Tales of Xillia - Part 4 [Jude ~ Lavert Institute 2/2]

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Milla: Hm? This light...?
Jude: Our Lilial Orbs are shining.
Milla: Lilial Orbs... when I set off, I was forced to bring it with. What is it?
Jude: Well, it's an item used to fight against monsters.
Jude: When I left from home, it was given to me in case of need.
Jude: ...and that's basically it. I too, am just starting to develop my orb.
Milla: Ah, I see. A tool to awaken hidden potential. A must have for weak beings like humans.
Jude: You really talk as if you aren't human...
Jude: Milla Maxwell... The same name as the Master of spirits, a little unusual.
Milla: It's the same because i'm the real deal.
Jude: Hm?
Milla: The Master of spirit, Maxwell, and myself are one and the same.
Jude: What!? But just an ordinary human...
Jude: girl... is all I see.
Milla: Of course. I conjured my own body, afterall.
Jude: Conjured... your own!?
Jude: Maxwell, Ruler of Elements. The King of Spirits, eh?
Milla: You don't believe me?
Jude: Even if you share a name with a spirit, that doesn't mean you are one.
Milla: Well then, how do humans prove they are who they claim to be?
Jude: Well, for example, there are ID cards. I have a student ID, myself.
Milla: I see. Unfortunately, in my case, that method is impossible.
Milla: I know of no such entity who issues ID cards to spirits.
Jude: Will I be safe going with her... I wonder.
Milla: You don't have the power to stop me!
Jude: I can do it.
Milla: You don't have the power to stop me!
Milla: I won't apologize...
Jude: Professor Haus... he me he had high hopes for me but...
Jude: For things to turn out like this...
Jude: W-what is it?
Milla: I'll pat you, Jude.
Jude: Huh?
Milla: I read in a book, that when people are feeling down, they will feel better if you pat them.
Jude: ... Which book was that?
Milla: "Magic Hands, The Pupil as a Mirror"
Jude: ...That's a book on nursing a child, isn't it? I'm not an infant!
Milla: Uh-huh. So, patting you won't work?
Milla: This is hard, huh...
Jude: Haha, it so happens I feel a little better. Thank you, Milla.
Milla: Hm? Either way, it seems like you've cheered up.
Jude: I suppose we have no choice but to fight...
Jude: Hey, Milla. Are you trying to get us further inside?
Jude: Weren't we on our way out of here?
Milla: Sure.
Jude: Shouldn't we make a break for it? This place isn't normal...
Milla: I'm well aware of the dangers, but there is something I need to find.
Milla: I feel bad for you, but you'll have to come along.
Jude: Yep. It was me who said I would go with you.
Jude: ? What is it?
Milla: Nothing... When I finish my business, I will definitely lead you out.
Milla: Don't worry.
Jude: Thank you.
Milla: My blade will not falter.
Milla: This is the power of Maxwell!
Milla: This is the power of Maxwell!
Milla: All right, let's move on!
Milla: You do not have the power to stop me!
Jude: That was easy!
Milla: All right, let's move on!