Motorsport at The College of West Anglia

Uploaded by collegewestanglia on 29.02.2012

My name is Jack Cullen, I’m on the National Award for motorsport at the Isle campus in Wisbech.
I’m Ollie and I’m doing motorsport level 3.
I’m Samantha and I’m doing motorsport level 3.
Well I’d like to follow a career in motorsport really. I find going round the world with race teams quite attractive.
Being in a race team is just an amazing feeling being part of brilliant teams like this.
Learning more and more every time I come, every day. Everything I do I learn more and more, it’s just so interesting.
Where to start, just cars, racing, everything to do with it really.
Everything about this course is brilliant, from the tutors to what we do with the cars and everything. It’s just brilliant.
We do management and logistics all the way to stripping and rebuilding engines. It’s very widespread what you learn.
What we do is we have a team of six which alternates through different people within the classes. I was on the first team of six doing lap board timings at Lydden Hill at the end of the last season with SEMSEC. I would like to eventually teach people about motorsport as well as working for a motorsport team as well.
Well, I’d just like to work really for a race team, would be absolutely brilliant. I mean, I have my high shot idea of being able to work for Renault but I don’t think that’ll happen but I’ll try for it. I’d definitely say they’d have to be into motorsport as it’s motorsport related but if they really want to do it, then yeah, definitely go for it. It’s the most enjoyable course I’ve done.
I’d just say, if you’re interested in motorsport then it’s a must really because it’s just so in depth as well.
Absolutely go for it, it’s absolutely brilliant.