Stupid Party Tricks: Freeze a Beer

Uploaded by OutsideOnline on 07.01.2009

Hi, my name is Micah Cratty and I'm an intern at Outside magazine. I'm going to show you how to instantly freeze a beer.
The first thing you're going to do is get a beer. Clear bottles, like Corona, work best. You can actually see the freezing happening right in front of you and impress your friends.
So once you get your beer you don't want to swirl it around. Otherwise bubbles will appear at the top and it will freeze prematurely.
Once you get your bottle you should put it in your freezer for about two hours, depending on how cold your freezer is.
We put it in two hours ago. Now, let's see what happened.
Now if you notice, this one has bubbles in it. The bubbles allowed it to freeze early. This is not what you want.
As you can see this bottle is really cold, but it's still liquid.
So know we are going to pop the top and see if this works.
I open it, bang the bottom on the counter, and you can see it's freezing instantly from the top down.
What's happening here is called super cooling. The beer is below it's freezing point, but need's a disturbance for ice to form. When you bang it on the counter the first crystal forms, and the rest soon follow.
So now, as you can see, the bottle has frozen. And boom, you've impressed all of your friends.
Unfortunately, this beer is now useless. So you'll need to get one of your friends to buy you a good one.