Voice-guided GPS Navigation in Google Maps for Android

Uploaded by googlemaps on 28.03.2012

When you’re driving and you can't read the directions on your phone — you need someone
to guide you.
Using Google Maps for Android, you can get free voice-guided,
turn-by-turn directions,
whether you’re driving,
walking, or taking public transit.
Just click the "Navigate" button.
Turn left on to Chestnut Street
While you’re traveling,
Google Maps Navigation will automatically reroute you if you miss a turn.
You can access GPS navigation directly by tapping the shortcut on
your device's home screen.
From there, you can type or speak the destination you want to travel to:
“Kara’s Cupcakes”
And you're off.
Use turn-by-turn Navigation to help guide you so that you can
keep your eyes on the road.