Na`Vi.DotA dominant teamfights vs aL @ Premier League

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on May 8, 2012

Centaurs are entering
Tower gets hit,Xboct has only lvl6 ultimate, little range
Wheres Dendi? There he is!! Starting to cast ulti
They manage to take out chen! Shallow grave on brood, Xboct swaps
Good, minus five by NaVi, my god it took just five seconds, you couldnt understand anything
Well this is minus mid, will they go bottom?
Everyone tp's to base because this will be a push from NaVi
And it should be clear that this is most likely the last push by NaVi
Tower dies, no glyph.Dendi swap, Snoopy dies
Ppy gets attacked, MusiCa hexed, Shackle latches, cetaur one stun, second stun
third stun!! AND DENDI IS HERE WITH THE ULTI, this is Armageddon!
Torn apart!gg, NaVi 1:0