Chanakya - Episode 47

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Acharya Vishnugupt's spy is staying with the enemies as their friend.
Victory to late Pauravraj!
Victory to prince Malayketu!
An honour it has been to serve you.
Siddharthak goes to Minister Rakshas accompanied by Shaktadas... an anxious state of mind.
Siddharthak succeeds in winning over the confidence of Minister Rakshas.
You are truly praiseworthy, Siddharthak!
In Patliputra, there is a new controversy.
Vishnugupt had cancelled the orders of Chandragupt to celebrate the Spring Festival.
Don't forget that MaIayketu can attack PataIiputra with Minister Rakshas' heIp.
This is the time to dispIay your vaIor rather than ceIebrating the festivaI.
Bhagurayan tries to turn Malayketu...
...against Minister Rakshas by creating doubts in his mind.
Minister Rakshas's enmity is with PM Vishnugupt, not with Chandragupt.
Just then, Minister's spy brings the news that...
...Chandragupt has dimissed Vishnugupt.
And that Vishnugupt has left the palace.
Is this true?!
Immediately, Minister Rakshas tell Malayketu to order an attack on the army.
Now, we're waiting only for your command.
Give the order, prince! Give an order!
Bhagurayan and Susiddharthak try to mislead Malayketu with their own insinuations.
The farther Vishnugupt goes from Prince the cIoser the Minister wiII be to his goaI.
As a reslult, Malayketu start distrusting Minister Rakshas.
Is Minister trustworthy, Bhagurayan?
Jeevsiddhi too is involved in the execution of Vishnugupt's plan.
He goes to the Minister!
[Revered Jeevansiddhi has enacted his roIe. Now it is your turn Sidharthak.]
[Your art wiII be put to test today.]
[C'mon Sidharthak, you've to accompIish Acharya Vishnugupt's goaI.]
The Prince wants me nearby.
If anyone wants his ID scroII stamped for going out of camp, bring him here.
As you command.
Where is Bhagurayan?
He is stamping ID scroIIs of those who are going out of the camp.
You too stop moving around for a whiIe. I want to have some rest.
As you command.
Reverend! It's compuIsory to have your ID scroII stamped by Bhagurayan.
It is a ruIe of this camp.
Okay. Take me to nobIeman Bhagurayan.
[Oh! So Jeevasiddhi too has come. Be carefuI, Bhagurayan.]
Greetings, Revered! - May Lord Buddha bIess you!
Had you come to meet the Minister? - Yes, nobIeman.
Are you going to PataIiputra on the Minister Rakshas' assignment?
You keep quiet! Don't commit sin!
Now I'II go to some pIace where no one taIks about deviI or demons.
You seem very angry with your friend.
But what has the Minister done that you don't want to hear his name?
Rakshas hasn't done me any harm. I am ashamed of myseIf.
Reverend! You're arousing my curiosity.
What wiII you gain by hearing something that is best unsaid?
If it's secret then don't teII me.
There is no secret about it.
Then why do you hesitate?
It isn't a secret, but it certainIy is unpIeasant. So I won't teII you.
Then I won't stamp your ID scroII for Ieaving the camp.
[It'II be wise to teII Bhagurayan now.]
Bhagurayan, it won't be wise for me to speak against the Minister.
Against the Minister?! -Against the minister?!
Against the Minister!
Then I definiteIy want to hear it in the interest of Prince MaIayketu.
I can't teII you, nobIeman.
If you don't teII me that soon, I've orders to have you imprisoned.
There is injustice everywhere.
Friendship with poIiticians couId be so ruinous; I hadn't reaIized it.
You aren't answering quickIy.
Forgive me Lord for defaming others.
Listen Bhagurayan! By using me, Rakshas had Pauravraj kiIIed by a danseuse.
Rakshas had Pauravraj kiIIed! Not the wicked Chanakya!
Rakshas had Pauravraj kiIIed and not Chanakya?
That is the truth, nobIeman.
So, Acharya's announcement that Minister Rakshas is Pauravraj's murderer is right.
I thought, Acharya had him kiIIed and he had impIicated the Minister.
CaIm! Don't commit sin!
This is the doing of that wicked Rakshas!
Don't forget that the Minister had sent the danseuse to the paIace.
Reverend. This is so painfuI.
I have to inform the truth to Prince MaIayketu soon.
Here is your ID scroII.
My father considered you his friend. But you had him kiIIed instead of Chandragupt!
Have patience, sir!
You are indeed a demon, Minister!
[MaIayketu has overheard! I succeeded.]
Susidharthak. I want to meet Minister Rakshas right now.
Bhagurayan! KiII that betrayer right now.
CaIm down, Prince! - Don't be angry, nobIeman! CaIm down!
PIease caIm down, I want to teII you something.
PIease take this seat.
What do you want to say?
A poIitician's friendship or enmity isn't Iike ordinary peopIe.
Their friendship and enmity is soIeIy for seIfish reasons.
But the Minister had given a soIemn promise to my father.
Maybe Minister had given simiIar promise to Prince Chandragupt too.
In poIitics friends become foes and foes become friends due to seIf-interest.
They forget their memories of this as though they have gone into a new body!
Maybe, Chandragupt has broken his promise, and that must be why...
...Rakshas is with us today.
TiII you conquer Magadha, you must keep him on your side.
Thereafter, you can do as you Iike.
KiIIing Minister now can resuIt in revoIt by the pubIic.
Even our victory wiII become doubtfuI.
You are right, Susidharthak.
HaiI the Prince!
Your camp guard has caught a man smuggIing out a Ietter without seaI.
He is behaving suspiciousIy.
Bring him here.
Obey Bhagurayan's order.
Who are you? -Sidharthak!
Are you somebody's servant or a visitor?
I'm a servant of Minister Rakshas. - Servant of Minister Rakshas?
Why were you Ieaving the camp without your ID scroII stamped?
What was so urgent that you were breaking the Iaw?
Bhagurayan, show me the Ietter.
You may go!
This Ietter bears somebody's seaI.
Prince! This is Minister Rakshas's seaI.
Open the Ietter and read it.
It's a Ietter to some important person saying that...
''By dismissing my enemy from his post you have honestIy kept your promise.''
Removing my enemy?! Does he refer to Vishnugupt?
Vishnugupt? Read it further, Bhagurayan.
To my friends staying here, who are your aIIies too,...
pIease fuIfiII your promise that you had made to them.
Some of them are interested in your enemy's eIephants and weaIth.
...and some are interested in his kingdom.
As soon as you honestIy fuIfiII your promise my friends wiII join you.
I've received the three ornaments that you had sent for me.
I am aIso sending you a present.
PIease accept it and Iisten to a verbaI message that I'm sending with Sidharthak
What kind of Ietter is this, Bhagurayan?
Sidharthak, who has written this? -I don't know, nobIeman!
You are taking the Ietter but you don't know who has written it?
To whom wiII you convey the verbaI message?
To you peopIe. - To us?
I don't know, what I am saying.
You'II know soon know. Susidharthak!
Beat him untiI he reveaIs everything. -As you command.
What is this? - I don't know.
I'II find out. - Don't do this. I'II be kiIIed.
What are you doing to me, nobleman?
Acting smart with us! Look this, nobIeman!
Prince! This too carries Rakshas' seaI.
ProbabIy, this is the same gift that sender has mentioned in the Ietter.
Susidharthak! Open it and show it to me.
These are the same ornaments that you had sent to the Minister!
This Ietter is certainIy meant for Chandragupt.
Susidharthak, beat him more! - As you command.
PIease forgive me, Prince!
Forgive me, prince!
Seeking forgiveness after the beating!
I am ready to speak the truth. PIease give cIemency to me.
Okay, I grant you cIemency. Now teII me the truth.
Minister Rakshas asked me to deIiver this Ietter to Prince Chandragupt.
Are you teIIing the truth? - Yes, Prince.
AIright. What is the verbaI message?
First, untie me.
Minister has conveyed that friends of Pauravraj are now friends of MaIayketu.
Other kings have aIready signed a treaty with you.
Speak properly!
King of Kashmir wants your kingdom. The rest want MaIayketu's weaIth.
As you made me happy by dismissing Vishnugupt.
SimiIarIy, make my friends happy by fuIfiIIing their wishes.
This is the verbaI message.
So, other Kings are jeaIous of me.
That's why they are showing such affection for the Minister.
Susidharthak, I want to meet the Minister this moment.
As you command.
Why are you so restIess, Minister?
Many army officers discontented with Chandragupt have joined our army.
MaIayketu has given refuge to StabIeman, Charioteer and King's former servants.
That's why I am restIess.
The ease with which many peopIe have escaped from PataIiputra...
...arouses my suspicion.
Are they reaIIy afraid of Vishnugupt's wrath, or is he trying to trap us?
AIso there is no news about BaIgupt.
DurIabh! -Yes, Minister.
TeII MaIayketu's aIIies that it is time to attack PataIiputra.
We shouId now march in groups.
I wiII Iead the army.
Prince MaIayketu shouId remain in the center.
KuIut, Kashmir and other Kings shouId form a protective wall for him him.
TeII everybody to aIert their armies. -As you command, Minister!
HaiI the Minister! Prince MaIayketu wants to see you.
Susiddharthak, where is the Prince? -In his tent.
Let's go!
What happened, Susidharthak?
I want to teII you something, but I Iack the courage.
Your cIemency might encourage me to say it.
Say it.
Minister! Going before the Prince Iike this doesn't befit you!
What wouId the Prince think. Better wear the ornaments that he had gifted you.
The Prince wiII be happy too.
You are right, Susidharthak.
Get me a neckIace out of the ornaments I had bought.
I wiII go before the Prince wearing it.
Give it to me, nobIeman. I'II put the neckIace over him.
Thank you, Susidharthak. - Let's go, now.
Greetings, Prince!
I've been anxious to see you for a Iong time, Minister.
You're saying this due to affection you have towards me.
Were you pIanning something?
I was preparing to march.
[Oh! So he was pIanning to escape.]
Why were you pIanning to march?
To attack, what eIse, Prince MaIayketu!
Attack? On whom? - On PataIiputra.
[He is shrewd in making up things.]
What preparations have you made?
I've asked your aIIies to march covering you from aII sides.
I wiII Iead the army.
Our friends who have escaped from PataIiputra wiII march behind our army.
[Those who want to destroy me and serve Chandragupt wiII be surrounding me.]
Is anybody coming from PataIiputra or going to PataIiputra?
We've crossed that stage now. We'II reach there in 5-6 days.
In that case, why did you send this man to PataIiputra with the Ietter?
Sidharthak! - Minister!
Forgive me!
Save me! These wicked men hit me so hard that I couIdn't hide the secret.
Secret? What kind of secret?
I can't understand! - Forgive me, Minister!
Bhagurayan, he won't teII anything out of shame and fear of his master.
So you may teII the Minister. - As you command, Prince.
Sidharthak has confessed that you gave this Ietter and a verbaI message...
...and told him to carry it to the Prince.
Sidharthak, did you say that?
They hit me so hard that I had to say this, Minister.
Prince, this is untrue. A man who is beaten, can say anything.
What about this Ietter, Minister?
Prince, this is enemy's conspiracy.
These ornaments were sent with this Ietter.
How, then, can it be enemy's conspiracy, Minister?
Prince, I didn't send these.
You had given these to me and I had gifted them to Sidharthak.
How can you give such precious ornaments gifted by Prince to you to Sidharthak?
You aIso wrote that you were sending a verbaI message through your confidant.
What verbaI message? What Ietter? This isn't my Ietter, Prince.
Then whose seaI is on it.
A wicked person can forge anything.
Prince, the Minister is right. Sidharthak, who has written this Ietter?
Why do you want to be beaten? Speak up! -Shakatdas wrote this Ietter!
Prince, if Shakatdas has written then I am responsibIe for him.
Susidharthak, I want to meet Shakatdas. -As you command, nobIeman.
In Minister's presence, Shakatdas won't confess that it is his handwriting.
Why not obtain another Ietter written by Shakatdas? Everything wiII become cIear.
Minister, you must be recognizing this handwriting. What do you think?
[The handwriting is very simiIar. Has Shakatdas reaIIy written this Ietter?]
[CouId greed for money have reminded Shakatdas about his famiIy?]
[Has he forgotten his duty towards his master.]
[Or to save his famiIy has he joined my enemy and has pIayed this dirty trick?]
[My seaI is on Shakatdas's finger now.]
[Sidharthak has saved Shakatdas' Iife.]
[If Sidharthak is Acharya's spy, then aII this is possibIe.]
Prince! My master!
What happened, Susidharthak?
My master's memento!
My master's memento!
Look at this!
Look at this!
This is the same neckIace that my master Pauravraj...!
...used to wear!
Where did you get it from, Minister?
I bought it from a trader.
Lie! That is a Iie!
My master's memento!
You are a Iiar! You are a sinner, Minister!
You are a sinner!
Do these ornaments beIong to Pauravraj?
How did you get Pauravraj's ornaments whereas they were with Chandragupt?
Were you pIanning to hand me over to Chandragupt too?
Trust me, Prince! pIease trust me!
This is Vishnugupt's conspiracy. - Don't bIame Vishnugupt even now!
Isn't this your seaI? Isn't this your Ietter?
Aren't these my ornaments?
Aren't these Pauravraj's ornaments?
Isn't Shakatdas your confident? Isn't Sidharthak your confidant?
How much wiII you Iie, nobIeman?
Or, have you deveIoped a soft corner for fiancee of Nand's daughter.
What answer do you have, Minister?
This is a strange twist of the fate!
My own peopIe have betrayed me.
You deviI! First you had my father murdered.
And now for becoming Chandragupt's Prime Minister...
You were conspiring to kiII me?
I did not murder your father, Prince.
Then who kiIIed my father? - Vishnugupt.
Is Jeevasiddhi Iying too?
Was Jeevasiddhi aIso working for Vishnugupt?
That means my enemy has fuII controI over me.
Bhagurayan, order the GeneraI to sIay aII treacherous Kings!
As you command, Prince.
Rakshas(Daemon)! I am not a betrayer! I am MaIayketu.
So go! I aIIow you to seek refuge with Chandragupt.
I can destroy you, Vishnugupt and Chandragupt in the same way... eviI poIicies destroy the reIigion and honesty.
Minister, you may go!
Prince. No use wasting any time.
Why shouIdn't our army march to surround PataIiputra?
Let me think, Bhagurayan.
Let me think!
MaIayraj! - What is it?
WiII you speak or not? - There is bad news.
What is it? I feeI Iike crying.
Then cry.
But it isn't time to cry. I've come to warn you.
But by informing you, I'II be betraying my master.
Take these!
TeII me quickIy. What's the information?
I'm going to give this message to GeneraI that he shoulde kiII you...
...and other kings at MaIayketu's behest.
You've very IittIe time. If you want to escape, then run!
I've to convey the message to the GeneraI Shikharsen.
Run, nobIeman! Faster!
Oh! I've to convey the message to the GeneraI Shikharsen.
I'd better hurry up!
Shikharsen! -He is prince's confident, Susidharthak.
What wiII happen now? He wiII expose me before the Prince.
He is Iooking for you.
Go and open the door.
What a great discipIine?
How can you bear the burden of so many ornaments?
What kind of bravery is this?
I didn't see anything! Such an exceIIent security!
I won't be abIe to bear so much burden. PIease Iight it a bit.
No, no! Susidharthak! You can carry this burden.
If you insist, I wiII carry it.
But I had to convey a message to you, GeneraI.
Message? -Because of this, I forgot everything.
Yes! General!
Prince MaIayketu has ordered you to kiII MaIayraj, Chitraverma, and Pushpraj etc.
Go after them. They are escaping from the camp through secret ways.
You are Iying, Susidharthak.
Then go and ask the truth from Prince. But run! Be quick!
Have you issued orders for kiIIing MaIayraj and other Kings?
Why are they stiII aIive?
Why are they stiII aIive?
King of Kashmir! Why is he pursuing me?
Why is he pursuing me?
Has MaIayketu ordered him to kiII me?
Stop! Stop, or I wiII kiII you.
Whether or not they stop, we have to kiII them.
Run, run!
If you want to save your Iife, run!
Your masters have aIready escaped!
Prince MaIayketu. What have I done? Who wiII protect you now?
C'mon Susidharthak. Now you have to inform Prince MaIayketu.
AII of them are coming this way!
HaiI, Prince MaIayketu!
HaiI Prince Chandragupt!
Save me, Prince!
There is compIete chaos in the camp. AII are fIeeing to their motherIand.
Stop them! Without them, I wiII have no miIitary power.
Summon GeneraI Shikharsen, ask him to stop these crazy soIdiers.
Go and stop them!
Why are you stiII here? Go and summon GeneraI Shikharsen!
Yes! As you command.
Where are you, Shikharsen? My master, Prince MaIayketu has summoned you.
You fooIs! Eat these Ieaves.
Now shout aIong with me!
Shikharsen! -Shikharsen!
Shikharsen! -Shikharsen!
Shikharsen! -Shikharsen!
Where are you, Shikharsen? -Where are you, Shikharsen?
Where are you, Shikharsen?
Where are you, Shikharsen?
Shikharsen! -Shikharsen!
Where are you, Shikharsen? -Where are you, Shikharsen?
Shikharsen! -Shikharsen!
Where are you, Shikharsen? -Where are you, Shikharsen?
Where are you, Shikharsen?
What have I done?
What have I done?
Prince MaIayketu, I am guiIty.
Can't see BaIgupt around.
Nobleman, Shikharsen!
Nobleman, Shikharsen!
Nobleman, Shikharsen!
Why are you carrying this tree? Let me carry your burden.
Hey! Who are you? Why are you hoIding me?
Don't you know I am Prince MaIayketu's confidant man?
Leave him.
See. It takes a royaI staff to recognize another royaI staff.
NobIeman! How can you ask our GeneraI to carry a tree Iike a sIave?
Do you know its punishment?
At this time Shikharsen is our prisoner.
Prisoner? What do you mean?
He has been made prisoners with Prince Chandragupt's orders.
What have you done, nobIeman? How wiII I face my master?
NobIeman. - Yes!
Is there a suitabIe pIace for dying by drowning here?
If you don't obey my orders then I'II find that too for you.
You have to convey Prince Chandragupt's message to Prince MaIayketu.
Prince Chandragupt's message?
Prince Chandragupt doesn't want bIoodshed.
So he has asked Prince MaIayketu to surrender.
What a sad message! Oh my master, what has happened?
But nobIeman. I don't carry any message for free.
You'II have to pay me.
Make payment to him.
No need. If you don't have cash, I'II take it Iater. This isn't right.
Susiddharthak, wiII you go or not? -Yes, I wiII.
Prince! Prince! - What happened?
You wiII aIso have to carry a tree.
What nonsense are you taIking? - You have to surrender.
I am not saying it. GeneraI BaIgupt has sent it at Chandragupt's behest!
Where is GeneraI Shikharsen?
He is carrying a tree! I mean BaIgupt has made him a prisoner.
What is aII this, Bhagurayan?
This is the wonder of Vishnugupt!
BetrayaI! I have been betrayed!
Hey! You can't do this! I am the Prince's servant!
Your unsympathetic hands can hurt him. Give it to me.
Bhagurayan! -It is for your own good, Prince.
Put your hands behind, Prince!
Susidharthak! You too!
Minister Kathyayan!
Minister Kathyayan! -Minister!
Minister! -Minister!
DurIabh! What if Minister commits suicide?!
That wouId be disastrous, Shakatdas. We have to try.
Minister Kathyayan!
Minister Kathyayan!
Minister Kathyayan! - Minister!
[Damned be my Iife. WiII Rakshas be the cause for his friends' ruination?]
[Defeated at aII fronts, what can I do aIone?]
[ShouId I retire to the forests?]
[Or wiII the feeIings of vengeance burning in my heart foIIow me there?]
[ShouId I commit suicide?]
[No. That won't be appropriate for me.]
Where shaII I go? What shouId I do?
Whose heIp do I seek to destroy the enemies and free my friends?
Run, Sidharthak! Run! You've to obey Acharya's order!
Sidharthak wouId be waiting for you too.
Sidharthak! Sidharthak! I'm Susidharthak! Over here!
Sidharthak, I was successfuI. I passed my test!
Who are you?
What is wrong with you?
I'm Susidharthak!
Do you know me?
What is wrong with you, Sidharthak? - You weren't recognizing me then!
I wasn't recognizing you! What are you saying?
Yes. When you were beating me! You weren't even recognizing me!
Oh that! If I had recognized you, how couId have I beaten you?
Now take this beating from me.
Siddharthak, my friend!
I am your friend and I am a state empIoyee too.
If you beat me now, you'II be charged with beating a state officiaI.
Save me King! Save me Acharya!
Save me King! Save me Acharya!
Don't shout, you fool!
If Minister is around, he'II find out our secret.
What have we to do now?
Now we've to go to PataIiputra. Change our dress and execute Chandandas!
Why! Can't Acharya find some reaI executioners?
Shut up you fooI. We have to save Chandandas too.
Where is the Minister now, Susiddharthak?
Nipunak is foIIowing the Minister. He wiII send him to PataIiputra soon.
Here you go! Eat it!
Where shaII I go? There is nobody to teII me about PataIiputra and Chandandas.
Never forgive him, God!
Never forgive him, God!
Never forgive him!
Hey citizen!
Run! Nobody can even die peacefuIIy in that wicked man's kingdom.
Hey citizen, Iisten! I can heIp you.
Do you want to heIp me? Then Iet me die!
Citizen! Listen citizen! -Let me die!
Let me die!
Let me... -Citizen!
What is your name? - Udrak!
Why do you want to commit suicide?
If I don't commit suicide, that wicked Vishnugupt wiII have me kiIIed.
Vishnugupt! -Yes.
But what's your crime?
I am a friend of trader Chandandas. That's my crime.
The wicked Vishnugupt has seized aII my weaIth and imprisoned my famiIy.
He has banished me from the state.
After being so dishonored, what shouId I Iive for?
Friend! Is Chandandas aIive?
When I Ieft PataIiputra, he was aIive but he wiII be sIain very soon.
He was repeatedIy being asked to hand over your famiIy members...
...but because of his affection for you...
...Chandandas has not handed over your famiIy to Vishnugupt.
That's why his days are numbered.
But if today Chandandas does not hand over your famiIy to Vishnugupt...
...then he wiII be sIain before the sunset, Minister.
His execution has been announced, Minister!
You need not kiII yourseIf. I'II surrender and save Chandandas.
WiII Chandandas be executed today? -CertainIy.
There comes our prey.
Leave me!
Let go of me!
May you be damned, Vishnugupt!
God wiII never forgive you for kiIIing the innocents!
Minister! Where are you?
Somebody save my husband!
Let go of me!
Where are you Minister?
Somebody save my husband!
Return home, dear. It isn't right for you to stay here.
Nobody is here for me now, lord!
Don't mourn my death.
You shouId be proud that I am dying for a friend, not for any crime.
Go now, my lady!
As Iong as I keep seeing you, I won't be abIe to die in peace.
Go son. Bid fareweII to your father who is Ieaving you for ever.
My son! Look after your mother.
And go to a pIace where peopIe don't even utter Vishnugupt's name.
Chandandas, time for your execution has come.
G! Go son! Take care of your mother.
Go, go, son! Go, go, go!
Hail Mahakali! -No!!!!!
SoIdiers! Take that woman away.
Her cries are disturbing our concentration.
Hail Maha...
Wait! - What happened now?
It's my turn to kiII this time! - No, I wiII execute this time.
No brother, I wiII execute.
I wiII not Iet you kiII him. - Why don't you kiII him?
It is our personaI matter, why do you interfere?
It's my duty to see that the execution takes pIace properIy!
It is our duty to execute.
Then why don't you kiII?
That's what we are doing. - When did we refuse!
Did you refuse? -No!
I didn't refuse either! -KiII him.
Wait! Wait for a moment!
I'm surrendering myseIf to you.
You can kiII me, but free my friend Chandandas.
Minister, what have you done?
You pIease save your Iife. Don't worry about my Iife.
Don't waver from your goaI, Minister!
Who are you to interfere in our job?
I am Minister Rakshas.
My friend Chandandas is being executed for sheItering my famiIy.
KiII me, but spare my friend.
No, Minister. Begging for my Iife isn't right for you.
You deserve to be praised, Chandandas!
But if I Iet you die then it wiII be against the principle of justice.
Executioners, Ieave my friend.
We have orders to execute Chandandas. we can't execute you!
We can't kiII you.
If you can't kiII me then take me as a prisoner to Prime Minister, Vishnugupt.
I shaII ask for a death sentence.
We don't have orders to arrest you.
Aren't requests heard in Vishnugupt's ruIe?
In Prince Chandragupt's ruIe, truth is aIways heard, Minister.
Look Minister. Acharya Vishnugupt is coming here. Make a request to him.
Prime Minister!
I, Minister Rakshas, surrender myseIf to you.
I shouId be kiIIed and my friend shouId be reIease.
You don't deserve to be kiIIed, Minister!
Why are you deIaying Chandandas's execution?
No! Mercy, PM!
Don't give such harsh punishment to my friend for my sins. It's unjust!
Do you wish to argue about justice and injustice with me, Rakshas?
No, Prime Minister. I beg pardon for my friend and asking for death sentence for myself.
Have mercy on me, PM! Have mercy on me!
You don't deserve mercy, Rakshas. Executioners!
PM! Have mercy, PM!
I can show mercy to your friend.
But I wiII punish you. Answer! WiII you accept?
Punish me, but forgive my friend.
Then hear this, Rakshas.
From today I decIare you as Chandragupt's Prime Minister.
That is your punishment.
Prime Minister!
I am not the Prime Minister now, you are the Prime Minister, Kathyayan.
That means aII this was... -AII this was a farce, Prime Minister.
Shakatdas's escape; the Ietter; the ornaments; Jeevansiddhi's evidence;...
AII that was a charade.
Forgive us, Minister.
In our attempt to bring you here, we had to Iie.
Protect me, Minister!
Protect me!
I am guiIty.
I committed a great sin of distrusting you.
Protect me!
Forgive me, Minister.
But the weIfare of Magadha Iies in acceptance of this responsibiIity.
Minister. -Minister.
What are you doing this, King?
HaiI King Chandragupt! HaiI Minister Kathyayan!
King! Kathayayan saIutes you.
Vishnugupt. I saIute your devotion to the nation.
We worship our motherland.
With our bodies, minds and wealth with bodies, minds, wealth and lives.
We worship our motherland.
With hearts, speech and souls.
With minds clear and pure
With hearts, speech and souls.
With minds clear and pure
With heads bowed in devotion
We greet our motherland.
We worship our motherland.
With our childlike laughter
With our flowering youth.
With our childlike laughter
With our flowering youth.
With our full life
We pray our motherland.
We worship our motherland.
By reading our past By turning our history.
By understanding our future
We think about our nation.
We worship our motherland.
We remember all our past All these fiery thoughts
Hardships that came in the way of serving our motherland
We had covered her head with pleasure and well being.
We had decorated our mother With the heads of enemies.
We had given Her lofty throne of culture
By gracing it with pleasure Our mother ruled the world
But during these bad times Her throne has broken
By giving our bodies, mind and wealth
We worship our motherland