LuchaVblog: Terrible vs Rush por las cabelleras en el Aniversario 79 del CMLL

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Stone Cold Steve Austin could compete in one more match at
but not until
at WrestleMania 29 but not until 2014 at WrestleMania 30
and this is because it is not well physically and mentally also adds to his recent operation
to recover from the injury
I walked away from the ring
Some parts of the rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Triple h
especially in the aftermath of PPV Summerslam have been
developed for the creation of the rivalry between Brock Lesnar and
The Undertaker
if it is necessary for WrestleMania 29
With the emergence of WWE RAW on monday, apparently Paul Heyman has signed some sort of contract extension with WWE
the original contract ended with Paul Heyman appeared last sunday on PPV WWE Summerslam 2012
Randy Orton is scheduled to soon
take some time off to record the movie
"12 Round: Reloaded" in Canada, this was the reason why he was not
booked to be at Summerslam
this year
Randy Orton could become the special referee for the match
for the World Heavyweight Championship at
PPV Night Of Champions 2012
between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio.
Information about Alberto del Rio
has declared that he wants to leave the WWE
in a few years and retire
recently in an interview where he said that now he
would like to stay
at least 10 to 15 years or as
long as desired WWE
Rey Mysterio suffered a concussion during
his match against The Miz
at WWE Summerslam 2012.
Apparently, Rey Mysterio
has been removed from the apparitions that had provided until it is
and can return to the ring
Mark Henry could retire if not fully recovered from the shoulder the current deadline
for Mark Henry made his comeback from
shoulder surgery is late autumn.
Mark Henry has been saying that if the shoulder does not recover
fully he could retire
but is still waiting to return.
Tyler Reks announced via Twitter, that on Monday requested his release
from WWE,
where he was business since 2008
decided to spend more time with his family and about
his teammate Curt Hawkins
still do not know about your future
that will WWE
Names start ringing for the Hall of Fame 2013
and the names considered for the ceremony in the Hall of Fame in
Mick Foley,Bob Backlund
Kevin Nash and The Ultimate Warrior.
Rumor has it that JBL
would be added to this list and maybe some others who participated
RAW 1000
The combat The Rock vs. John Cena II is a great opportunity
to perform at Wrestlemania 29 next year.
It is rumored that Vince McMahon is the main person
who wants rematch takes place
Dana White
has confirmed in a telephone press conference that
UFC 151
Bones vs Hendo
would allegedly make the September 1 in Las Vegas
was canceled due to injury by Dan Henderson
who was to be the rival of Jon Jones.
Hendo apparently had complications with knee ligament that forced
him to miss the match, Jones posed for perhaps the biggest challenge of his
career as a fighter
Chael Sonnen offered to take the fight eight days before the team
but I advise you not to accept Jones and apparently on September 22
to face Lyoto Machida, so far the only really complicated rival
to heavyweight champion in his reign
The match will be at UFC 152
that is, the UFC 151 is just a show lost
"The American Wrestling Superstars" is the new proposal presented
by the Italian company IWS.
The event will be on November 17 at the stadium Di Rimini 105
We have presented some of the international figures that will be
as the triple champion Super Crazy,
Carlito, Davey Richards and others to be confirmed
On october 22 ROH Dojo opens its doors to those
interested in learning wrestling.
The school is located in Bristol, Pennsylvania.
this will have a coach that Delirious
will also have a ring, weight loss equipment and video library
the training will last six months in this center would cost $ 3,000
and learn everything you need to be a good wrestler
is cheaper in Mexico about 300 pesos a month but you would learn in
a period of 2 to 3 years
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs El Terrible for the CMLL Universal Championship
this coming Friday, August 31 at the Arena Mexico
after passing the last day 24 to CMLL wrestlers
Volador jr , Diamante Azul, La mascara, Marco Corleone, Dragon Rojo jr,
Polvora and Maximo
Begin preparations for the celebration of 79 anniversary of
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL)
will be next Friday, September 14 there will be two fights where bets will fall
drop a mask and a hair
in the main event Terrible vs Rush
hair vs hair
And the duel between the young Puma King vs Rey Cometa by masks
Also news conference was presented to the Generation 2012
where already some debuted, and these are the members:
Herodes Jr
Oro Jr
Genesis, Espanto Jr, Akuma
Taurus and Guerrero Negro Jr
Convinces me the truth even if not 100% expected the fight
Mr Niebla vs Volador jr by masks
and hopefully
add to the poster CMLL
be so serious a poster luxury 3 betting fights
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