Több sebből vérzünk / Bleeding from several wounds

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There is nothing in Bolivia today that money can’t buy...
Except for the freedom of the innocent...
The secret recordings of Előd Tóásó in a Bolivian prison could gravely endanger the innocently jailed man’s life.
The price of truth is very high indeed.
The sacrifice that have been made by the contributors of this movie, in hope of an unconditional release and the freedom of Mr. Tóásó,
cannot be expressed in words.
Bleeding from several wounds
Today, on the World Human Rights Day,
we are calling on the government of Bolivia
to release Előd Tóásó and all political prisoners!
Freedom to Előd Tóásó
all political prisoners of Bolivia!
EDIT DÉNES, TÓÁSÓ'S SISTER: This case is very important to Evo Morales
and his administration.
They do not want to let go of it in any way,
clinging tooth and nail to it.
They have seriously campaigned on this issue
and won the last election.
Bolivia created a short campaign film out of a secretly recorded party video of Rózsa-Flores.
The original video is 40 minutes long.
„They were ready for everything.
They were ready to blow up the ship cruising with the President and the Ministers on Lake Titicaca.”
LINDA SZÁSZVÁRI, BRIDE OF RÓZSA-FLORES: That video that came out at the beginning
was completely incomprehensible,
and they put subtitles there that Edu (Rózsa-Flores)
was saying that President Morales should have been blown up.
Well, I do not know how many people said here
to shoot Ferenc Gyurcsány (former Prime Minister of Hungary) or the likes,
but this is no reason whatsoever to send a commando and kill them.
"Damn, if we had known about that Government meeting...
on Lake Titicaca last time,
I would have sent a frogman
and I blow up the ship.
They were all there! All of them, not one of them was missing..."
"To avoid division in Bolivia,
we have to fight together against separatist terrorism."
Előd Tóásó, now I speak in a foreign language already
I am Előd Tóásó, I am 30 years old,
and I am here in Bolivia, the La Paz prison for 2 years and 7 months now,
and I’m trying to go home as soon as possible.
Just saying Hi to everyone, and I hope...
I can not say I hope that you like the video,
but I hope it makes you think.
Bolivian forces execute Eduardo Rózsa-Flores - a writer, Árpád Magyarosi "Fiúka", a musician, and an Irish, Michael Dwyer.
They detain Előd Tóásó, an IT teacher, and Mario Tadic, a Croatian, in La Paz.
With trumped-up charges of terrorism and armed insurrection, without evidence or due legal process.
Try to imagine that I died,
and every word that I have said lives inside you.
Now, you would like to tell me everything
but I’m unfortunately gone already.
please don't shed a tear for me.
MÁRIA TÓTH, MAGYAROSI'MOTHER: I just would like to know who planned it,
who tortured them for hours, and why?
My son didn't understand what they asked from him because he didn't speak Spanish.
What did they do with him for hours, why was he tortured, for joy? What did they want to achieve?
There were no interpreters, he couldn't answer them because he didn't understand the questions.
Why did they honor the ones who did this at the second anniversary?
Why didn't anybody ask these questions?
If not there, then why do not somebody ask here,
how is it possible that they killed three Europeans in South America,
kept two of them in prison without any reason, really they cannot bring up anything against them.
Nobody cares about it, neither there nor here.
Some organization...they even speak out against the gavaging of ducks,
but no one cares about this only us?
So we became an accursed generation!
I turned the TV on in April 16th and I was watching the News
I just saw the hotel that Előd was showing me on his laptop a day before.
He showed me his room, reached through the window and showed me where they lived.
And while I’m watching the news, it has slowly registered that
two Hungarians were killed and two more were arrested, all that without names.
According to the electronic access control system of the hotel,
neither he nor his car left the hotel between 15th and 16th April.
These are all documented, these are all statements and facts that were presented to the prosecutor,
and unfortunately, we couldn't achieve to persuade one Judge or one District Attorney
that would take any of these facts into consideration in 32 months.
They simply keep saying the same story what they have invented,
which is, yes, they are terrorists, yes, they have committed it,
they are not interested in the presented controversies and discrepancies of their evidence.
Despite our efforts, nothing has happened.
There are countless similar things, but what is the most important thing in Előd’s case,
it happened without a signed warrant.
It was an arrest made simply without a warrant of any kind.
They burst into the hotel at night and would state later that the guys were caught red-handed
while committing a crime? At night, in their beds in pajamas,
so... many, many, many similar details.
Starting with the fact that the seized evidence was not correctly listed.
A prosecutor was not present, it was not signed and there were no witnesses.
Then they took everything to La Paz
and on the document issued by the receiving District Attorney in La Paz
there is a completely different list of evidence compared to what they have collected up in Santa Cruz.
Lots of little things, which under a fair and due judicial process
would constitute to a complete dismissal of this case.
But that does not matter in Bolivia because there are no fair judicial proceedings and there is no justice.
The policemen or soldiers broke down the door,
I have raised my hands to show no... to show that I would surrender right away.
One of the soldiers ordered me to kneel down, which I did.
And they tied my hands behind.
And then the last picture that, they wrapped a sweater around my head,
a shirt, a t-shirt, a light blue t-shirt on my head
as they were dragging me out the door, so the last picture that I have seen
was Mario Tadic to my right side, who was also arrested with me, to my right,
completely naked, leaning against the wall and trying to explain something to the police.
Later, a bit after, I got blinded by the t-shirt on my head, and they put me down next to the wall,
a little further away from the door on the floor.
The passing soldiers, policemen were constantly beating me and kept asking questions,
so all this took place in about five minutes.
Then they dragged me outside in under-ware,
through broken glass, barefoot, and they put me in a car.
The policemen got out, so later only the man from the ministry left and a driver.
And the man from the ministry was who bribed "El Viejo" on a later video footage,
which showed on secret camera that "El Viejo" was paid to testify against us.
And the same man from the ministry was there in this action or operative work on 16th April.
When the police left, this man pulled out his gun, cocked it, loaded his gun.
you could hear the click as it was cocked and loaded and then he put it to my forehead,
laughing and saying that I would die and similar things and then he pulled the trigger.
And there was no ammunition in it, but I thought,
I was going to die at that moment and everything was over and it won’t.
There was an eerie calmness in me to tell the truth and nothing happened.
Then he told jokes, hit my head behind my ears,
hit my face and laughed during this,
so he enjoyed doing it, right.
He introduced himself, he told me who he was, he said he was a doctor,
don't remember exactly, whether judicial doctor, horse doctor or what the hell.
And...he threatened me that if I don't speak the way they want me to and so forth,
they would pay someone 100 boliviano, which is about 10 euro,
in the prison to rape my white, nazi ass,
sorry, bottom and then they would kill me.
If the swallows fly away from here and get tired and fall
the leaves of all trees, about the silence of my death
I will write my last poem. (Eduardo Rózsa-Flores)
Two word left: Love You and I'll come back!
City of Szurdokpüspöki Eduardo
The fact is that policemen and soldiers, we don't know exactly who they were in uniform,
went to the hotel where they didn’t allow other tourists that were asleep to leave.
They have blasted the door on Eduardo probably in their sleep around 4 am
and after that the story is very blurry because they did not release many footage or recordings,
only 1 or 2.
Although, the conclusion is that while the scene was absolutely chaotic
these few recordings clearly contradict the official statements.
It is impossible that they had a gun battle.
If you blast a door on someone, especially if someone is asleep,
that person is stunned, unable to move. I absolutely doubt Eduardo started shooting.
There is that specific recording where we can see a figure covered by a plaid shirt.
Edu sent me photos earlier where I saw the same shirt, his shirt, he wore it.
We made a photo montage about it where this is shown.
It’s likely that he was caught alive, and it seems
that he was also beaten up according to the recordings in my possession.
And then he was just executed.
They must have been watched by the government.
A lot of people sent me last emails they had exchanged with Eduardo
in which he states that he wants to leave Bolivia and he wants to go home.
I think the officials were aware
that they wanted to leave
and a quickly assembled raid was executed.
My little boy, he got 7 shots.
They said all came from the front,
and then it was revealed that they shot him from the right and from behind.
But before that I am sure he was tortured because of the marks.
They broke his nose and his left frontal bone.
It might be that when they raided his room he raised his hands
and two bullets fractured his right upper arm too.
When he died, as it shows on the photos,
he must have been tied up for hours
because that’s how his body had stiffed up...
On the eve of my arrest, the video surveillance system was shut down at 3am in the hotel
so no recordings would be available to show their actions.
The recordings of the previous days were also deleted
so there is no history of the the last 2-3 days of happenings as evidence in the hotel.
And this is proof that all this was a nice,
big plot, that the justice system doesn’t care,
that the whole country knows, most Bolivians know,
that this is a political plot of a dictatorial government
under a seemingly democratic judicial umbrella
to get rid of anyone.
Any and all opposition voices are silenced by fabricated charges
that are shelved and reinstated at will.
and the person is sent to a living cemetery.
The justice systems doesn’t work.
The Bolivian law says, in paragraph 131,
that a criminal investigation can last for up to 3 years without filing charges.
If no charges are filed the person has to be released.
But this is never the case.
Here is one of the leaders of the local opposition, for instance, Mr. Leopoldo Fernandez.
When his 3 years was up, he was charged with a different crime and the 3 year clock was reset.
With this practice, people can be jailed for years,
decades or centuries... and absolute power can be maintained.
People always ask me why he went there.
It is an obvious question.
So why did he go there? And I try to explain every single time
that a 27-year-old men who lives in Central Europe
and gets an opportunity to go to South America would not hesitate much to leave.
This is an age when many people want to travel, see the world and take their chances.
They would try to fulfil their curiosity in a beautiful country like Bolivia or other part of South America.
But my answers usually meet deaf ears.
People tend to believe in certain media outlets or rumors immediately followed by events.
Common sense answers are not welcome.
People always want to hear that he went there to kill Evo Morales,
that he wanted to split Santa Cruz off of Bolivia, but this is not true.
I can only say the truth,
which is that Előd simply went in Bolivia for fun.
We wanted to make a movie.
During the investigation, I have submitted a paper from a producer from New York
who wanted to make a movie with Eduardo Rózsa-Flores so we worked on that.
And we wanted to start a tourist business and there were other ideas too.
Those were only ideas and we haven’t done much of anything though other than partying.
But this movie planning was in an advanced state.
The shooting and the production of the movie would have begun in April or May.
The truth is that he did not know these guys well as far as I’m concerned.
There were some that he met online,
chat and kept in touch with over the Internet.
Once or twice they even met in person.
And there were some he had known for long time but has not seen in years
and those were not very close friends.
Eduardo has lived a vibrant social life otherwise.
He always invited guests to his house and many of his friends visited him,
but I’ve never seen these other guys before.
I can say it for sure that the movie must have been in an advanced state when Eduardo left.
The budget was already prepared.
He was corresponding with the producer László Hege about auditions.
It certainly looked like the film was about to kick in as the screenplay had also been adopted for some time.
It was based on Eduardo’s first book
and that might be too how he got in touch with Előd. Eduardo asked Előd to make the webpage of the film.
You have never seen tears in their eyes,
even if there were, you couldn’t see them.
In fear, we leaned on each other.
That’s how we became the accursed generation.
We kept in touch regularly,
and he wrote about visiting Hungarian families that moved there in 1956.
He got a guitar and sang to them. He said that they have cried of joy
because they had not heard but a few Hungarian words since ‘56.
Flores also has a sister, Silvia, who lives there.
She works for a museum and they helped organizing inside the museum for instance.
He wrote me stuff like that.
Well, I think Edu is the one who knows the best why he went there
and what he wanted to do.
Those, who give all sorts of statements and try to look smart,
rely on half information picked up from newspapers or here and there.
So they attempt to create a warped sensational story.
He said that the Bolivian opposition has invited him as a consultant,
to assist them in the development of the opposition’s so called “defense strategy”
to avoid government oppression.
Santa Cruz has declared autonomy,
which was not recognized by the government.
And it was feared that the situation could escalate or even ignite a civil war in Santa Cruz.
Red heart, white snow, green leaf,
red dawn, white dream, green hope,
new spring is coming along with new hope,
that light will shine again,
red heart, white snow, green leaf...
They said about my child that he was a Balkan War veteran?!
He was 10 at that time, for god’s sake,
they didn’t check their information did they?
That media too, they are terrible.
That they let all kinds of news out constantly without fact checking.
I still don’t believe that this has happened.
I wouldn’t be surprised a bit if he walked in the door.
So the first few days I was sceptical, I was very-very hopeful that not,
he was not the one, that he was with someone and their papers have been mixed up.
That documents were mixed up, so I didn’t believe it.
It was the first time poor child went abroad as a tourist.
He didn’t want to work there, he didn’t want to do anything especially causing trouble there.
And this has happened, it was unbelievable, it’s still unbelievable.
And I’ve started calling Bucharest, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest
since Hungary has no embassy in Bolivia and vice versa.
And then I started calling Argentina and Peru and everywhere
I could to gather information to make sure it was not him.
And if it was him, I knew right away that I wanted to bring his body home.
I would not want him to be buried in an unmarked grave there.
If I need to, I promise, I’ll be there,
ÁRPÁD MAGYAROSI as "FIÚKA" 1981-2009 "The live is joy"
...if I need to, I promise, I’ll leave.
Many more flowers will blossom on the rose trees of Zsombor,
do not turn yellow, just stay green willow.
Rights and grievances
I spoke to my family when the lawyer smuggled a mobile phone in among other items.
My injuries were also photographed so that I could prove that I was beaten and tortured.
The state sent in a doctor, a so called doctor,
who came in and asked my name, asked how old I was,
and then gave me some kind of ointment and left.
So he did not even touch me or examined me and I did not receive any medical care.
Of course, they have documented that my injuries were minor
that they would heal within eight days and that I was also very well cared for.
At first, I was taken to a local jail where I’ve spent a month and a half.
I was locked up in a cell with water trickling into the cell,
I was standing in ankle-deep water.
There was no drinking water, no electrical wiring, nothing at all.
So, first I had to figure out how to shot the water off
so I wouldn’t be standing in water.
Second, I had to run a piece of cable to have electricity and lights
and create - with a chunk of metal as resistance and a piece of brick,
a primitive stove in order to heat food and avoid cold.
He was in a very-very bad place.
For a month and a half he was in a jail called Gruja in a section
where they put people who cannot get along with other inmates.
And they committed murders and other crimes there.
They put Előd together with those people for one and a half month.
It was very hard.
But due to the pressure and persistence of his lawyer and the ambassador he was finally moved.
He was transferred to a section for drug addicts and alcoholics
where the crime rate was also very high.
We paid a lot of money and he was transferred to an other section.
I'm not telling everything to my family,
I just don’t want them to worry about me even more.
But there are some very dangerous situations here.
There was a stabbing last week right in front of my door.
This is not easy, but I always get myself out of these situations somehow.
The Bolivian government and most South American governments don’t like to admit - in general -
that everything has a price in their prisons.
You can only get an acceptable cell - but not by European standards though -
if you buy your way in to be in one.
You can eat and get food if you can pay for it.
You can see a prison doctor if you can pay for it or pay for a private doctor to visit you in prison.
It is almost entirely about money in prison there.
It is also true fortunately that they like Előd and that helps.
So he is not an outcast.
Otherwise he would be thrown out in a moment of the prison’s Post office where he is now.
So money is not enough itself to be accepted.
Actually, my section is reserved for political prisoners and rapists and it is isolated.
If they moved the rapist they would get beaten up.
So they put them here with us
because we don’t follow prison code
and we wouldn’t hurt them and that’s how they are kept alive.
Another place called “Populacion” has 1500 prisoners locked up all together
and they have to provide security for themselves.
So the police is outside and we, inmates, are inside.
It is completely and always up to us how we resolve problems.
If there is a fight, we have to stop it.
Food, we have to provide it.
Issues like the roof falls in, we have to fix it.
I also think that there is a difference in value to human life
as I was explained by those who have lived in South America.
That of a white man's life still worth less than an indigenous person’s life.
I believe that every single recording, photo and video
in this case is used to advance some sort of political agenda.
It’s not an accident that all the evidence they have is not released all at once.
Evidence surfaces in a highly calculated manner,
before elections, right before court dates, like it is done according to a written screenplay.
Had I not been there every night bringing him dinner to the prison
or cell, he would have been left at the mercy of his cell mates to provide for him.
The Bolivian authorities did not care even about this single basic human right.
He was dragged for days, paraded in an armored vehicle
and brought everywhere like a war trophy, but they didn’t feed him.
During the marathon length court proceedings I brought him some water and fruits.
Bolivia has an all-year-around summer and temperatures were soaring in the courtroom.
So much so that some people could not take it and had to be taken back to the hospital.
We started reading local newspapers that no one has claimed their bodies.
The Irish have sent a diplomat immediately.
I have learned later that his body was also put in formalin by the Irish
because their corpses were supposedly left in the hotel for 16 hours in 40 degree Celsius
and there was no refrigeration in the morgue either, so that’s how he was left there for days.
It is horrible to hear this even to an outsider.
I can’t believe that I’m actually talking about him. I honestly still can’t believe this.
Even when I go out to the cemetery and I know he is there,
what left of him is there, I still don’t want to believe this
and I’m looking at his pictures, listening to his songs,
reading his writings and I simply don’t believe that this has happened.
Did you see the body when it was brought back home?
Of course I did. I didn’t want to believe that it was him, I had to see his body.
He was brought home on Mother’s Day.
Prior to that I have approached the International Red Cross
for help to collect donations and they have posted flyers here and even abroad.
The Hungarian community in Australia have donated a larger amount
that’s how we were able to collect the necessary Ten Thousand dollars in time,
was sent to a lawyer in Bolivia who arranged the final transportation.
The poor soul has arrived in a banged up,
litle casket, one that must have been used before.
That’s how much they cared.
Trial without rights
We have filed an objection because they kept sinking my release request form
in the files without any proper procedures.
Then, when the judge overruled our objection, everybody stood up,
prisoners, lawyers and even the police and they started singing the national anthem.
It seemed, even to an outsider, although I do not speak Spanish myself
and I understood only certain words,
that the judge casually rejected every argument from the defense and did not respect the rules,
their own court rules.
Even Bolivian judicial proceedings have certain rules.
And - as I witnessed and discovered in dismay -
when the defendants felt that they had no choice but protest this blatant
to them and to the rules, they have jumped up and started singing the national anthem.
And they have pretty much jumped up in every 15 minutes
or so as the judge kept violating the rules and proceedings over and over again.
Then the judge suspended the hearing on the grounds
that there were two sick men that would require hospital care
and a larger room also needed to be found for this whole ceremony of conduct
because journalists were not allowed the day before,
supposedly the room was too little.
I always got in for the hearings as 3rd or 4th in line as a family member.
And then, inside, I saw armed men, weapons in their hands,
standing in front of the judge.
That may imply that those hearings are forced or at least not conducted in a neutral environment.
Any men would speak more hesitantly when facing an armed soldier in a court
even if the gun is not pointed at him versus in a court with no guns.
It’s a basic tenant in any democracy or normal country
that guns are not allowed in courts. In Hungary, there are metal detectors
so nobody can bring in weapons into a court house, not even the police.
I was charged with terrorism and armed rebellion,
but they could not possibly prove these directly.
In the indictment they say that I had a website.
Do you feel guilty?
No, I am not guilty, I’m absolutely and totally innocent.
This was all a planned, government-organized plot.
It has been shown in these hearings that they knew about these things before the bombing,
that it would be a bombing.
I have to ask, if the Bolivian government knew that it would be a bombing
then why did not they try to stop it?
In addition, it is demonstrated that the court is absolutely one-sided
and all judgements are favoring the persecution.
So there is no bombing and there are no arrests made just yet,
but they are already there and they know that something would happen.
The existence of this very lie is proven by the fact that the District Attorney,
well, actually a the Ministry of the Interior filed terrorism charges on the 14th of April
when actually the events and arrests take place on the 15th of April.
So there had been charges filed against us on the 14th for supposedly
to bomb something and trying to kill the President, when all that should have taken place on the 15th.
And this does not matter in court, it is irrelevant that simple logic should be applied.
So everything is skewed toward the trial, my trial,
that the truth should come out and everything would be sorted out there and then.
During these court hearings so far those questions were not raised,
that no misdeed was committed, that there was no warrant signed by a judge,
there was no warrant at all, that there was no prosecutorial presence
and there was no judicial oversight whatsoever.
If someone does not leave the hotel and this fact is documented
then he cannot possibly commit a crime somewhere else.
I guess that is why the hotel's video footage was destroyed.
On one occasion, when the hearing have turned into a chaos
the judge has immediately suspended the proceedings.
I have felt that the control has slipped out of the authority’s hands for the first time.
This was also the first opportunity that the defense lawyers were able to look
into the files in two and a half years.
All of them rushed to the bench and started pulling files out the folders.
And as it turns out from these files,
Előd supposedly had a translator during his very first hearing
he actually has not heard of and never ever met and this translator doesn’t even speak Hungarian.
So how did he get a translator that does not speak the Hungarian language?
So right on the first page of the documents the lawyers were able to discover
3 or 4 absolute lies during the short available time of review.
And it finally became clear that the indictments,
Előd’s statements and other related documents had been modified at will,
which should have never ever happened.
For almost one and a half year we have had a weak lawyer,
one that we can afford to pay for, or cannot pay for, because we cannot pay him regularly anyway.
And now that we have reached the oral hearing stage, which is essentially right before the big trial,
we cannot take chances with the “big case of Bolivia” so Előd must have a more powerful attorney.
The food and other expenses are already in our regular budgets as our fathers, friends and family all chip in.
But we have to also raise and collect funds somehow to pay for the lawyer.
That’s a whole different category.
On the phone: ELŐD TÓÁSÓ Hallo!
Hello, here is Csaba Lukács. Hello Csabi!
How was lunch? It was good, everything is ok?
Now we are sitting here in good company, listening to you,
and we are interested in the current updates of your case?
What was in the News today, you said you were watching the News?
Always, I have to see if something happens, you know.
Specifically, here where I am is a burial place for political prisoners.
They bury the political ones here.
I mean, in quotation marks.
So, one of our favorite pass times is that we watch the News on TV to know when the government falls.
Everyone hopes there that the government would fall and they would be freed?
Yes, before a government falls they usually set such political prisoners free.
And then there would be an exchange.
Excuse me?
An exchange?
Hopefully, an exchange for new ones.
There have been 28 different appeals submitted to the court,
which are currently under review.
The trial should start following the appeal process.
The case, the big trial itself, is about their guilt or innocence.
But there is a tiny bit of issue here.
In Bolivia, if you are not convicted in 36 months they have to close your case.
So in order to achieve that we have 88 more days to go as the 3 years would be up on April 16th, 2012.
There is no judge assigned to the case yet either.
But two days ago the court location was picked by computer as the No.7. Criminal Court of La Paz.
It is also interesting to know that there was an election not long ago
and new judges were elected.
And these new judges have no law degrees and some are also party faithfuls.
The No.7 Criminal Court is also a newly created court that was set up since January 3rd
and all these newly elected judges will be assigned there.
One judge will be randomly selected as the Chief Justice in Előd’s trial
along with two additional judges to create a 3 judge panel.
What I can help Edit with right now is to raise funds for a more powerful,
high profile defense attorney.
We have created an organization, the Székely Charity Organization,
which was established to help all Székely (Hungarians of Transylvanian origin)
people in need even abroad.
Előd Tóásó’s case is a good example to demonstrate our purpose of existence as he is a Székely boy.
And it seems that we will be able to cover the expenses
of a highly anticipated human rights lawyer in Santa Cruz
who has agreed to take the case according to my latest informations.
I’m also very confident that she will be more successful than his predecessors.
Heart and soul
It was very painful that the Hungarian media published the official Bolivian press releases
almost literally as facts.
After that all hell broke loose and they started calling him all sorts of names.
Among the worst he was called a terrorist and mercenary mostly.
He has never been a mercenary.
He was a volunteer in the Croatian army to be at the right side of history.
He has never been a robot or a killing machine getting paid for murder.
There is a huge difference between those two as his decision was simply inspired by his motivation
and to be there on the good side.
And the story that the Hungarian authorities conducted a 7 hour search in his house
2 days after his death.
Surprisingly, without any warrant.
That they just showed up at his house after an anonymous caller supposedly
has called the police reporting a possible cache of weapons in Eduardo’s house.
And of course, that they didn’t find anything.
So this was all a fake story too.
It was very difficult to deal with, to handle things at the beginning as I felt completely powerless.
I had to ask our friends to deal with the media, deny all accusations and help coordinating things.
My experience is that during my two and a half years of fighting the media has seemingly become
strangely afraid of Edu’s name being even mentioned at any given time.
We simply didn’t find a hospital in Budapest where the autopsy could have been done.
And why is that?
We still don’t understand it. There was one place where all the paperwork had been signed,
we had a five o’clock appointment, the forensic doctor was assigned
to conduct the autopsy and it was called off.
Every single hospital has rejected our request based on either insufficient equipment,
subcontractor’s conflict, the board’s rejection in one particular institution, or something else.
Finally, the poor child had to be transported to Esztergom for the autopsy.
It was done by the help of our attorney as I could not possible handle it all by myself.
I love You,
come back to me,
because it's not possible that you have definitively gone.
Our love is worth much more!
Many long years we lived together,
these years left us forever.
If the truth came out I still couldn’t rest, I still wouldn’t have a closure,
but at least they wouldn’t say all these hurtful lies about him.
They would all talk of him how his friends and family have known him,
They would all talk of him how his friends and family have known him,
how he really was...his motto was,
To live is joy, he loved to live and lived to love.
He liked if everyone was doing well, he never wanted to hurt anyone and never did.
Never did.
CSENGE DÉNES, Előd Tóásó's niece: He is kind, it is not true that Előd is like that!
Red heart, white snow, green leaf,
red dawn, white dream, green hope,
new spring is coming along with new hope,
that light will shine again,
red heart, white snow, green leaf.
I'll send you a mouse figure like this children, Csenge, Vili and Zétény.
I have a map of Hungary, a regular size flag and bunch of small Hungarian flags.
I made some small Hungarian flags one day for a tasting competition by hand,
with toothpicks and glue and handed out to everyone.
So I have a Hungarian flag, Hungarian-colored ribbons and two cockades,
which were sent to me by mail and I display them on holidays.
The people are very kind here in the prison
We mark and celebrate all holidays of any foreigner who lives here
in a form of a speech or other kind
of gathering to keep our minds occupied.
They love their own holidays the best, that's normal.
The number one priority, you know,
by keeping busy and occupying the mind,
is not to fall into despair and to be able to continue the fight.
Red heart, white snow, green leaf,
red dawn, white dream, green hope,
new spring is coming along with new hope,
that light will shine again,
red heart, white snow, green leaf.
If I need to, I promise, I’ll be there,
if I need to, I promise, I’ll leave.
Many more flowers will blossom on the rose trees of Zsombor,
do not turn yellow, just stay green willow...
To honor all who died and for the freedom of Előd Tóásó
The U.N. Human Rights Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has called
on the government of Bolivia to release the illegally and arbitrarily detained Előd Tóásó.
Bolivia violated the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights against Tóásó at several points.
The case of Tóásó requires the help of the Hungarian government and an international collaboration.
DirectoR, camera, editing: ANETT FÜRGE
Special thanks for the Székely Charity Organization for the Bolivian videos
Translated by SÁNDOR KELEMEN