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Uploaded by pbteen on 31.03.2011

Welcome to PB Dorm Pottery Barn A Day in the Life of a PBDorm Model
Hi I'm Bianca and I'm here with PB Dorm and we're here at a college campus.
A day in the life of a model is always fun, always an adventure and a great time, just like college.
First, you have to wake up early.
I think it's like seven AM. No one looks pretty in the morning.
My car is frozen, I'm trying to let it defrost right now.
I'm finally here and I am good to go.
And we're gonna have a great shoot today. So we have to get ready, hair and makeup has to be done. I think it's so much fun, because normally that's like a hassle for me in the morning, but
then having someone else do it, it's the greatest thing.
Please grab anything that you need over there.
Um, and let's hit it! Obviously the weather today has turned out beautiful, the kids are doing great. We were all just having like a great time, incorporating the furniture pieces, it was really cool.
When people are taking picture of me, especially trying to convey like the whole college student feel
in the dorms, I'm just hoping that they see that I'm having a good time, everything around me makes me feel good.
Hopefully it will do the same to other kids.
I think Pottery Barn Dorm for college students is great. It gives like
young college students creative control over how they want to express themselves, starting with their room, starting with the bedspread
or a better picture on the wall or something. That's something that so many college students can connect with.
We've done a couple shoots here, different spots, different locations on the campus,
the sun is out, you know, it's nice weather, it's warm,
this is how southern California should be.
We are leaving college campus in style.
Thanks for checking out Pottery Barn Dorm. See ya! Bye!