Ballengee Estate 700 Greenbrier Drive Hinton, WV 25951

Uploaded by RANDYSBURDETTE on 08.10.2012

Auction Friday Evening October 19th, 5:32 pm 700 Greenbrier Drive, Hinton, WV 25951
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this property does go down to the river
cut stone chiles on both ends of this
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beautiful condition
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nice root celery in it there folks
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two-story building here
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compartment of the building
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you are the property here to the back
filled with two workers here who works in this particular x
use of the house here
beautiful new art here folks
lot of attention to this property here
here's the other beautiful
cuts done jim lee
which have everything here
gently uh... sloped yard here folks
reasons the move
mature if you can see the river down there
wayne's world for u_p_s_
throat orchards else
just before the homes here in the neighborhood
to women's property
this is seven hundred
greenberg anew
there will be ready to take a tour inside folks