Fab DS - Les Secrets de Disneyland Paris

Uploaded by DestinationFunVideo on 01.04.2011

Hi! I'm Fab DS for Destination FUN!
Welcome to Marne-la-Vallée to discover DisneyLand Paris' secrets!
If you take Liberty court entrance in Main Street Liberty arcade...
... you'll see, behind this curtain, the inauguration on the Statue of Liberty
Let's take a look!
If you listen carefully in front of Main Street's dentist office...
You'll hear that the dentist seems to torture his apprentices
When you leave Phantom Manor...
... if you stick you ear on the big tomb in the cementery...
... you'll hear a heart beating!
Maybe somebody tries to escape...
Be careful on the way to Indiana Jones' attraction!
The steps of tigers will remind you that you are on THEIR territory!
At the Adventureland's entrance...
... you'll find a big egg of a mystical animal in his nest!
Under the castle of Sleeping Beauty is the dragoon's cavern. Everybody knows it
Cinderella horse-drawn can be found in "Auberge de Cendrillon" restaurant
"OOooh! The horse-drawn!!!" (an hysterical spanish tourist)
That's the horse-drawn's magical effect!
It's forbidden to eat frog leggs in Toad Hall restaurant!
On the way to Keelhaul Caverns you'll find scary stones
You'll be able to see the captain's treasure only from the gateway
This showcase on the left of Constellations shop is the same since 1992
Hyperion café in Videopolis is the largest European fast food
If you're patient you'll see a mouse getting out from the March Hare's big teapot
In front of Walt Disney's Studios, on a giant compass...
...you'll find plates with the distances from the others parks in the world
On Santa Fe's New Mexico fields there's a crashed UFO!
It reminds me of something...
And a real yellow cab in front of New York Hotel!
There are a lot of other secrets...
It's you turn to discover them You know the way... only one Destination: FUN!