Освобождение: Битва за Берлин / Liberation: Battle for Berlin

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The latest news from the north-eastern France,
the Ardennes area.
Watch some newsreels
captured by the Fuhrer glorious soldiers.
The sequence shows the advance
of American mechanized columns.
They moved by the mountain roads in the hope of an easy victory.
But the great German Army
struck an unexpected blow at the arrogant Americans.
80,000 of them have been taken prisoner.
The enemy has been thrown off 120 kilometers back.
Our troops are advancing deep into France.
If we are to believe these German newsreels,
the situation of the Allies in the Ardennes is critical.
The Anglo-American troops are at the verge of catastrophe.
It's General Eisenhower's great desire and need to know
what you plan to do,
as this obviously affects all his and our major decisions.
I shall be grateful if you can tell me
whether we can count on a major Russian offensive
on the Vistula front, or elsewhere,
during January, with any other points
you may care to mention.
Winston Churchill.
A delicate and cunning appeal for help.
The circumstances force them, Comrade Stalin.
How is the preparation for an offensive going?
On the direction of the main blow
we have already concentrated all the breakthrough armies.
Nine thousand tanks, nine thousands airplanes,
seventy thousand guns and 180 rifle divisions.
When can we begin?
Front Commanders Zhukov, Konev and Rokossovsky believe
that the optimal time for an offensive is late January.
Late January?
And if we take Churchill's request into account
and speed up the start of the offensive?
We'll have to do without the actions of our aviation.
Fogs, bad weather. A breakthrough without air support...
Comrade Antonov,
inform Zhukov, Rokossovsky and Konev
about the new date of the offensive - January 12.
On January 12, 13 and 14, 1945
the armies of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Byelorussian Fronts,
the 1st and 4th Ukrainian Fronts,
assisted by the ships of the Baltic Fleet
and the Ukrainian partisan units,
had assumed an offensive
in the general direction towards Berlin!
Screenplay by Yuri BONDAREV
Directed by Yuri OZEROV
Director of Photography Igor SLABNEVICH
Production Designer Aleksandr MYAGKOV
Music by Yu. LEVITIN
English Subtitles by Tatiana Kameneva
Chief Military Consultant Army General S. SHTEMENKO
Zhukov - Mikhail ULYANOV Konev - Vasily SHUKSHIN
Tsvetayev - N. OLYALIN Zoya - L. GOLUBKINA
Orlov - B. ZAIDENBERG Yartsev - M. NOZHKIN
Dorozhkin - V. NOSIK Vasilyev - Yu. KAMORNY
Neustroyev - V. KORENEV Berest - E. IZOTOV
Stalin - Bukhuti ZAKARIADZE
Roosevelt - S. JASKIEVICZ Churchill - Yu. DUROV
Antonov - V. STRZHELCHIK Sokolovsky - M. POSTNIKOV
Rokossovsky - V. DAVYDOV Chuikov - I. PEREVERZEV
Rybalko - D. FRANKO Katukov - K. ZABELIN
Lelyushenko - A. AFANASYEV Bogdanov - S. LYAKHNITSKY
Malinin - G. MIKHAILOV Galadzhev - L. DAVLATOV
Shatilov - A. ROMASHIN Rudenko - L. PRESNETSOV
Hitler - Fritz DIEZ Goebbels - H. GIESE
Keitel - G.M. HENNEBERG Krebs - H. KRUGER
Eva Braun - A. WALLER Himmler - E. THIEDE
Bormann - I. PAPE Guderian - H. KORBS
Wolfe - J. KLOSE Magda Goebbels - Yu. DIOSHI
Willi - G. STAIGER Narrator - A. KARAPETYAN
The flank blow of the 1st and 2nd Guards Tank Armies
had shaken all the German tactical and operational defenses
and forced the enemy
to begin to withdraw his troops from Warsaw.
On January 17,
the units of the 1st Polish Army had entered Warsaw.
Commander of the 1st Byelorussian Front Marshal Zhukov
Artillery attack! Turn right. go into the gates!
Let's Comrade Marshal. There must be a HQ here.
Chief of HQ of the 745 Rifle Regiment Major Orlov.
Where's the regiment commander?
The regiment commander is resting, Comrade Marshal.
Wake him up.
Yes, Comrade Marshal.
Comrade Lieutenant-Colonel!
Comrade Lieutenant-Colonel, get up.
Comrade Lieutenant-Colonel.
- Comrade Lieutenant-Colonel, get up. - What's up?
- Your name? - Lieutenant-Colonel Korkin.
Report the situation.
The situation...
The battalion is attacking, displaying mass heroism.
Where exactly?
Where are the attacking?
On the western outskirts.
Here's the chief of headquarters.
- May I report? - Go ahead.
The enemy is holding defenses at the flour-grinding factory.
Two attacks of the 1st and 2nd battalions have been beaten off.
The 3rd battalion is gathering at the cemetery to attack the factory.
All is clear.
From this day, you, Major, will be the regiment commander.
And you, Lieutenant-Colonel,
will be his deputy.
I think it will be fair.
First Tank Army
Move forward as swiftly as possible.
Don't engage in battle with small garrisons.
Commander of the First Tank Army Lieutenant-General Katukov
Only forward!
Now the moment has come when we should propose
to General Eisenhower to enter into an armistice for 100 days.
This will allow us to concentrate all our forces in the east
and inflict the Russians a devastating blow between the Vistula and the Oder.
Through Zurich, we've established contacts with Allen Dulles.
He represents Eisenhower's HQ.
I know.
They'll demand we surrender all France, Belgium, Holland without a fight.
I cannot agree to that.
We shall prove to them...
that we're still capable of inflicting devastating blows.
Guderian, report on the situation between the Vistula and the Oder.
On the Eastern Front between the Vistula and the Order,
there have been serious changes.
What do you mean, Guderian?
My Fuhrer, today, the Russian 1st Tank Army
has approached the Oder south of Kustrin.
Just 60 kilometers from Berlin?
This is treason!
Betrayal and treason!
For 150 years an enemy soldier has never set foot on German land.
For 150 years, Guderian!
My Fuhrer.
My Fuhrer, I propose to strike a counterblow in Pomerania.
A counterblow?
Show me.
Well create powerful striking force in Pomerania
and attack Zhukov's army from the flank.
You said we need an armistice in the west
in order to concentrate all forces on the Eastern front?
Yes, my Fuhrer.
Himmler, who will be negotiating with Dulles?
General Wolfe.
A war can be compared to a flight in foggy weather.
The most dangerous moment is landing, the finale.
What's awaiting you in the finale, Mr. Dulles?
Bolshevism in Europe?
The Russian troops are only 50 miles away from Berlin,
and the Americans are 500 km away.
It is along this path that we can seek and find common interests.
So the General Staff has confirmed our decision.
In the next six days, to consolidate the gains,
bring up the lagging rear echelons,
replenish supplies up to two refills of fuel
and two ammunition establishments,
and by sweeping assault capture Berlin on February 15 or 16.
Capture Berlin in 15 days.
All right.
Prepare an order to the front's troops.
Yes, Comrade Commander.
May I report the new information about the enemy?
Report it.
According to our air reconnaissance,
in Pomerania there has been spotted the movement of major tank
and motorized forces of the enemy.
The army intelligence reports
that the 2nd and 11th Armies, operating against
our right flank,
already comprise 16 infantry
and up to 7 tank divisions.
- Is that all? - That's all, Comrade Commander.
What is the situation in the area of Kustrin?
I've lust come from there.
Berzarin's troops are persistently fighting for the Order bridgeheads.
The divisions have up to 50 percent of manpower left.
The Germans are counterattacking all the time.
Their aviation is especially fierce.
And where are our fighter aircraft, General Rudenko?
Comrade Commander, the Germans take off from Berlin's airports,
which, have concrete runways,
and our aviation is based on airfields
which are bogged from rains.
Each fighter's takeoff entail great risk.
General Oryol, how many tanks do you have in our tank brigades?
On average, about 40, Comrade Commander.
And many brigades have only 15-20 tanks.
Reinforcement is going too slow!
The repair bases are lagging about 500 kilometers behind.
The 20 days of such swift thrust are telling on men, too.
Our political officers go along
with the vanguard units, inspiring soldiers to heroic deeds.
The soldiers actually display miraculous bravery.
But, nevertheless, I must tell you Comrade Commander,
that the troops need a rest.
You can go, Comrade Generals.
Yes, Georgy Konstantinovich.
The situation is extremely critical.
Our troops are fighting at the limits of human possibilities.
And the Germans are pushing to Moscow.
The have only 30 km to cover.
Judging by the character and strength
of the blows of German groupings,
don't you think that the enemy is getting exhausted?
Look how stretched-out his troops are along the frontage.
They've lost their ability of penetration.
Their rear echelons dropped behind.
Now is just the right time to strike at their flanks.
May I, Georgy Konstantinovich?
I prepared an order to the troops about the Berlin offensive.
There will be no Berlin offensive,
Mikhail Sergeyevich.
That's right, Georgy Konstantinovich.
I knew you'd make that decision.
What do you suggest?
I've invited General Katukov, Commander of the 1st Tank Army.
He's here, in the reception room.
- Call him. - Yes, Comrade Marshal.
Good morning, Comrade Marshal.
What are your plans, tank-man?
My plans are to take Berlin, Comrade Marshal.
Seventy kilometers - just two days' marches for my army.
All right, come to the map.
Imagine that you're in Guderian's place.
You have 23 divisions,
7 tank and motorized ones among them.
Zhukov is advancing to Berlin.
Rokossovsky in 150 km behind him in Pomerania.
General Katukov, what would you have done if you were Guderian?
I would have tried to cut off Marshal Zhukov's advancing army
with a tank strike from the north.
This is the only chance for Guderian.
And now listen to my order to the 1st Tank Army.
I order...
to leave your positions on the Oder in charge of the neighboring units
and move by forced march northward to Pomerania.
To the area of Arnswalde.
Yes, Comrade-Marshal.
General Headquarters!
YALTA February 4
The Soviet Army is continuing its successful offensive
along the 700-kilometer frontline.
The troops of General Chernyakhovsky are attacking Konigsberg.
The troops of Marshal Rokossovsky are cutting off East Prussia
from Germany's central regions.
The troops of Marshal Zhukov had reached the Oder.
The troops of Marshal Konev are advancing to Breslau.
The likely actions of the enemy:
the Germans will be defending Berlin,
lor which they'll try to halt the advancement of the Soviet troops
on the line of the Oder River.
Here they're organizing defenses at the cost of the reserves
transferred from Germany,
as well as from Western Europe and Italy.
On the Soviet front there may appear additional
40 or so German divisions.
This situation is favorable
or the Allied forces to go to the offensive.
Perhaps General Marshall,
as Chief of General Staff of the American Army,
will tell us about the operations being prepared in the West?
In the last few days Eisenhower has regrouped his forces.
At the present the 25th Army Group
and the 9th American Army
are preparing to attack.
If we're successful in our offensive operations,
we can move our forces onto Dusseldorf,
and then onto Berlin.
How far are your troops from Berlin now?
About 600 miles.
And our troops?
Sixty kilometers, Comrade Stalin.
The time has come for us
to coordinate our military actions.
Gentlemen, the time allotted to you is up.
I hope we were sincere when you spoke
about the coordination of our actions.
Have you any doubt about it, Mr. Marshal?
Yes, I have, Mr. Roosevelt.
To be straight, it's, about contact with the enemy behind our back.
And not only a contact, but an agreement.
I would even call it a conspiracy.
A conspiracy? With whom?
With Hitler's agent.
I'm afraid you're using unconfirmed information.
This is Allen Dulles.
And this is Hitter's agents General Wolfe.
I can assure you
that is meeting was of a purely tentative character.
And yet, behind our back.
We should not lose trust in each other because of that.
As long as we're alive, we have nothing to be afraid of.
We shall not allow any dangerous differences to stand between us.
But in some ten years,
or maybe even sooner, we'll be gone.
A new generation will come,
which will not have the experience
of what we have gone through.
What will happen then?
I think we've gathered here to secure peace,
at least for the next 50 years.
Or maybe I think so because I'm too naive, Mr. President?
That's actually so, Mr. Marshal.
Well, then.
The most important condition or preserving a lasting peace
in the unity of our three powers.
If the Russians take Berlin,
it will create great difficulties in the future.
I believe we should advance to Berlin as rapidly as possible.
The 1st Byelorussian Front had turned its troops northward,
repulsed the enemy counterblow in Pomerania
and, having overrun the German resistance,
went into an offensive on March 1
with tie forces of the 1st and 2nd Guards Tank Armies,
the 3rd Shock Army
and the 1st Polish Army
in the direction of the Baltic Sea.
Well, artists, enjoying yourselves?
Art belongs to the people.
And where's our commander?
There he is, bicycling.
You see, I'm mastering new equipment.
Captain Vasilyev, commander of the tank company.
I'm lieutenant Dombrowski, battalion commander of the Polish division.
My task is to attack along with our tanks.
That's the hitch. We got a task, but no fuel.
We've taken the village, but what's next...
You got no fuel? Wait.
He says he saw cisterns 3 kilometers away from the highway.
Look, lieutenant, lend me your scout.
- You're welcome. - Dorozhkin.
Get on the bikes and check it.
I'm saying that he got no lady yet, but already got a ladies' bicycle.
I need to go ahead.
Catch up with me.
We'll catch up.
There it is.
Well? What?
C'mon, give me your mess-tin. Come on, give it.
- What do you need a mess-tin for? - Give it here, I said.
We tank-men always taste fuel.
Death to fascist occupants.
Well, will it do?
It'll do. Try it.
- I don't know anything about fuel. - You'll know this one.
I'm not a tank, am I?
It tastes like alcohol.
We'll have to look somewhere else.
The tanks can't go on that.
- Shall we take another shot? - Yes, another shot.
Proletarians of all countries, unite!
Let's sing, shall we?
Yes, yes.
National difficulties.
Yes, it doesn't work.
That's ours!
Girls, they're ours! Oh, my God!
- Where're you from? - From Smolensk. From Poltava.
There're the French here, and the Czechs.
Come on, girls, come out!
Don't cry, dears, don't cry.
All right.
Paris. So it's Paris. I see, De Gaulle.
Our dear brothers, you've come at last.
We thought it'd never happen.
Girls, girls, mademoiselles, wait.
All right, come out, Europe!
Rot Front!
- Ah, Spain? - I'm Germany.
- What do you mean, Germany? - I'm a German, comrade.
I'm no comrade to you. Hitler is your comrade.
We're antifascists, antifascists, antifascists.
He's German antifascist, understand?
Well, I got it. You can tell he's an antifascist.
Everybody who gained alive must devote his life
to the struggle with the worst enemy of all mankind - fascism.
Rot Front!
Let's ask the Red Army sergeant to say a few words.
You have to speak.
- Me? - Yes, yes.
Well, I can.
Comrade antifascists, former prisoners.
Go home. Home.
That's all.
Here it is.
- What? - Fuel for the tanks.
MOSCOW April 1
Good morning, Comrade Stalin.
Good morning, Comrade Stalin.
Are you aware of the resent situation?
By the information we get on our fronts,
we know the situation.
You know nothing.
Comrade Konev.
Read the report of the Intelligence Department.
According to our agents' information, the Anglo-American Command
is preparing an operation for capturing Berlin,
with the aim to take it before the Soviet Army.
The main grouping is under command of Field Marshal Montgomery.
The direction of the main blow is planned to be north of the Ruhr,
by the shortest way that separates the main grouping
of the British troops from Berlin.
The possibility of the Hitlerites letting the Allied forces through
to Berlin can not be ruled out.
So, who is going to capture Berlin?
We or the Allies?
The Berlin operation that we are entrusted to mount
cannot be compared to anything else.
At the approaches to Berlin, we have to smash
four German armies, no less than a million soldiers.
We have never before taken such a major,
strongly fortified city as Berlin.
Its area is vast,
each street, alley, house, canals, bridges -
everything is a component element of the general defense of the city.
A continuous system defenses stretches from the Oder to Berlin.
The Front Command has decided
to attack the enemy with such great force
so that overwhelm and shatter him to the very foundations.
We have concentrated 22,000 barrels of artillery and mortar,
4,000 tanks and self-propelled guns,
5,000 aircraft.
You can understand yourselves how powerful this blow may be.
But in order to utterly stun and demoralize the enemy,
we propose to launch that blow at night,
two hours before dawn, under the light of 140 anti-aircraft searchlights.
May I, Comrade Marshall?
During the entire war, we have never begun
major offensive operations at night.
This is due to the complexity of directing the troops.
And the searchlights...
The enemy artillery will at once neutralize them.
May I, comrade Marshal?
I believe that an attack with searchlights won't be very effective.
The enemy will see only our attacking troops.
Who else believes so?
I do.
Then let's have a break.
And, please, in two hours everybody be at the training ground.
- You got everything ready? - Everything's ready.
Shall we repeat it, or everything's clear?
My Fuhrer, I must inform you that our counterstrikes
in Pomerania and Hungary have been beaten off by the Bolsheviks.
General Dietrich's 6th Panzer Army failed to thrust its way to Budapest.
Dietrich, you've surrendered Hungary,
and now you're ready to give Austria to the enemy, too!
My Fuhrer, the 6th Panzer Army...
Enough, Dietrich! I'm depriving you of all your decorations!
Strip him of all decorations!
Get out of here!
Guderian, this is the result of your strikes in Pomerania and Hungary.
You need a rest, Guderian.
I appoint General Krebs the new Chief of the General Staff.
Bormann, tell Himmler to send all cowards and traitors to the gallows!
Not only Germany's fate is being decided on the Oder, but of all Europe!
My Fuhrer, congratulations. Roosevelt is dead.
The predictions of your horoscope are coming true. Here comes our fortune!
Pass on this news to everybody! Immediately!
Champagne for all!
Roosevelt is dead!
More light! Give us more light!
April 16
At the enemy trenches,
with fragmentation shells,
sight 120,
deflection 50-20
Commander of the 1st Ukrainian Front Marshal Konev
The front's troops have breached the enemy defenses.
Rybalko's and Lelyushenko's tank armies have gained operation space.
While Zhukov's still having difficulties.
He's still breaking through the defenses.
But couldn't we
shift Zhukov's tanks
and engage them in the breakthrough to Berlin via your front?
Comrade Stalin, it will take much time and create confusion.
Moreover, it's not necessary.
We ourselves can turn both our tank armies onto Berlin.
All right.
I agree.
- Put me through to Rybalko. - Yes, Comrade Marshal.
That's why people say that the tank generals can't get in the turret.
This must the fifth glass you're drinking, Pavel Semyonovich.
Are you counting?
I'm "Thunder".
Pavel Semyonovich, Marshal Konev's on the line.
Yes, Comrad Marshal?
What are you doing, Pavel Semyonovich?
Fighting for Friedrichshain.
We got new tasks.
What? What? Wait a second, Mikhail Stepanovich.
Tell them to stop firing, the won't let us talk.
Yes, Comrade Marshal.
I order to turn your tank army onto Berlin from the south.
- Is it clear? - Clear, Comrade Marshal.
Push on to Berlin. To Berlin!
Yes, turn the army to Berlin!
That's a real job!
Commander of the 4th Tank Army Colonel-General Lelyushenko
Yes, "Maple" is listening.
Comrade General, the Front Commander is on the line.
Yes, Comrade Marshal.
Yes. Yes.
I got you.
Yes, Comrade Marshal.
Comrade General, is the vermin who was rifle shooting from the loft.
Why were you shooting, son of a bitch?
How old are you?
You got a mother?
Take him home. Let his mother give him a thrashing.
Yes, Comrade General.
We received the orders to turn the arm onto Berlin.
BERLIN April 20
Gentlemen, I want to introduce to you
my friend Eva Braun.
She lived in seclusion and, perhaps, in safety.
But in these difficult days,
she preferred to share my fate.
My Fuhrer, happy birthday!
I'm happy that we all, our old guard, are with you, as always.
Thank you.
My Fuhrer, congratulations from your faithful SS troops.
On that day, as usual, they're marching in your honor,
only not on the parade-ground, but under the enemy fire.
My Fuhrer, I'm happy and proud that at this historical moment
I'm here with on in Berlin.
My Fuhrer, today the Reich's movie theatres are screening the film
that had been made before the war for our 50th birthday.
Perhaps we, too, will mark our celebration
by watching that historical film?
My Fuhrer, the Russian artillery is firing at the Reich Chancery.
My Fuhrer, I have to be at the Aviation HQ.
Goodbye, my Fuhrer, I'll keep in touch with you.
I'm leaving to be with General Wenk and free Berlin together with him.
On April 21, the troops of the 1st Byelorussian Front burst into Berlin
We've been hit, Comrade Captain! The caterpillar tread!
Damn it!
Such a nuisance.
- How long will it take to repair? - At least an hour.
A break for lunch, Comrade Captain.
Dorozhkin, go find out about the owners.
Calm them down, and all that stuff.
Soldier greetings, father.
Not verstehen, father.
Put your hands down. Calm yourself.
I was just speaking to you in your language, in German.
Put your hands down, I said.
Stay calm.
Everything is all right.
Dorozhkin, where're you?
Comrade Captain, your order has been carried out, I calmed the owners.
I can see they're not very happy.
We're sorry, but we have to stop at our place.
Fine Russian appetizer, father.
What do you think?
What did he say?
Shall we drink or not?
Wait. Just a minute.
Forcing a water obstacle. That's not it, damn it.
Hands up!
Your health!
Your health.
Actually, I don't drink.
But 100 grams for the ladies.
You must.
Excuse us, we have to step out for a minute.
Well, what is it?
The seem to be attacking.
Come on!
On April 25,
the 4th Tank Army, outflanking Berlin from the south,
had entered Potsdam.
On the same day, outflanking Berlin from the north,
Bogdanov's 2nd Tank Army
was swiftly advancing to link with the 4th Tank Army.
Commander of the 2nd Tank Army Colonel-General Bogdanov
Why did you stop the attack?
Why did you stop?
- Where's the battalion commander? - Killed, Comrade General.
I'm the battalion's political officer, Lieutenant Kruglikov.
The Faustpatroners are firing from behind the fence.
Maybe we'll send the infantry ahead to drive the Faustpatroners out?
Faustpatroners, Faustpatroners...
Where can I get infantry for you?
I shall wait.
I'll wait here until you deliver the infantry to me.
Find it wherever you want, but get it here! Is the task clear?
Are you from students, political officer?
- Where do you come from? - From Moscow, Comrade General.
I student at a technical school, but didn't finish it.
Well, never mind.
Soon you will finish it.
Or maybe you want to be a general?
- Comrade General, the sappers. - Comrade General, the Polish infantry.
Comrade General, a sapper platoon. Platoon commander Sgt. Ryazhentsev.
Listen, Sergeant, and you, Lieutenant.
You see that my horses have stopped. The Faustpatroners are ahead.
Shake them the devils so hard that they'd remember us even dead.
- We'll try, Comrade General. - Is that clear?
- Yes. - Do it
Get up guys! Forward!
Believe me, it's a real zoo.
Don't fire. Don't fire.
The antelopes!
Oh, my goodness!
Just look!
Follow me!
Where are you looking? You're going to wring you neck.
The lions.
- Shall I fire? - Don't fire at animals.
Fire at those who has two legs.
We let the lions go through us.
- What do you mean, through us? - We'll ignore them.
That's really something!
Just look at him. An imperturbable philosopher.
He's seen it all, he knows it all.
- Has lived 300 years. - Yeah...
Sergeant, come here.
I'm on my way to a medical station due to a wound.
Commander of the sapper platoon Sergeant Ryazhentsev.
- And what's this? - Germans have wounded her.
When we had beaten off the Fritzes from the zoo,
I heard someone crying.
Then I spotted her running about the bushes. She let herself be caught.
Her eyes are just like a human beings.
We shared my medical kit.
Please, let me take her to the medical station, or she'll die here. It's a pity.
All right. Tell them Marshal Konev gave his permission.
They're said to be our progenitors.
- Yes, yes. - That's right.
End of Film Four