XBOCT and Zoom DotA talk

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Nov 20, 2011

- Hi, guys!
- I’m ZOOM and that’s XBOCT.
We both are Na’Vi men or man.
I don’t know how to say it in English.
- Men.
- Let’s have a small talk with our bro.
The first and the main question is…
let’s imagine I was lucky to get DotA 2 key
and I decided to practice.
Recently you answered Zero a very important question.
What should a Paladin collect? You said
that it would be MoM and Tarasque, explain why?
- I can give any random answer for this question
speaking to Zero as he'll be buying anything .
- OK. By the way, new Rickimaru has been released recenctly.
Did you have a try on him?
- Definitely.
- Cruel?
- So-so.
- Much blood?
- No so much. Well, of course
you can run and kill in publics but it dies quickly.
- Will you pick him?
- No.
- A whisper goes that DotA 2 imposed its usability
and heros to DotA 1. F.e. Anti-Mage Magina
didn’t enjoy such popularity before DotA 2 release.
Because of the lack of wavey carry heros
he found a new lease of life in DotA 1.
- It doesn’t matter. Because of the lack
of heroes in DotA 2 everybody picked
the same three carries and used it. Current version of DotA 1
offers a lot of mages and mockers. That’s why Magina
fits the game perfectly. You don’t have to triple-lane now,
you can go easy lane or use carry + support
or two forest farming heroes and solo carry.
If previously you had to pick heroes for triple-lane,
now you can simply hit creeps and nobody
disturbs you. That’s why Magina is usually picked.
- Speaking of hiting creeps…
you returned from China recently…
Zero said even poor Chinese teams hit creeps
pretty awesome. Hitting creeps in DotA 1 is
hardly a national game for them.
Do they really rock in hitting creeps?
- No, they don’t. I’d say
hitting creeps is the worst of all they do.
Chinese generally play awesome DotA together.
Before the tournament I thought
I was pretty good at it
but now I realize how wrong I was.
- What impressed you above all in Chinese DotA?
As far as I know their understanding of DotA 1
is much more profound than it is in Europe.
- It depends. If we just had a bit more practice
or at least watched Chinese replays together.
Only Lost and Puppey did...
maybe Dendi did as well be he keeps it in secret.
I personally didn’t. I leaned on them.
I thought everything will turn in other way.
During the first game we could only see
what they pick. We gave out 4 forced-picks.
They are Burda, Lycan, Rider and Windrunner.
We lost 3 games due to Syllabear or Lycantrop.
For Chinese these heroes are simple.
But we were afraid of both using and banning them.
We couldn’t ban everything as there as
there was Invoker, Batrider. I think we can
fight against them with dignity, but you see…
this time it didn’t work. We are invited
to their next championship. So next February or March
we’ll spend a month in China. Can’t wait to see that.
- Yeah, that would be great to practice with Chinese.
Well, I’d ask you a pair or additional questions.
Unfortunately all of them have alcoholic or intimate context.
We’ll have a talk about it off –camera. See you!
- Bye!