Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - Part 02/15 (Eng. Subs)

Uploaded by FilmyJosh01 on 21.04.2010

Everybody wanna know what I feel like? I feel like
I really wanna be herewith you
It's not enough to saythat we are made for each other
it's lovethat is... Hosannatrue...
Hosanna...Be therewhen you're calling out my name...
Hosanna... Meaning of mywhole life has changed
I never wanna bethe same...
It's timewe re-arrange
I take a step... You take a step...
Me ah...calling out to you...
Butterflies in many hues
flutter here and there
in search offlowers
A cloud...a single cloud
moves here and there
to caress me softly, drop by drop
Is the butterfly here?
Has the cloud touched you?
You become a shell
I become a child
to clasp you in the palm of my hand
Hosanna... shower love on me
Hosanna... walk aong with me
just say okay...that's enough
Why did you shatter my heart into pieces?
I'll give you my other heart to break again...
Why did you shatter my heart into pieces?
I'll give you my other heart to break again
They are Maayalee Christians...
Hope you know that?
Her name is Jessie
We are Veerakudi Vellaar...
Hope you know that!
Even if you convince Jessie
her parents will never accept
The moment I saw her I knew you would fall for her!
Don' will end up in deep trouble...
You will have to elope...
put a fullstop right now...
Besides, her dad is a lawyer
Did your sistertell you?
Your mom has brought her up that way
An old-fashioned girl in a modern attire!
Don't take all that to heart!
What is it saying here???
You should only hear your heart beating Jessie's name
Think how you can proposeto her
Next time tell your assistants
They don't let me in...
Who? Bucket!
You don't think of al this?
Shefinished her Bsc three years ago
You finished engineering last year
She is a year olderthan you!
What are you saying!??
She is older than you by a year?!
That's awesome
Shewill take care ofyou verywell
Shewill be mom and wife rolled into one
Shewill make al the moves first! Understand?
Trust me...
But what if she said al this is a problem?
You haveto stand your ground...
Will you?
I don'twant it ma.. I have to bethere at 9
Ma...I'm home
What are you doing now?
Oh that's good
Uncle, whats your height??
'You are doing something to me
You are doing something to me'
Karthik...can't you keep your room a little clean?
Dad commented on it's state...
Dad wants to talk to you in the evening...
He doesn't like your obsession with cinema
Ma, I can hear a sweet voice inside...
Anu has brought any friends of her's? Home?
Jessie from upstairs
Oh, that girl??
Then one day...suddenly... Jessie at my place
Jessie, this is my brother... you've never met him, right?
I know...your folks keep calling your namethroughout the day
can hear it upstairs daily...
so even you know I am jobless!
I didn't say that!
You speak good Tamil? Aren't you a Malu?
I speak better Tamil than Malayaam
How long have you been here?
Right from my birth
I like Keraa... I visit it often
Especially steam cake and chickpea curry for breakfast
I always hunt for that and eat it
You get more than that in Keraa
Your village... where's your home in Keraa?
My parents are from Pulinkunnu
Dad's mom is there
That's why I like Keraa
She's very sweet
Go there once a year... For her sake...
Did you do MCA after your BSc?
I can't believe that? You like Math that much?
Ya very much...that's the secret... If you like math it becomes easy
You did engineering?
He just wants to become afilmmaker...
Let's see...not easy...
easier to pass Math than cinema...
I'll defenitely become a director!
My dad won't even let us watch a film!
It's considered a sin in our community!
I have seen five films in my entire life...
that too without my dad's knowledge...
Do you want to leave Karthik?
She hardly watches films... my hopes got dashed
I didn't have heart to leavethe room
She and her questions!!
With a '1-track mind'... zeroed in on her...