[Eng Subs] 110503 MTV 日韓音樂瘋(JK POP) Super Junior-M 專訪(Interview) Part 1/2

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Who has the most fans?
Okay let's start with Sungmin, why?
I thought he doesn't really know how to speak(Mandrin)
Last time when we were at the airport
There are many fans at the airport
We just walk normally
Sungmin is..
Act cool
That's really quite cool
He used handsomeness to seduce the fans
Don't talk much just use eye contact
He's really shy
Don't talk much
But sometimes girls also like this type of guys
Right? // Right
Then what type of girls you like in terms of appearance?
Can you describe?
Or draw also can
Okay let's ask Henry
Henry what type of girls you like?
Her head is big, you like big head girls?
Like music
Let me explain
Because my eyes are small
So I like small eyes girls
Very cute
If her eyes are big, I will not be happy if I see her everyday
And she also likes music
She will support me
The girl must have long hair?
Yes long hair
Long hair the boyfriend
Still have leg hair
No no no it's not hair
That is the stockings
Ah that is stockings, not leg hair
Sorry // It's okay
Sungmin, what type of girls you like?
Let everybody see
I am very pure, if the girl like me can already
Kind-hearted and will like you
Actually being kind-hearted is really important
Okay let's move on to ZhouMi's drawing, very beautiful
There's a comic feeling
Big eyes, different from Henry's
I like girls who have big eyes
You like girls who have sharp jaws
You can tell?
Of course, V-shaped
I think there's someone you will like
Who? // Rainie Yang
Hers is really very V-shaped
Big eyes, long hair
Not long hair also can
Sungmin's fate with girls are better
You are so tall, would you hope that your girlfriend will also be tall too?
Then you are also tall, would you hope the same thing?
I think around 160cm can already
I think it's okay
Like can already
Okay let's see Ryeowook's
Really very beautiful
Also big eyes
Round eyes
See the difference // Henry you lose already
His girlfriend is so much prettier
Your standard must be higher right?
If there's these type of girls and we met each other
I want to feed her
I tell you
Ryewook also drew the body curve
What is this?
Eunhyuk's Eunhyuk's
Wait wait
In the end I think the person who will court the prettiest girl is Ryeowook
I like the type
Will tie the apple tree style hair
The collar bone must be revealed
I prefer pants more than skirt
I want this type but I don't know how to draw to show
This hairstyle tie up look like Orange Caramel
Their style is more cute
Because I interviewed them before
They are quite cute
Last one
He has a comic story
Eating the time
The guy pay
Drink tea the time
I pay
For example you guys went for a movie
The guy buy the movie ticket and the girl buy the popcorn
Right? // Right
It's impossible for the guy to do everything Girls also must do something
But like small things only, like buying drinks
Or buy an ice cream
I don't think this way
Because if you love her, you will buy everything for her
I can pay
But girls.. sincerity
I think most important is the sincerity
Can you guys sign on the drawings?
What? Give the fans?
Whoever receives Eunhyuk's one will cry
Just kidding, drawing quite nice
Ryeowook and ZhouMi's one is nice
But Kyuhyun's one is also nice, have the comic story
Today there are two lucky fans who came here to see
What words would you like to say to Super Junior M?
Introduce yourself, what's your name?
My name is Eva
What would you like to say to them?
Too shy, see us don't dare say
I hope you guys will be happy staying in Taiwan
Must support Super Junior M