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In this week's episode, we learned a little bit more
about our star Rebecca Duvall's personality.
The scene opens up, and Derek is talking to Karen, telling
her that she makes a sensational Marylin.
Little did they know Ellis overhears this conversation,
and word eventually gets back to Rebecca.
Rebecca walks in late and refuses to work on the
scheduled song for the day until it has been rewritten
for her voice.
Fire her and give it to Karen.
After rehearsal, Rebecca invites Karen to a party with
her and sneakily gets her to sing at the club to gauge her
But there is no competition because Karen memorizes the
entire audience, including Rebecca.
After this performance, Rebecca really takes a liking
to Karen, and they start going out more often.
This causes a problem in Karen's relationship because
Dev is starting to get jealous.
Karen eventually introduces her BF to her other BF, and
you could cut the tension in the room with a knife.
They argue over her time and attention.
Dev feels like Karen should choose her own path, while
Rebecca knows that her path is towards fame.
Meanwhile in the episode, Frank visits Julia to pick up
Leo for the weekend, but he's not home.
Leo has given him the run around, sending both parents
texts saying that he's with the other parent, and he runs
away from home.
Distraught, the couple come together to do everything that
they can to find their son.
Julia eventually figures out that Leo has been staying with
Mason, his best friend, and that he's fine and just needs
time to recover from his broken home life.
When Leo decides to come back, they welcome him with open
arms, and the three have a family dinner for the first
time since Frank has left.
Love always prevails.
A few episodes ago, we wanted to know if Ivy was up to no
good, and we find out in this episode.
She's finally taking revenge on Karen, sending her a text
from another person's phone to tell her that
she's off for the day.
Since she doesn't show up for rehearsal, the new song is
given to Ivy, and she completely
lives in that moment.
However, Rebecca isn't going down with a fight.
After Ivy's stunning performance, she slyly
suggests that Marylin should be singing that song.
The season finale is only a few weeks away, and you won't
want to miss it.
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