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Children's Day.
The people who came to visit me changed.
There were many asking for my name,
but none that would remember it
and called it.
Children's Day in an orphanage,
was like this.
For a long time,
I lived very well on my own.
But still,
In a world where no one remembered your name,
I was tired of it.
Can't a guy be alone?
Of course you can, why can't you?
What I'm saying is,
If you can get-
____ 20 dollars,
Lodging 40 dollars.
It was unfair to pay 20 dollars more.
Ay, this kid, trying not to pay more money,
What is this?
Look here!
Aish, if you're gonna do this, then do it somewhere else,
or something!
Are you okay? Mister? Mister!
Come on up!
Look here! Mister, mister!
Over there!
Over there, look!
Ah, turn the boat.
I didn't do anything bad,
so I guess I'll go to heaven?
I will....go to heaven.
I couldn't die, again.
I can't even die when I want to.
I believe smoking is prohibited in hospitals.
Don't you know that you can't smoke in hospitals?
Never in my life have I
received hospitality like this.
But... Hey, but
Does he HAVE to come with us?
[Kim Ji Kyung, psychiatrist]
Am I like......some mental
Oh, no, we thought you might have some after effects.
It's pretty common.
I see
Since when did you have suicidal thoughts?
Not too long.
Can I ask why?
Well, I guess I didn't have the strength to keep living.
Do you still want to die now?
Well, I can't see why I can't die...
Truthfully, although it was for a short period of time.....you certainly did stopped breathing for a while.
Oh.......so I had died.
Well, this shouldn't be a problem right now, but
You said you have a friend?
By any chance, is that friend telling you to die?
oh, no.....no.
He's someone I met at the hospital for the first time.
Then, is there another person?
There isn't.
Who's the one that's crying?
Another person is crying right now,
(Friend one person -scratches out- 2 people)
Then.....who's the individual that was smoking earlier?
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I was crying in here.
This person
Why is she crying in here?
Hello? Please lead a patient out of here.
Why is this person crying in here?
There's a person crying in here too,
Please lead them both out.
Did you hide her in here?
Nurses! Nurses!
If a person gave their mind,
then you shouldn't be embarrased of them!
Doctors should heal wounds, not make more!
Please calm down,
Are you going to keep her in there?
Where are you touching?!
Come out! Don't stand there like that, and come out!
I- I- I- I- I- I guess you aren't human...
People like you...
What business would they have with me?
starting today are sharing bodies with you.
Yes ?
Use what together?
Your body,
one, two, three, the three of you
....my body...
All of you are going to use it? The three of you?
Oh my......oh.
I'm tired all of a sudden.
Did you sleep well?
Instead of a hard bed, the soft floor is better, right?
The bed is more soft than the floor.
That child over there.....
I really must've been close to death.
I'm seeing ghosts I haven't seen before.
To top it off, four of them.
Uhm.....are you going to keep following me around?
Excuse me,
Are you interested in me?
Excuse me? Don't be embarrassed.
You must've opened yourself up to spirits.
What ?
You've called up ghosts without a spiritual rite.
If you died and came back alive like you did,
You might be able to make contact with the ghosts around you.
I thought if you died, it was the end.
You....until you send them off, you can't die, understand?
Why ?
What did you do in your life to not understand someone?
I did do something, but now I don't do anything.
Do you think they'll leave you to die?
Then, to use my body with me....
that means there are times they'll need to use your body!
Coming in and out of your body, talking and eating,
based on the ghost, your eating habits, behavior, and health will change.
Aigoo....there's a lot...a lot.
Is it possible for a human being to live here?!
How many times have I told him, to not put the trash out here!
I mean, this man
is bringing down the state of this apartment.
Did he poop or pee?
What's with his posture?
This time, I'm going to really tell him off.
I mean, for a person so young, why do you live like this?
Miss, would a person who wants to live be like this?
Then tell that person to die!
Yeah, I'm trying.
Isn't there anything fun?
It's the first time someone's come to visit me.
Although, I wish it had been a person.
Don't you have any alcohol?
I'm someone who always thought about health.
I can't even touch alcohol.
What, what are you doing right now?
Oh my, really...
What are you looking at!
I don't even like sweets.
I've never even learnt to smoke before,
Even though I was lonely and sad,
As a man to cry,
I couldn't even imagine.
I'm sorr-sorry that I....
Nowadays people are using carbon monoxide to die...
Lock the doors, and......
Oh, I have to use the restroom.
I'm hungry.
What are you people!
I'm someone who always thought about my health!
To live by yourself, do you know how healthy you have to be?!
Is there no one else besides me around you all?
Why did you come to me?! What did I do?!
So unlucky!!
You know sometimes,
When you get the goosebumps and get cold?
That's because a line of ghosts just passed by.
You get chills because the ghosts have been provoked.
I mean, but,
Whether it's natural or what, just let it disappear.
After I send them off, I'll die too.
You can't.
Why can't I?
Power flows from the top down not from the bottom up
Then what do you want me to do?!
Comfort them.
If there's anything they want, do them all.
You can't send them with human strength.
They have to walk off on their own.
Did, did I ask them to come to me?
For them to play around, so that I can't die,
they are trying so hard to bug me. Why should I comfort them?
I can't! I won't!
I am REALLY having a hard time.
As the four of you are with me, I can't even be healthy,
and I was fired from my job...
my life was ruined,
Can't you...just leave me?
There's something you want, right?
To say it like that......it's a bit..
Uhm, a wish, a wish you couldn't fulfill that you went crazy over.
If you tell me what they are,
with my whole body, I'll REALLY try...
To fulfill them no matter what. EVERYTHING.
What do you think?
Since you told us to tell you,
You know, I'm simple. I have a camera, you know?
I wish I could go first.
You rascal with no manners.
Just because you're older,
to go first, isn't that a bit childish?
You rascal!
You guys pick the order,
But as I fulfill your wishes,
Can you each go on your own way?
I am really....
Tired, you know?
Why so loud? A person only died.
They knew they would die, isn't that why they came here?
What are you, who are you?!
Acting like you care...
at least you come for a visit since he's died.
Jeong Won, did you sleep well?
Wow, Jeong Won, your heart beat is very cool today.
Gosh....what is this, really.
The longer you stay here,
Even though there's nothing to eat, they keep stacking up.
If you keep doing this, I'm going to move you to another place.
Because I'm almost on my death's door, I'm doing this.
Is there another place to go?
Is it you, child?
It's me.
What are you talking about? If you're busy, it's okay if you can't come.
Did my granddaughter grow up???
What? She can jump?
Hey, wait....
Will Dae Woo be getting a break anytime?
He's been discharged?
There's a camera, and you just need to find the owner.
Turn it around.
This isn't it.
This one?
That one?
They're all the same cameras!
We went to every store!!
Did I say it was at a store?
We have to go to a person. A person with the camera.
Who is that person?
Do you know them?
Of course.
In Choon Chun.
Then why didn't you say so earlier??
You didn't ask.
Do you think we just say stuff to you?
But anything concerning living people, we can only answer to the questions asked.
Because if we say something wrong,
You should've said those things earlier!
If you don't want to find it for me, then don't.
I can just follow you around forever, not letting you die
Let's go!
If it's Choon Chung, it's not that far away.
Hey, hey, hey, you're really...
-Okay... -Give me back my camera, you twirp.
-Do you know him? -Nope.
Give me back my camera!!
In the second closet.
Are you going to give it or not?
Are you really not gonna give it to me?
Who are you?!
Do you know me?!
I've never seen anyone so homeless looking.
I don't think going this extreme will work
I see him.
This.....it was weird to just come empty handed.
Mister, the camera......
Oh there's another person, hello.
I can't leave.
Go where...?
Don't come!
Don't come! Don't come!
Hey! Catch him!
Is there something wrong?
Sorry....but I heard there was a camera if I came here.
I didn't know it was....
Why is he doing that....?
We can order in.
I don't bring packed lunch everyday.
Please come and eat first.
Come quickly...
Thank you so much.
The thing about marriage,
it's not a simple case of love.
Don't you think?
It was so deplorable.
That camera...
you were going to sell it, but you wanted to look good in front of your girl friend
so you didn't sell it.
What for? You were going to marry someone else...
Who is he?
The camera....
you're really not going to give it to me are you?
What was the name of that women again.....
Dear! Dear!
Here, here have some KimBop.
I'm not used to other's KimBop.
He said it's in the second drawer...
Please accept my request.
Look here PanSu.
Koo PanSu?
If you drink like that at that age,
you'll loose all your teeth later.
But you gulped down all that liquor and
you didn't loose your teeth,
What are they? Are they drinking.?
But who are you and
Why did you come looking for me?
Grandfather, enjoy your meal.
You're not drinking, right?
You're not suppose to drink.
What took you so long?
Someone you know?
I don't know.
Look! What's wrong?
You keep looking my way....
are you looking at me or that old man?
Why didn't you give me a look?
I would've been able to endure your gaze enough if my heart exploded.
It's a beautiful day.
What about going to a cafe for some tea.
...along with a hard boiled egg.
Will you allow me such an honor?
Do you really have to hit on all the women?
Why not? Because you fell in love at first sight?
That's not it...
It's true alright.
I'm not that type of person.
Oh yes you are!
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Ahh What's this?
Do you sleep as well?
Ah really!
At least open the window.
Ah seriously!
It's true that she doesn't like me.
Aiyoo! Aiyoo!
Yo, kid...
What was your wish?
Watching this is your wish?
Is it delicious?
It's that girl.
Should we go in?
You must like cartoon movies.
Enjoy your movie.
Let's go
How much does something like that cost these days?
Is it 10 for ten cents or so?
it's 1 for a dollar.
How many wishes do you have?
I'm going to the rest room, I'll be right back.
Hey. Give me one.
Give me one.
This is all?
Is this really all?
What are you doing?
I'm hungry.
Should we go eat something?
Jjajangmyun (black bean noodle)
Okay, lets go.
2 JjaJangMyun...
One more bowl.
that guy must be a master of eating.
can you eat one more bowl?
Are you kidding? I could eat three more bowls.
Wow~ ajusshi, you are really the best!
one more bowl.
JangEun is under treatment and can't eat well.
He loves those who can eat well.
No...it's nothing.
I didn't know myself I could eat so much.
If it make him happy...
They have things like that even these days...
It's spinning. Spinning. Oh, you drew a blank.
Try one more time.
No. I'm alright.
Just give it a try...
It's going.
It's spinning. It's spinning.
Ajusshi, you're really the best.
It's that small.
Wow. Are you going to eat that right now?
Do you want that?
Please, please.
Hold on.
Why do they make something a child is suppose to eat so big.
If he tells me to come then I have to-
What's wrong with you?
The one I got. Who told you to give it to someone else?
that is...they didn't get even one.
Lets just give it.
No. I won't give it.
things on the street like this...you can't really eat.
Let's just give it to them.
What di you mean you can't eat it...
it's my favorite....you just melt in in you mouth little by little...
Do you mean to say I have to eat this huge thing?
It will take days!
You'll be happy for at least a week, you must be happy.
You just eat it...
we're fine.
It looks like he'll eat the whole thing, right?
Yeah, it looks like it.
He is really amazing.
You already have the toy,
you should have given this to him. It's not like you're a kid.
Is something you play with and something you eat the same thing?
Do you know what the dead and someone about to die have in common?
What is it?
Shopping has no meaning.
Why would a dead person need this?
You don't have to die then.
You think living is so easy?
Do you think being dead is good?
Are you going to buy something? You said shopping is useless.
She said she liked cartoon movies.
Aren't we going?
We're going....
Next time, I'll get that for you. Okay?
Do you think I can see him again?
Mr. Super Eater?
Fine. Let's think about it.
You were alittle late.
Did you have a good time?
Nothing special happened?
Your dad..
___ patient was looking for you.
You're sure its this house.
If it too hard for you...
I can stay a while longer...
smoking in the corner.
No, no...
I can do it, I'll save it....
I will save it.
This time
it's stealing
What the heck...
Why does a ghost have alot of fear?
Because you haven't seen the scary people.
You know the nine tailed fox? the nine tailed fox?
That person's really scary.
Oh, it's dark.
the wind, the wing
What car is it?
Wow. There's alot.
Shine it somewhere else.
Is that it?
Sedan...a sedan?
A person, a person.
Are you a person?
Is it you?
Are they asking for a car as well?
How did you know I came to get a car?
To go for a drive with my wife?
You good for nothing bum!
No...no..that is...
You bad rascal!
You're gonna get it today.
What is this?! What do you want from me?!
Stop right there.
You Twit.
Stop where you are!
Why is everyone being like this?
I told you to stop right there punk!
I'm going to die today.
Are you sure she has a man?
You're sure you're sure?
The truth is...
I see ghosts.
There are 4 of them...
That is to say....that is...I...
I have supernatural senses.
What are you doing...?
They said these days technology has gotten better.
Please give me a chance.
I can have your wife come back to you.
I'm not looking for money or anything.... I just want ...a car...
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Do you know where she went?
Of course I know.
But why..., How many times are you making me say the same things?
We can't answer what's going on until you ask a question.
Alright. Go.
If you had asked earlier,
why would we be doing these stuff.
A young man who can't even think.
Well, that's why you get fooled all the time.
This world revolves around "business".
Oh so frustrating, so frustrating~
Did you talk with your guardian?
How about more treatments?
Do you think I can live at least 5 more months?
Hospice clinic doesn't provide medical treatment.
Is that woman going to die?
I thought you said she had a man.
She does have a "man".
Is the child going to live?
He/she'll live.
If the child lives...
there is no mom.
Is it someone you know?
You should quit smoking too.
It's lung cancer.
She said her husband smokes a lot.
We're not sure if we can save the child.
But, she said she won't get any treatment because of the child.
They said the child will live.
Oh, I think Ji Won had fun playing with you.
I'm Jung Hyun Soo.
I'm Kang Sang Man.
Sir, your wife is pregnant . . .
and the problem is not the car.
It's the cigarettes.
She has lung cancer.
Because of your child, she's giving up treatment.
Have a good day.
Yes, work hard.
Why didn't you tell me?
You woman, you have to get treatment!
Rather than me living,
I thought having the child living would be better.
We are growing old, but
But our child is growing up.
To drive in this car like this again,
and have this drive was your wish?
It's not like you're driving with a pretty women.
Is it just so-so?
How far are we going?
this is the wind.
Are we there yet?
Let's just hurry up.
It's here.
Why, is it so-so?
I think coming to the beach is a first (for me).
Are you married?
And have kids?
How is it, to get married?
I mean, well,
not because I want to or anything.
I was just curious.
When you get married, you two live together.
When you have kids?
When you have a kid, the three of you live together.
I can do arthimetic you know.
Do you like it?
When you usually live by yourself and then you live with two others.
It's tough.
LIving is such a hard thing to do.
But since that strength is multiplied by three, I like it.
It's not the work that's being multiplied?
Then you can add another.
Then the strength will be times four.
Then it'll be four times harder.
Are you stupid?
It may seem hard to have a family, but
the people supporting it are those people too.
Shall I dump my body into the water?
Are you crazy? It's still cold.
To swim in the ocean is my wish.
Did the kid tell you to do this?
To go to the beach, and swimming in the beach,
are they a connecting wish? like, one wish? Was it like that?
The wish is to take a drive to the beach, that's the wish.
And, I can't swim!
Coming to the beach is my first and I never swam or learned how to swim.
Why? What?
You're not doing it yourself.
I said I didn't want to.
I can't do this.
Stop. Don't take it off! Don't take it off!
You won't die.
You could say that because you're already dead.
Did you use my body to do things like this?
What is this?! Mom, I'm going to sink!
Keep moving, with your arms!
My feet are cold too!
Oh, I'm so cold! I'm going to sink to the bottom!
Why did we come to the beach?!
So cold! So salty!
Calm down, OK?
If you calm down and stay still, you float longer.
Calm down.
The beach which I came to for the first time,
is cold and salty.
and is wide and dazzling.
Oh, it's salty.
The wind is nice, right?
It's comfortable.
You know, traveling on your back isn't that bad.
The sun has gotten long,
Let's have a round of drinks for dinner.
Do you think learning how to swim for a day will be enough?
Oh, I'm so hungry.
This is my first time to live with others.
Though I wish they were real people.
The taste is so...
I....I wish I could go for shopping.
Are you going to quit or something?
What is this,
you come this far and now you think about my body?
So you must've died from lung cancer as well.
Car accident.
Riding something like this?
Right now, you
threw a pack of cigarettes out the window, right?
Oh, you're working hard,
Please show me your driver's license.
Oh, my license?
Uhm, I don't have a driver's license.
Do you have mutiple personality disorder?
Oh, he's really out of his mind.
I told you to call your guardians, what are you doing?
I thought quitting smoking would be good..
but he keeps trying to smoke..
Who's stopping who from smoking?
Would you know if I told you?
But, at that age how come you don't have a license?
I do have a license.
I'm a taxi driver.A personal taxi driver.
Welcome guest. Good bye, sayonara.
Unlicensed and a taxi driver?
That's what you think.
From a young age, I was scared of the car so..
From a young age, I was scared of the car so I couldn't get my license.
Stop. Stop. What are you trying to do?
I can drive so well, you know.
Stop it. Stop it.
I don't have one.
The license, IIII don't have one. Because I'm afraid of cars.
Ah, ah, wait wait,
Is your guardian coming?
Ever since the incident,
it seems like I'm coming to the police station often when I never had to before.
Stop creating an awkward atmosphere and call your guardian!
At this age, can't I be my own guardian?
We're asking you cause you're mental state isn't stable.
that's why you can't be your own guardian.
Hurry and call, your immediate family, and,
If I don't have an immediate family, are you going to arrest me?
Hey, this person. We're trying to get you out of here as fast as possible,
Why? There's none who'll come?
How did you live life?
Why did you drink again?!
Go, go! hurry!
Do you know when the most people die?
It's these days like, New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
Because it's so loney.
When it comes to those days, everyone looks so happy.
Then I think,
Oh, I was the only one living like this.
It's true that only my life is crap.
I just earn the money I work for,
marry the girl I love,
Having 1 or 2 kids, and even if it get's hard, just working my butt off to have them.
That's my dream.
However, to a guy who's never had family,
an opportunity like that never even came.
I lived really hard, afraid that I would be called an orphan.
I mean, since I was born,
is there anyone that is born with a family set?
You can just make them one by one.
When you look at my pictures, all of them are of me by myself.
But, I still look at the pictures as if my family is still there.
A family that I can't even see.
Thinking of them myself, I become a father, then a mother,
I just do that by myself, so embarrasing.
How did you come here?
Miss Min Soo.
Why are you like this?
You were loney and loney, it must have connected,
You know the family story earlier?
If I ever had something I wanted to throw away, it was family.
I was like that.
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Go in,
Ah, would you like some?
Don't take them from the neighborhood kids,
I'll be going then,
Oh, yes,
Aren't you going to give her the stuff?
Here you go.
Since you said you like cartoon movies.
I didn't buy them.
the videos from home, I
But, why are you giving me this?
Because I have alot of cartoon movies at home.
They're all from home.
I'll go.
Oh. alright.
Go and take it for her.
Hey! Over here! Mister!
Mister wait!!!
Why were you like that back at the police station?
Oh that.
I'm sorry.
It became a habit without my knowledge.
I was curious to hear your heart beating.
Was it alright?
It's very healthy.
Looks like your parents gave you a strong heart.
Then, I....
Then can I also.....
please excuse me.....uhm....in a fair way....
It beats really fast,
da dump, da dump,
The sound is very bright.
and your voice, well, your voice
I'm getting off here,
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Hurry up.
Paitient Jung Joon Hwa.
I said I was bored so..
If you're going to do things like this, I'm going to call someone to prevent it.
Did you meet someone?
That outfit is much more prettier than your nurse outfit.
If your shoes were pretty than you would be more prettier.
This is the last.
I just..
to the people I like..
I want to make a meal with my own hands.
Then make a list of people you like.
Finding them will be work.
People I like?
Well...if you're saying people I like...
Do you not have anyone you want to eat with?
I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you!
Should we just eat together?
If we did that you might say something else later
so tell me correctly now.
Let's just have dinner together.
Then I guess I don't have to go looking for the people you like.
Can we call one more person?
Wow. This is pretty.
Where did you buy it?
I forgot.
I'm not in control of my body.
I had some business nearby.
Your hairpin..
Is that your boyfriend?
I'm Yoon Su's father.
I'm what you would call...with Yoon Su...
I'm going to bring you your medicine so go inside.
I saw a shaman before
He was a male, and he told me that she would get married.
Are you going to get married?
Excuse me?
Marriage is my dream.
As for kids, about two...
Just go inside.
Right now.
Well its because I can't wait too long.
I want to see her get married soon.
I said please go inside!
Yoon Su, why are you being that way
toward your father?
What is it to you how I am toward my father?
Well, because at least the two of us...
Do you know my history with this person?
Do you know what he did to me?
Yoon Su...but family is still...
You keep saying family
and because you never had one you think it would be great
but I don't like it.
I don't even want to think about something like family.
I'm sorry but
I don't want you getting involved in my business.
It's going to be chilly soon.
I just have to sew the holes, and they'll be fine,
Oh, so wasteful!
I think you can still use them.
Things that still can be used,,,,you're not supposed to throw them away....
You're going to throw that away too?
I'm throwing away my own stuff, why are you like this?
I'll fulfill your wish. I won't die until I fulfill your wish so don't worry.
and don't get in my way.
Oh, it's our next door man,
Will you.....send a message for me?
Miss Yun Soo.
This might be hard to believe
I see dead people.
I know its hard to believe but..
Your father came to me......and he asked me
to tell you that he's sorry
I checked my mother's heart beats everyday.
I wished that it would do "da dump da dump" like a healthy heart.
Even my young self felt it
that the beating was getting weaker....
that one day I won't be able to hear that sound,
I was so scared of being just the two of us, my mother slowy dying away.
I didn't care about the hospital fees,
I just wished that dad would come.
that he would hurry up and come.
To me,
I only remember waiting.
I'm sorry. I'll be going in now.
Nurse Jeong,
From now on, instead of people who are going to die,
Try to live your life with people who are going to live.
Living get lonely, doesn't it?
Take that to its owner, will you?
I don't have to strength to go out. Gosh,
Why are you always crying?
Because I'm sorry.
You said you want to have dinner.
Lets go.
You have to go grocery shopping to make dinner.
What should we make? What side dishes...
What ingredients do I need for Japche? Wait, let's look here.
It must be heavy...
Oh, this is MiNaRi, right?
Omo, the minari is really good,
Miss, how much?
I came to give this to you.
Are you with someone?
No. I'm by myself.
No. I mean I am with someone but
it not that..
Do you want to eat dinner with me?
Someone who eats everyday like this at a family full dinner table,
How much happiness they will have.
Do you cook a lot often?
If there is someone that you love, then you'll cook everyday!
How lucky you will be!
To eat face to face with the person you love!
I don't know if this'll fit your taste,
Try this too.
I wish I could be able to cook everyday for you like this...
I'm sorry I wasn't able to cook like this everyday...
Oh, Mr. SangMin,
Did you stop smoking?
Oh, who smokes these days?
The head of the house should think about his health.
You must like really sweet stuff.
Should we do it again?
I am realy confident in wheel spinning,
This time, after I get one, I'll give it to you.
Sang Man,
What kind of a person are you, Sang Man?
I just thought that you were someone who was just like this and that,
and your heart was really healthy.
Is that really yours?
When you were young,
he said you liked your father very much.
and that he was glad that he was still with you before he died.
That he's thankful.
He said that there was something he really wanted to give you.
That he left it where you always met him.
Can you really see dead people?
Are there any right now?
Where I work,
People die everyday.
But you, Sang Man, see dead people,
and can talk to them,
and say that you've met my father who's dead.
Thinking it like that,
I'm suffering right now.
I ate dinner well.
I'll be leaving.
What kind of person am I?
You guys wouldn't know.
I fulfilled all your wishes,,,,,aren't y'all leaving?
You saw the movie. Aren't you leaving?
Hey pervert,
As I was receiving curses, I found your camera for you. Aren't you going?
Hey you,
I went back and forth to the police station. Wasn't that enough for you?
Aren't you going to go?
Hey crybaby lady. I ate well. I'll do the dishes so go.
Since I fulfilled everyone's wishes,
You don't need me anymore.
Now please just,
These days,
Brisquet gases are the trend.
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Jung Won!
Jung Won! It's mother! Mom!
Jung Won!!! Jung Won.....Oh Jung Won!
(some announcement)
If you didn't eat lunch yet, then do you want to eat with me?
If you didn't eat lunch, then let's eat this together.
When someone gets a big shock, they say that they forget their memories.
Because Jung Won found that she would die, she couldn't remember her family.
She couldn't remember his mom or dad 'till the end.
I'm sorry about last night.
It was something I wasn't used to.
Oh....oh no......and those people,
Those ghosts are gone.
I also don't like them.
From cigarettes, alcohol, to tears. I don't even like the thought of it.
They finally left.
I'm not that kind of person now.
Is that possible?
When I thought I was dead, someone wakes me up.
After I woke up, I would get mad for waking up.
The gas started to fill up inside the car
but inside the gas I kept seeing something.
Yun Soo's face,
I saw it.
This time I woke myself up.
To try to live for the first time.
with Yun Soo.
Your shoes are pretty.
In the videos you gave me, there were adult videos too,
You must enjoy watching that.
Ah. I didn't choose that.
That was the most fun.
I was curious since last night.
usually they put spinach in kimbap but..
But you put minari in there.
Oh that.
That. My mom said that minari is good for the blood.
so she would put minari instead of spinach.
Minari cleans the blood so it's good for you.
How much does Sang Man have to grow,
where mommy can loop arms with you and go market shopping?
Sang Man,
Sang Man,
Aren't you going to hand it over? There's something I have to use it on!!
You little!
Hyung will absolutely bring you here to watch it.
Honey! Honey! Father!
This is it, this is it,
We have to take a picture of my grandchildren, Let me borrow it for a day,
I'll return this to you before I die!
Hey!! Won't you give that back?!
I'll show you the beach and teach you how to swim.
There's not that much gas.
When someone has a sudden shock, they say they forget their memories.
Where are you? Where are you?
Coming here as you please,
How could you do what you guys want and leave?
Why didn't you ask me and just leave?
Don't think about leaving.
Don't think about leaving!
Don't leave. Don't leave. Don't leave.
Sang Man, if you laugh after you cry then your going to get fur on your butthole.
I'm leaving that.
You have it. Hyung doesn't like it because its childish.
You like it, childish things.
Don't give it to other kids.
You have it and play with it.
Did you confess?
There's nothing else that will connect with girls.
Its sincereity
You grew up so much, my son.
Quit smoking.
You're the one who taught me.
It's not you,
but dad.
Learn how to drive,
I'll teach you how to drive.
So you won't get an accident.
Always by your side,
I'll drive with you.
Dad's driving is the best.
You know that?
I know.
i'm sorry.
Can't I go with you?
Mom is really sorry.
that mom left Sang Man all alone first. (meaning she died first)
I'm sorry.
Mom is really sorry.
Even though you think you're all alone,
Mom, and grandpa,
dad, and your brother,
we are always going to be with you.
Live. Okay?
That girl was looked fine,
Did she like the kimbab I made?
oh, yes.
I always worried that you
would never recognize me after I left.
Thank you for recognizing your mom.
Thank you for growing up well.
So, my grandchildren, shall we take a picture?
Look at him. He's eating it again. Why does he eat alot.
Son stop it.
Your going to eat all that?
Spit it out.
Daugther in law. The water.
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When I was your age, grandfather was...
I mean your dad's dad.
was really good at driving, the taxi..
The airplane, you know the airplane.
your grandfather was the very best airplane flyer but..
oh, yes, pilot,
What are you doing? Come here and eat.
Yeah. I'm coming.
Oh, eat, eat,
You think we moved well, right?
The jjajangmyun is good too, right?
Who are these people?