subject down, one in the building!
You got him?
Yeah. He's non-responsive.
I'm gonna come left flank.
Yeah, final day all done now, so,
found out we passed
and really happy about it.
I was expecting it to be hard but it was further than that really.
It's just something that you have to keep drilling through.
Just try your best at each stage. Really looking forward to starting on the cars.
We go back to our LPUs for a little bit
until all our kit's ready and we get released and then straight to operations
and on the ARVs.
So yeah
that'll be the true test then.
yes to the long hard ten weeks and come into thinking
I'm in for
a hard bit of graft here but you don't quite realise how hard it is until you get here.
With this course there were a few people that dropped out over the 10 weeks for there own reasons
and it just goes to show
how physically and mentally demanding it is
You might go into thinking it's for you
and find after week four or five find
it's not quite for me.
Yeah proud to pass the course
get on the cars and build up my experience that way
it'll seem real on the cars and start cutting my teeth with a few jobs.
The next stage for the students
will be to get released from an LPU
we look for a 28 day release and then onto the ARVs
and then they'll be put with
experienced officers on those ARVs
who will mentor them through a period of several weeks and
months, then over the next 6 months or 12 months they'll start to gain their experience
then in the future at some stage
they'll be experienced firearms officers who in turn will
mentor other students who've been through the same course.