iPad vs. Galaxy Tab -- (Gadget Girl - Ep. 1)

Uploaded by GadgetGirlShow on 26.05.2011

Hey there, I’m Amber and welcome to another episode of Gadget Girl.
It seems that tablets were all the rage in 2010 and it looks like they are
here to stay. And with a number of tablets inundating the market this year,
it looks like the real battle will be how all other tablets stand up to the
iPad 2 .

Yeah, yeah, we've heard it all in the last couple of weeks with the release
of the new iPad 2. Yes, its thinner and sleeker and has a cool cover that
turns into a little kickstand, its got Facetime, an amazing video
conferencing app that makes you say, “Yes, we are definitely living in The
Jetson’s era. Its an amazing reader and its even gone a bit green with its
recycled aluminum and its PVC free plastic but lets not forget about a
pretty killer pad that's sold about 2 million so far; the Android based 7
inch Samsung Galaxy Tab.

It was released in Feb and is nearly half the size of the
iPad and gets
half the press since Apple has a way of inundating our virtual marketing
space. And while the iPad, selling 15 million to date, seems to upstage
every one of its competitors, the Galaxy Tab is managing to hold its own.

What I like about the Galaxy Tab? I like the way this baby fits in my hand
and, like the iPad 2, the Galaxy Tab has a front facing camera and a
rear-facing 3 mega-pixel camera with a flash that captures still images
and beautiful HD video. It also comes equipped with Flash Player 10
which makes it ideal for video and gaming and it also works great as an
eReader. While the iPad has 10 hours of battery life, the Galaxy Tab
promises you a 7 solid hours of video watching.

My favorite feature is the search by voice
function which is so handy when
you are on the go.

And here’s a little Geek Tweak for you. The Galaxy Tab is obviously
not a
phone BUT if you have T-Mobile, using Google Voice you can text message,
check voicemail and review your call logs. And its small enough to fit in
the pocket of your pants unlike the iPad.

This summer Samsung will be releasing the
Galaxy Tab 10.1 which will come
loaded with Honeycomb, Google’s much anticipated tablet optimized version
of the Android. It will come with a 10 inch screen which means you can
still stick it in your pocket- if you’re wearing 80’s parachute pants.

If there’s
something you think I missed that is worth mentioning about the
Galaxy tab, tweet me at GadgetGirlTV or if you think I’m just plain
crazy, email me at Gadgetgirlshow@gmail.com.

I’m Amber Lee, by for now.