Easy Arts and Crafts Painting Projects : Painting Wood: Tips for Painting on Wood

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.10.2007

Welcome to expertvillage.com. I am Angela Sage Larsen. I hope you will visit my website
at petalwinkthefairy.com. I would like to use a paper plate for my pallet because they
are cheap and you can throw them away when you are finished. Now we are ready to paint
our piece of wood. It has been primed and it is dry, so I just dig in and the great
thing about his paint is if you do not like it you can paint over it, but I am just starting
out from the center of my little shape and I am just getting enough on there so it will
stay wet a little bit because I want to blend some other colors into it and because these
are water based paints, you can just rinse off your brush in water, and go back in for
your next color.
And the main thing is you just keep painting, do not be afraid of making mistakes, because
you can always paint over it, but just have fun and go for it. Now that I have got a little
bit of this color on, I will clean my brush off so that I can blend the colors even better
and you do not want to leave the paint on your brush too long if you are not using your
brush, keep it in the water since this paint does tend to dry pretty quickly. Now I have
cleaned it off a little bit and I am just going to try to blend it out a little bit.
These paints are great because you can get a lot of different effects.