My Australia: Episode 14 - Part 3

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Hi guys. What are you looking for today?
Seventy-five teacups actually.
Why seventy-five?
We're starting a wedding catering business.
What's the strangest thing you've ever bought at markets.
I actually bought a handbag and in that handbag there were some, shall we say, a couple of
surprises in there.
I like silk scarves act.
You like silk scarves?
And this is the spot.
Is that a silk scarf on your head right now?
How many silk scarves do you own?
Two hundred.
So what are you selling?
Absolutely everything for absolutely nothing.
Like, for example, a lot of this stuff here, she's only worn it a couple of times so it's
still got labels on it
so I thought we might as well try and recover some of the funds she's spent on it so ...
So it seems like a lot of people love buying unexpected things from markets.
I bought a Russian accordion at one once.
Let's see what bargains Raymund can find.
I grew up in Manila in a place called Las Pinas.
I have an older sister and a younger brother.
Ah, there were heaps of good memories.
Almost all throughout my childhood years we had like a rice paddy behind our house,
but now it's developed, it's developed into a city now.
The working conditions in my country, it's not very good for doctors.
I heard that Australia was open to international graduates and that's how I got here.
Hi. My name's Raymund de la Cruz, one of the emergency doctors here.
Emergency medicine allows me to speak to a lot of people, be friendly with them.
I'll listen to your heart and chest and let's work out what's going on. Okay.
Good. Thank you.
I live very close to the city in a one bedroom apartment.
I like living alone so I can do anything I want.
I can, like during my free days I can just lounge on the couch, watch TV, do nothing.
I came here because I wanted to be financially independent.
That's ... that's one of the things that I really appreciate.
You know, I can buy my own car. My mum doesn't have to buy me a car.
I can buy my stuff, my laptop.
I can keep my place as I want it.
I like photography because it allows me to document all the beautiful things that I see.
I like taking photos of landscapes primarily because I love to travel and in my travels
I carry my camera all the time.
If I see those photos again, like it reminds me of those happy times, and that's what I
like about photography.
I can share whatever I saw to my friends.
Morning Raymund.
Hey, how are you?
Good. How are you darlin'?
How are you?
We're here at the Trash and Treasure Markets.
I'm here to have a bit of a look around with my friend.
I'm not expecting much actually.
I don't know what to expect but hopefully I can find something for the house.
My apartment is pretty modern actually and the stuff I usually buy are modern stuff to
complete the bachelor's pad look, but yeah,
I don't know if I can find something that will fit in my apartment.
So let's see.
That's quite a modern looking one.
Yep, but I don't really need the tea ...
Oh, okay. Not a tea drinker.
I'm with my friend, Kate, and I've been working with her for about three years now. She's
a doctor.
Well, I'm gonna get this because I like cats.
Are you really?
What about this one? This is a cat.
Oh, I think Kate will be a good person to come with me today because she likes small
and she likes bracelets, necklaces, anything that she can hang on herself.
This is one of the biggest and most popular markets in Australia.
It's an open air market. There aren't too many of these around.
Basically the market's divided in half.
Half with fruit and veg and half with bric a brac.
There's lots of people here that want to get rid of their unwanted goods in the Trash and
Treasure side of things.
Now, for something that we'd consider as no good, We can throw it away,
other people think it's a treasure to them and that's what they really want.
And that attracts all different sort of people here.
I love the markets really so any chance to get out to them, it's good fun because you
can always find stuff that's a little bit different, um,
you know, various sort of foods that you won't get in the normal supermarkets and things
like that.
It's always good to eat local.
That one should be all right.
Plus I love the bric a brac.
You never know what kind of great kitsch you can come across.
What about this?
Oh look!
Medical kit. There's a medical kit. Look.
We could get you a new stethoscope.
We could definitely use that, yes.
It just won't fit really.
Maybe if you ...
Maybe through here.
What's that?
It's not about the stethoscope. It's what's between the ear holes of the stethoscope.
It's really hot in the Philippines to get around the markets and the weather here is
And also most of the products that are on sale in the Philippine market are Filipino
This is a very multicultural sort of market and you can buy almost everything from all
over the world which is good.
Is that tabouleh? Yep. Yum.
Is this Turkish or Greek?
Ah, it's Turkish, do you make them?
Yes I make them all.
Ah, right.
Wow, you must have been busy this morning.
Yeah, all night.
I've always thought Australia, its culture is predominantly white, but yes,
I was surprised that there were a lot of immigrants from different countries.
I'm not familiar with any of these.
These are all different kinds of lentils for making dhal.
Oh right.
Have you had that before?
Yes, I like Indian food but I don't like preparing them.
I think Australians are very accepting about other people's culture.
Like in the markets there were a lot of food that probably requires a bit of acquired taste
but if they're selling here like hotcakes then some of the Australians like buying them.
All right I think this is the one we're looking for.
They're beautiful thing.
We're heard that you're selling sugar cane juice.
Yeah, okay, two dollar for one bag.
All right.
Take one.
Can we just share a bag? I think it might be a bit sweet for one each.
Yeah, we'll share a bag.
Uh huh. Okay. How much is it?
Two dollar.
Two dollars.
That's all right. I've got it.
Thank you.
I've never had this before.
Oh, beautiful. Some people, they put lemon in.
Wow, that's really sweet.
It's very good.
It is.
I like it, I like it.
When I put it like it like that, we remind of my country, at home.
Oh, okay.
Because in my country, always do this.
Where are you from?
Cambodia, yes.
Cambodia, Ah right. There you go.
Australians in general are very friendly and they're very chatty.
In the Philippines people are very busy.
They mind their own business. They don't have time for small chats.
Where do you get all these rocks?
I collect them.
You collect them.
I collected them.
Oh wow.
Forty-five years.
Oh wow.
I had a huge collection of stones.
Did you?
Like when I was a kid I would walk around, looking down, looking for stones.
I think I'm gonna get this.
Oh right, yes.
In the Philippines we just talk to each other when we have to.
People here stop and they ask me, 'Oh, how's your day been?' or 'What are your plans for
tonight?' and like small chat like that.
I love doing that.
Ah, this looks good.
Ah that's really nice, that would go with your place.
It definitely would.
It would look nice with my picture. Not my picture, a picture I took.
Here you go.
A dollar change.
Ah thank you, thanks.
All right.
Cheers, see ya.
Excellent. Okay, now let's go.
I have a really nice photo that looks almost like a painting
and it's a type of photography where you shake the camera.
When I took that shot I was thinking of hanging it on the wall.
Hi, how are you going?
That photo was taken in the Adelaide Hills maybe two weeks ago.
We were having picnic with my friends from the hospital so it was a really good day,
nice relaxing day.
It looks really awesome. Yeah, yeah.
I'm even impressed myself with taking a photo like that.
I wasn't expecting to find a nice frame that will fit my apartment but it turned out really
well so that was good.
It just goes to show at a Trash and Treasure Market one man's trash is another man's treasure.
That's it for today. Here's what's coming up next week.
Weiping joins a local Aussie rules football cheer squad,
Nimit learns to sail on Sydney Harbour,
and a bunch of the My Australia guests get together for a barbecue.
See you then.