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Standard four-by-four groove. - Sure... entry chord, D major?
Rob doesn't know a thing about keyboards. He begins every song in D major
Adi, have you written any lyrics?
You know, there are so many things in life we hardly think of...
simple things
Goes like this
Why is the sky blue?
Why is water so wet?
Why is the earth round?
And so on and so forth. - Nice, very nice
Rob, let's start it with a good riff. - Cool
Then I'll introduce texture ... seriously electronic
How's that, KD?
Why not
Joe starts with the riff, then keyboards...
I'll kick in with the drums and then Aditya, you can take over
KD... please! No one takes over in this band
That's right, brothers
That's why we're called Magik
Yeah you said it, Joe
Let's try this
One... two... three... four
Why is the sky blue?
Why is water wet?
Why is the earth round?
What makes silk soft?
What makes flre hot?
Why doesn't two and two make flve?
Why are trees vanishing?
Why do we have three seasons?
Why don't we have two moons?
Why is there war?
Why flows the red?
And borders everywhere?
Ever wondered...
have you?
Ever wondered...
what's this all about?
Ever wondered...?
If you haven't, then do it now
Why do all rivers flow?
What's light, d'you know?
What makes snow fall?
Why do friends keep falling out?
Why do stars fall?
Why is there lightning in clouds?
Ever wondered...
have you?
Ever wondered...
what's this all about?
Ever wondered...?
If you haven't, then do it now
Silence can't be heard
And the wind can't be seen
Ever wondered...
have you ever?
Why skies are blue?
Why is water wet?
Why is the earth round?
What makes silk soft?
What makes flre hot?
Why don't two and two make flve?
Why are trees vanishing?
Why are there only three seasons?
Why aren't there two moons?
Why is there war?
Why flows the red?
Why are borders everywhere?
Ever wondered...
have you?
Ever wondered...
what's this all about?
Ever wondered...?
If you haven't, then do it now
Thanks, no ice
Cheers, buddy
Listen to this one
Ason tells his father,
"Papa, Mummy thinks you're an angel"
The father asks, "Really, Mummy said that?"
The son says, "She said, you've sprouted wings"
Come on, Andy. It's time for bed. You'll be late for school tomorrow
Hey champ, come on, wake up
Time to go to bed
Come on
Good job, Rob
The flute you used in this song ... it's fantastic!
Absolutely original and damn good work
It'll drive people crazy. They'll go mad!
Thanks. I'm glad you like it
Anyway, can I go now, Anu-ji?
God bless you
Devika asked if we're going to join them in Alibaug for the weekend
I won't be able to make it. You should go
She has invited both of us. Please, come on Adi
It's been over a year since we went on holiday
I might go to Hong Kong in August
Come along
If you wish
Bye. - Bye
Good morning, sir
I can't believe you're here
I called you. - Listen, I'll call you, I will
Oh please, you never return my calls. - I will call you
It's for the book. I've a deadline. - I'll call you... bye
Show me...
Who was that? - Met him in Goa at Singhi's party
He's totally wild
Followed me all the way to Bombay
In single-minded pursuit?
He's writing a book ... his travels in India
Who knows, he might write a chapter on me
That's creative types for you
Anyway, Aditya and you are coming to Alibaug, aren't you?
No... Aditya can't come
God! Is he married to you or his job?
Hey, did I say something wrong?
Are you okay?
I mean... you're neither interested in what I say, nor in what I design?
Are they so awful?
Sometimes when I see you... I feel jealous
You're living the life you want
An interior designer... independent
With writers chasing you all the way from Goa
Come on. You're saying this?
You are happily married, making a home
Remember, it was you who told me, "I'm happily married"
Yes, happily married and...
perhaps a mother soon
You're pregnant?
Congratulations! - Thanks
Aditya must be jumping with joy...
No... I haven't told him yet
I thought, before I shock him with it, I'd better confirm with a gynaec
What shock? Don't you two want a baby?
No, that's not it...
It's just that... only Aditya knows what he does or doesn't want
When I think of it, it's like living with a stranger who loves me,
who cares for me; but I'll never know what's in his heart and soul
You'll only find stock market quotes
I don't know Devika, maybe I'm just nervous about this baby
Anyway, I'll have to tell him, sooner or later...
maybe on his birthday. - Next week, isn't it?
I want to buy him a gift. Please help me
Of course
Hey champ! How was school? - Fine
Have you had lunch? - I've been waiting for you
You remember your promise ... the new tune
But I'll teach it to you, only when you play the earlier tune without mistakes
Done. - That's my boy
Come on, before Mummy goes...
Deliver the goods to Kadam's right now
And come back with the money, even if you have to wait all day
But get the money today. Got it? Now go
Leave the goods here. Come and take your money tomorrow
Madam, I need the money now
Why do you hassle me everyday? Didn't I tell you? Come tomorrow at eleven
Eleven o'clock? - Yes
For sure? - Yes
Andy, how was school today?
Like it is everyday
Funny. Sit down for lunch
Dear Lord, thank You for Your love and kindness today
You give us strength and nutrition as we sit in Your presence at this table
Bless our food, bless all those gathered here
And bless the ones in need. In the name of Jesus, Amen
The fisherwomen were here again. They really hound me
How much they complain!
What do I do? There's less fish, the rates are lower,
the wholesale rate is down. What profit?
Same old fish again...
everyday the same, same food
Sorry Nana, I can't do any better
Doing the accounts all day, listening to the fisherwomen...
Where's the time to cook?
I mean, just smell my hands, Joe
This goddamn fish smell never goes!
Did Lionel call you back about that show?
Why don't you call him?
I'll call him
Joe please, we need the money. There're endless bills to pay
But no one watches Lionel Uncle's shows. He doesn't even know how to tune a guitar
Just eat your food
Joe, it's a big wedding
Playing the guitar there won't demean you in any way
We Mascarenhas' have never done anything so cheap
Why haven't you sent the necklace set?
You were responsible for the delivery
Girish Bhai has called four times today. What do I say to him?
Sorry, dad
Sorry? Do you think, saying sorry makes it okay?
You'll deliver it personally this evening. Understood?
Devika, this is perfect
Oh that's lovely, I think he's going to like that
Give me Girish Bhai's package
I think it's the best of all these. - I agree
Excuse me
Can you inscribe "Aditya" on the back? And 22nd July
Excuse me...
Aditya, 22nd July?
Why? Can't it be done?
It's not that...
Actually, I had a friend, Aditya. His birthday is also on 22nd July
This Aditya...?
He's my husband
His full name?
Aditya Shroff
Oh my God!
Aditya Shroff... is he fair...
and lean? Has long hair
Short sighted but won't wear specs...
and writes wonderful poetry?
Poetry? You're definitely talking of some other Aditya
I'm sorry, I think I got carried away
It'll be ready by day after... right?
Same name, same birthday...?
Too much of a coincidence. - You're right
Excuse me
What's your name?
I'll tell my husband
Killer Drummer. If he's the same Aditya, he'll know
Jignesh Bhai,
have you ever been unhappy about your investments with us?
It's a done deal, boss
We manage most of the foreign investments in the market
We're picking up huge stakes in the infrastructure sector
Yes... India is booming, sir
Sleep without a care. Your wealth is in safe hands
My best to your wife. God be with you
Mr Bajaj would like to meet you on the fourteenth floor
I'll be right there
Come in
Yes, sir...
Aditya... - Yes, sir?
How do you like this office?
It's... very nice, sir
It's yours
The management has decided to promote you
Thank you, sir
Oh no... don't thank me
It's all your hard work
So, congratulations. - Thank you, very much
I'll see you later
Oh and one more thing...
Enjoy the view
Why don't we celebrate your promotion and birthday together?
Let's throw a party on the 22nd
No, don't bother throwing a party
I'll just take my colleagues out to lunch tomorrow
Whenever you make any plans, it's with your colleagues
Is your social life incomplete without them?
Sakshi... that's life
By the way, a strange thing happened today
Do you know any Killer Drummer?
Aditya, are you listening?
Do you know a guy called Killer Drummer?
Killer Drummer... strange name, isn't it?
Where did you meet him?
At a jewellery store
Devika needed to buy something and we were talking about you
...and he said he knew an Aditya Shroff who wrote poetry
And as we spoke, I discovered that the other Aditya Shroff's birthday...
is also on 22nd July
Strange, isn't it?
Very strange
Sleep now
Good night
Good night
Sinbad the Sailor sailed away one day...
looking for his... na na na na... way
One minute...
It's not working, guys
Not quite right?
Shall we try something new, Rob?
Okay, take it from the top
KD, you start and I'll join you on the fourth bar
Ready... - Ready?
Joe broke the glass
Debbie boxed his ears
We all laughed at how you got stuck
And just like that, Joe left the band
Packed my business cards? - Yeah
Where were you?
Get another bag
Adi, you go on
I'll send your suitcase to the office
Okay, thanks
Okay, get another bag from the loft
Wait... I'll come too
God knows what junk is up there
Take this box out, give it away
Wait... these too
What's that package up there? Bring it down
Put it here
Open it
Okay, I'll check it
I left some papers on the side table. Please put them away, they're important
Adi... - Yeah?
Have a safe flight
So, I was right!
Where is Aditya these days? What's he doing now?
You should have brought him along. - He's away in Delhi
I'm planning a surprise party at home for him on May 22nd
If you and the rest of your band can come, it'll be great
Areunion party? Wow! Of course!
We should've had a reunion a long time ago
But I had no idea that Aditya was in Bombay
And it's been ages since I've spoken to Rob and Joe
Anyway, did Aditya say anything about us?
No, I was hoping you'd tell me more
I found these. - Oh my God!
Oh God... that's Aditya?
It's impossible to recognise him
And this is you?
You're looking so wild
Everything's changed, my hairstyle most definitely
That's Joe. Our lead guitarist
Aditya always said, Joe's fingers made magic
Joe said the same about Aditya's voice
That's why our band was called Magik
You know, when Aditya arrived in Bombay, he lived with Joe for three months
Rob, our backbone
He did all the programming and the bass sections
Sheer genius
Aditya, the poet
I'm sure you know this poet
I'll tell you how crazy he was
Suddenly, one day he says, "Let's go to Goa"
No packing, nothing. Just go
And we just set off
Aditya's dream, was that Magik would have a tour bus and we'd just head off
There'd be no turning back
And all of us believed it would turn out exactly like that
In our twenties, we think the world will dance to our tune
Sorry, I'm boring you with all this talk
No. You've told me so much. Thanks
I'll talk to Rob and Joe. I can't guarantee they'll come
But I'll definitely come. - Please try and bring them
I'll try my best
What was it 24123489 or 59?
It takes you so long to pick up the phone?
KD...? - Yes, Mr D-major
Holy shit! Is that really you?
Where are you? - When can you meet me?
Just tell me where. - Jazz by the bay. Nine thirty
Done. - Great, see you there
KD, turn down the volume
Are you mad?
Hello... hi
Really... okay
Okay... thanks a lot. Bye
That was my friend from Channel V. I styled some of his shows
He called with some special news
You're really lucky
Shut up, KD
There's going to be a contest
The winning band gets to cut an album and make a music video
Let's go for it, guys
We'll need new equipment
Good cymbals for KD. Anew mike for you, Adi
You need a new distortion pedal
And for me, another tea
Uncle Khursheed, one more tea
In all, we'll need about fifty five thousand
The band's savings are twenty thousand
Maybe I can wangle five thousand from dad
That makes twenty five thousand. Which leaves...
Thirty thousand. Einstein!
I have some cash...
about three or four thousand... - Really?
I can give you that
I've got about the same
Adi, can't you ask your Dad?
No chance, man
He won't give it. I know
Punishing me for not doing an MBA
There's a way out. Raghav Yedekar
Sounds like a goon...
He organizes shows. Musicfrom old films
Totally different from our music
The audience is different too
Old film music?
We'll need a sitar, harmonium, ten tablas! Guitars and keyboards won't do
Really Rob, I can't do it either
Hang on, Joe
Who says we can't play old songs on guitars and drums?
We'll choose our songs and do them in our style
With the Magik touch
Like breath is needed...
Like breath is needed for life
Yes, a sweetheart is needed,
for love
Like a flame is needed,
Like a flame is needed,
for light
Yes, a sweetheart is needed,
for love
This day comes, in the season of youth
When eyes meet eyes, even water catches flre
I'm going to take you high, my baby
Fly with me
Fly high
Marry me, Susie! - Someday
You're amazing!
So, Aditya doesn't know about the party?
That's what a surprise is all about
Let's see how he takes the surprise
I'm in. - Good
So what other news...?
Saw an ad on TV some time ago, the musicsounded like yours
You're really lucky, Rob
Still making musicafter all these years
Don't know how to do anything else, KD
And you? Still drumming?
I don't remember the last time I touched drumsticks
But now you can afford the world's best drum kit
Yes, I can
And I don't even have to go to a Dandiya-dance - Dandiya?
Yeah! We bought equipment out of our performance at the Dandiya!
How can I tell you...
what my heart says
You'd think, maybe I'm insane
How can I tell you what my heart says
You'd think, maybe I'm insane
I want to get to the top of the TVtower
Scream out loud and say...
Rock On! It's the sign of the times
Rock On! Every moment beckons
Rock On! What are you waiting for
Rock On! You only live once
My heart tells me...
to scream out loud
should open their windows
Then I'll sing them my spirited songs
Let them join in and raise the cry
Come on, baby!
Come on Joe, come on
Just live your life...
the way you always wanted to
All I've got to say is...
make every single one of your dreams come true!
Welcome to Channel V's Launchpad
From Bangalore, this is Chakravyuh
The world's full of snakes
They bite everyone
Sitting upon their coils
Hood outstretched
Snakes hiss
Blacks, blues, yellows
Eyes of stone...
and sharp fangs
The world is a jungle of snakes
There's a hood in every face
Sitting upon their coils,
hood outstretched,
hissing, waiting to strike
Blacks, blues, yellows
Eyes of stone...
and sharp fangs
All right! Let's hear it for Chakravyuh
Now, our next band, from right here in Bombay
Fans say, there's magicin their music
Bombay, are you ready for them?
That's more like it
Let's welcome on stage, Magik
Hello, everyone
Hello, everyone!
Are you having a good time?
I said, are you having a good time?
All right!
I need your help for the next song
Will you sing with me?
Will you join me?
All right then, everyone
Let me see more hands up in the air
Put your hands together
Everybody, sing with me
Come on
Way to go
Now... sing when I raise my hand
One of my laundry bills... An unflnished novel...
Agirl's phone number... A useful piece of paper...
In my deck, a king of hearts...
And one of my silver rings...
When I look at what I lost this last week
Somedays I laughed at myself and somedays I cried
One of my laundry bills
An unflnished novel
Agirl's phone number
A useful piece of paper
In my deck, a king of hearts
And one of my silver rings
When I look at what I lost this last week
Somedays I laughed at myself
Somedays I cried
I got a gift, a watch...
that I loved so much
Apacket of Mary Jane
My old denim jacket
Two passes for a cricket match
My brand new sunglasses
When I look at what I lost this last week
Somedays I laughed at myself and somedays I cried
do I forget?
On day seven,
someone introduced you to me at a party
was in the moment...
when I saw you for the flrst time
When we flrst met...
I felt what love was
I lost my senses...
and my heart too
Somedays I laughed at myself and somedays I cried
That was everything I lost this last week
Put your hands together
One of my laundry bills
An unflnished novel
Agirl's phone number
A useful piece of paper
One of my laundry bills
An unflnished novel
Agirl's phone number
A useful piece of paper
When I met you flrst
I felt...
what love was
I lost my senses and my heart too
Somedays I laughed at myself and somedays I cried
Now's the time to find out who the winner of the contest is
The winners get an album contract. And at least one music video
I'm all nerves
Can you tell...
which lucky band's name is in this envelope?
They're screaming for us!
All right, it's time to find out
And the winner is...
All right!
Watch it, buddy
Did I hurt you?
Oops! Did I hurt you?
Joe... Joe...
get off him
Joe! What are you doing?
Calm down
Just back off. Stop it
Picture this...
Someone insults Aditya and Joe breaks out in a rash
And now...
How things change, man
Where's Joe these days?
Ran into him some months ago, at Purple Haze Studio
He has so much talent, but business sense... zero
Joe... when will he learn it's important to market oneself?
Let's go meet him
It'll be great if you invite him to Aditya's party
No, don't try to use me to do this
Come on Rob, you always knew how to handle them
I mean, that was why we tolerated you in the band
Anybody in?
Oh my God... KD? - Wow... Joe!
Good to see you man
How are you?
Come, sit
How're you doing?
All okay?
Getting along
I teach guitar to kids in the neighbourhood
And once in a while, I perform live at a club
It's all good, man
You're still performing on stage! That's fantastic, Joe
It's nothing like those concerts
Here, people hang around, party, talk, drink
What I'm playing makes no difference to them
I know exactly what you mean
I played in a club once
I got so angry, felt like hurling my keyboard at the crowd
You should have
That way your keyboard would've been of some use
Did you know Aditya is also here in Bombay
No... how would I know?
His wife came to my store
She has invited us home
For Aditya's birthday party
Look who's here
Debbie... oh wow!
Good to see you
Who's this? - Andrew
Hi, Uncle Rob
Hi, Andrew! I'm KD
Magik's drummer?
How old is he?
He'll turn eight this year
Debbie, I'll hand it to you!
You don't look like the mother of an eight year old
Thank you
But in that outfit, you look like a typical businessman
Even Rob looks different in his close crop, doesn't he?
Long hair is no longer in fashion
You're saying this?
Someone who'd brush his hair before brushing his teeth!
Why don't you just admit it, you're losing your hair
Show me how you'd flick the sticks in the air and catch them
Hey, who told you?
Who else?
At bedtime, Andy listens to only one story. Magik's
Debbie, we're planning a reunion. Next week. At Aditya's
Why don't you join us and bring Andrew along
So the two of you are here with a message from Aditya, the star?
It's not like that, Debbie
Please, KD
All these years you weren't even in touch. Why now?
Sorry about that, guys
Debbie is really stressed out because of work
She doesn't mean it, you know that
It's okay
Hey Andrew...
next time, I'll show you the magicof drumsticks
I'll call you guys
Say bye, Andy
Good to see you, Joe. - Same here, man
It'll be good if you guys come
Think about it. Okay?
Yeah, man
I couldn't believe these guys, Joe
They come around after years, that too with an invite from Aditya
If it was so important, couldn't he have phoned himself?
It's a surprise party, Debbie. His wife is organizing it
Oh... how sweet! Joe, please...
Keep away from them
Being with them was always bad for you
Last time, you got hurt
God knows what they want now!
Nobody hurt me
I was the one who quit
You're defending them now?
So they call and you go, tail wagging?
Is that right?
No, Debbie
I'll wear a collar and stay right by you
What did you say?
You think that I...?
Fine! Sorry
Do whatever you want
Go to hell
Listen, you better tell the musiccompany that I'm styling Magik's video
Or you'll end up wearing these shorts and a T-shirt
What's wrong with my shorts?
Showing my legs only adds to the sex appeal of the video
This is it, Joe
This is our big break
Our lottery ticket to the future
Now we have to get the right numbers
Love you, baby
When you're around...
I feel like...
I've found every joy
When you're gone...
it feels like...
every joy has faded
You're the one...
my life needs
Damn Joe!
You're a poet and we didn't even know it
It's a great tune
He's right, Joe
We need another song for the album and I think we've found it
Yes, Adi?
I want to dedicate it to Debbie
Yeah... yeah
It'll be your wedding anthem
When it's played in church, all will rise
Good one, Joe. - Thanks, Rob
Tell me seriously, what do you think of the song?
It's fantastic, Joe
And when you sing it in your style, it'll be even better
I just know it, man
Thanks, brother
when we meet the musiccompany guys,
make sure you tell them about Debbie styling our music video
You could tell them yourself
Yeah, but she's my girlfriend and...
it'll be a little odd
You'll tell them, won't you?
Of course, I will
You're the best, buddy
It's going to rock!
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Aditya,
happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Aditya
Here's your gift
Surprised? - Yes... very
There's another surprise for you
Happy birthday, Aditya
Good to see you. - Happy birthday, Aditya
We're not ghosts
Why don't you guys get some drinks?
I'll join you
Just... take care of them
Thanks for coming. I'm glad you came
Aditya is happy too, of course
He's forever busy with work
I hope you're fine?
Yes, we're good
Your drink...? - I'm fine, thank you
Okay... just excuse me
Oh hi! How are you?
Great. How are you? - Well, thank you
I hope you're enjoying yourself. - Thank you very much. Lovely
I hope you're enjoying yourself. - Of course
If you don't mind, could I take him away for a minute?
Absolutely... of course, you can. - I'll be right back
Your friends are getting bored
What do I do? We have other guests as well
All right, I'm going
When did you pick up this habit?
Cigarettes are rotten for your voice
What does my voice have to do with investment banking?
Remember losing your voice before a show once, in college...
and Debbie forcing you to drink that re-mixed herbal tonic
I'll never forget your face
Whatever it was, it was effective
She also gave you some medicine to improve memory, didn't she?
Didn't help, did it?
What do you mean?
I still remember, she was the one
Hi... - Hello
Is everything okay?
Joe didn't come? - Must be on his way...
Why don't you call him and check where he is?
Oh! That's mom! I'll just be back
Obviously, Sakshi doesn't know much about Magik
Never felt the need to tell her
Really, man...
sometimes, it feels as if it all happened in another lifetime...
and sometimes as if, just yesterday
Why don't we get together again at our old rehearsal pad?
Sounds like a great idea
Tomorrow's Sunday. Let's do it
But first, we'll meet at Army Cafe
What do you say, Aditya?
Come off it
Come on, Aditya
One o'clock?
You guys are crazy
Come on. Rob, you, me... even Joe wll turn up
The four of us, together again
Making music, man
Why do we need four?
Even two or three can jam together
But it won't be Magik
I wish your friend Joe had come
How did you like meeting your friends?
Sakshi, you shouldn't have invited them
Why did you tell me that you didn't know them?
Because I don't know them anymore
We have drifted apart
You saw it too... how uncomfortable they were
They were our guests
And guests feel as comfortable as we make them
I felt you were the uncomfortable one
Why are you getting involved in these things?
Just let it be
Isn't that you?
I thought that if you met your friends again, you'd feel good
Maybe, it would bring back this smile
Why are you spying?
I want to see you happy
By going through my things?
Stop it! What's come over you?
Look at yourself! What you were, what you've become?
In ten years, people change
I'm not the Aditya you see in these pictures
You're right... the man in these pictures is happy
I'm happy even today
What is wrong with you?
If you're happy, then why don't I feel it?
Why does it feel like you're living a mechanical life?
Now you have a problem with my life?
Not I. You have a problem with your life
That's why you keep me at a distance
Let me in, Aditya
Why do you feel so bad about me seeing these pictures?
I think you're over-reacting
These pictures mean nothing
Then why have you kept them so carefully?
You could have thrown them away or burnt them
Is that it?
Destroy them. Makes no difference to me
I cut these ties a long time ago
Maybe you lost a lot when you cut these ties?
Have you thought of that? - What have I lost?
Only you know that
If something's disturbing you...
Damn it, Sakshi! Think what you want
Ten years ago, I chose this life
Yes, I made some compromises... but who doesn't?
Am I one of the compromises in your life?
Is our marriage also a compromise?
That's not what I meant... - That's exactly what it is, Aditya
Don't you see, you're angry with yourself
And your anger is hurting our relationship
I want to be a part of your life
But how is it possible when you're living only half a life!
I see
And to make my life complete, you invited them here?
I made a mistake
I thought you'd be happy to meet your friends
And then I was going to tell you that you're going to be a father
Yes Aditya. But what a pity...
Now I don't even know, if hearing this makes you happy or not
"I'm going to Mum's house. "
"I need time to think. "
Hello, Nana
I knew I'd find you here
Why didn't you come yesterday?
You know why
No Joe, I don't know
Look, whatever happened ten years ago affected all our lives
The difference is, KD and I accepted it
But you couldn't
And guess what, nor has Aditya
Success, failure... these things come and go
We got together to fulfill our dream, our passion to create music
But you forgot that
Being successful was most important for you
Isn't success important?
Don't you see that your success lay in Magik's success?
Lmagine, where we'd all be today if all that hadn't happened
What do you want from me?
What can I do now?
We're meeting today. One o'clock, at Uncle Khursheed's cafe
Life doesn't give everyone a second chance
One o'clock. See you there
Clean up table number two. - All right
Uncle Khursheed...
Recognise me?
One tea, please
Dilip, one tea
Thank you
Did Adi have to be late today of all days?
Sorry I'm late, guys
Come on... only two minutes left
Breathe, man
Don't forget to tell them about Debbie
Don't forget man, it's really important
I won't forget, Joe
Please! Don't make me more nervous. Come on
So how do you feel?
We're confident. Just show us the way to the recording studio
We won't let you down
Look kids... just recording the music doesn't make it a hit
Musicmust cater to publictaste
But... you liked our music, didn't you?
It's good...
But could be better... much, much, much better
Apopular number
I'll get it from you, of course
October to January is the wedding season, right?
Let's take a hit wedding song...
and do a rock remix
a wedding remix in a rock album...?
Why... is it against the law to do that?
Everything goes
The main thing is, the album should be a hit
We'll take the slow song out... it won't work
You know, the one which goes, "If you're there, I'm here or not here... "
It's the only soft, romantic ballad that gives our album some depth
Nowadays this doesn't sell, kid
Tempo... give me tempo
Today's youth want songs with tempo, bubbly stuff
If you agree with what I'm saying...
here's the contract
You see boys...
in life, one needs to make some compromises
Seven out of eight songs are of your choice
And one...
that I want
Besides, there's no dearth of talent in the market
Well done. Congratulations
Another thing. We have a friend, Debbie. She does costumes and styling
We were hoping, you could use her for our music video
Relax! Now you're the responsibility of this company
Forget all these people
At least meet her once
You get to work in the recording studio and let us do our work
I feel terrible about Joe's song being rejected
It's not just about my song
We're a band
It's our debut album
To push a stupid remix into it... I think we're making a very big compromise
In that case, we shouldn't have signed
But now that we have, there's really no point in talking about it
He's right, Joe
If we hadn't done it, someone else would have
I'm so sorry about your song, Joe. - No. I'm sorry, Debbie
They won't let you do the styling
They say, they already have someone
But they haven't even seen her work!
Come on, guys
Seven out of eight songs selected. It's not that bad
Unfortunately, we need them now
Once this album is a hit, we'll be free to do whatever we want
You're about to record your first album. What more do we want?
Yeah, I guess so
Cut... cut
Sweetheart, it leaves me cold
Do something, darling
So why don't you tell me what to play. I'll do as you say
Go on
Joe... just do your thing ... just play your solo
Yeah, sure
Mr Sukhani...
have you worked on a lot of albums?
Boss, I tell you...
the Subhash Ghai film Karz, starring Rishi Kapoor...
Track in... track in
All of you, out
Now, Aditya's close ups
Your shot's done? But you just went in...
Aditya's close ups again
God, this is really boring
We look like clowns in these clothes. Why couldn't they let you style us?
And this director... keeps asking me to jump
If I keep jumping, when will I play the keyboards?
Aditya, take a break. - Okay
What's the matter?
You'd see what the matter is Aditya...
if you'd only take off your rockstar shades
What... maybe you didn't notice? The director's focusing only on you
The three of us are in the background, like sidekicks
Joe, relax
That too in these costumes. Do we look like a rock band?
Do you think I'm happy in these clothes?
Drop it, Joe
Aditya is our lead singer he has to be the focus
Please, Rob!
Whatever's happening here, isn't right
No one takes over in Magik! Remember? Your words
One chance at getting famous and you forget all your principles
Relax guys, relax. Please relax
Let's talk in the make-up room. Come on, please
I don't believe this
You think I knew this would happen when we signed the contract?
But I'm a professional, Joe. Maybe you should try to be one
Don't give me that professional shit, Aditya
You've sold out
That director was treating us so badly. Did you stop him even once?
Hello... what's going on here?
This studio doesn't come for free
We need a short break. We've got something to discuss
Discussions later, darling. The shoot is held up
Come on guys. - Please go away
I said, please go away
Keep this attitude of yours at home
You signed a contract, you'll do as I say
Got it? Come on, darling
Joe! Have you gone mad?
Joe! What the hell is wrong with you?
Blood! It's blood!
Get lost! I don't want to know!
Damn your album!
Magik is finished! Pack up!
I'll make sure you're finished!
I am Sukhani!
To hell with your contract...
I quit
Wow, man
After all these years...
nothing's changed here. - It's been a long time
You're here after ages!
All okay? - Fine, Uncle Khursheed. How are you?
I'm great, perfect
Atea, please. - Sure
What a sharp memory. So long, and he still hasn't forgotten
It's the guitar. You carry it everywhere
So it stays in the mind
Are they coming?
Bloody hell, man
Hello, guys
Your jeep is still alive? - Of course. Together, in life and death!
Oh god, please
Was that too much?
When did you get here? - Ten minutes ago
Where's Adi? Should I call him?
No, KD
He'll come if he wants to
I don't really understand what happened
Everything was perfect and then suddenly, it just all went wrong?
Perhaps you never noticed that something was troubling her?
Notice what?
What does she have to complain about me?
For four years, we've shared everything ... what more can I do?
Please don't mind, Aditya...
You may have been sharing a home
But you aren't sharing your lives
Sakshi still feels that you're a stranger about whom she knows nothing
And her feelings got stronger when she discovered those photographs
Damn those photos and damn that band
It's been ten years
When will it stop chasing me?
When you stop running
I guess we should go
Did you really think he'd come?
Shall we try something?
Shall we begin?
One of my laundry bills...
An unflnished novel...
Agirl's phone number... A useful piece of paper...
In my deck,
a king of hearts
And one of my silver rings... When I... this last...
The right pitch is two notes higher
Is that so?
Why don't you show us?
One of my laundry bills...
An unflnished novel...
Agirl's phone number... A useful piece of paper...
In my deck, a king of hearts...
And one of my silver rings...
When I look at what I lost this last week
Somedays I laughed at myself and somedays I cried
Happy birthday, Adi
Thanks, Joe
Sorry, I couldn't make it to your party last night
Better late than never
Let's not get too sentimental
Let's make some musicnow?
But not here. Look at the state of this place
It's boiling in here
Too used to airconditioning now?
You've lost your hair, what difference will it make to you?
let's go to my place
Are you sure?
Anyone coming to help? I'm not twenty five any more
Okay, Uncle
We are not at home. Please leave a message
Sakshi, hi... Aditya... again
You were right, I am upset with life
But if you're going to ignore me like this, my relationship with life will only get worse
You were right. I've been living only half a life
But if you leave like this, even that half-a-life will be no more
Yes you're right, I keep you at a distance
But today the distance is so wide that...
I'm talking to your answering machine and not to you
I never thought this would happen
Please come home, Sakshi
I love you... miss you
Good afternoon, sir
How are you, Bahadur? - Fine, sir
Put it down here
Namdeo, get the extension board as well
Adi... here?
I mean, everything looks so perfect here
Adi, are you allowed?
KD... this is my home
Come on, give me a hand
Welcome back, Mrs Shroff
Thank you for coming to Magik Re-united's first concert
On lead guitar, we have Joe. Nowadays, he attends very few parties
On keyboard, we have Rob and KD on... vase
Down there... - Okay
Our conversations... I wish, they go on forever
Our sweet meetings... I hope, they go on forever
Of course, but we never finished composing it. Let's try?
One moment... Rob
Yes? - Hi
Remember Sindbad the Sailor? - Yes
In conversations,
we'll flnd new words of love
Then, with those words...
we'll write a song
A song...
that fllls hearts... all hearts...
with love
Let our words...
become songs
And let the words...
melt into tunes
Like hello, like hi, Rob!
I didn't know you had so much hidden talent
Thank you, Anu ji
There's a hotshot producer here. Meet him today
Sorry, not today. Some other time
I have to leave, it's urgent
Are you sure? - Yes
To turn sorrow into joy,
sing that song of love
And anyone who hears our song will say...
Sing again
Our conversations...
I wish, they go on forever
Our sweet meetings
I hope, they go on forever
For all our days and nights... forever
In conversations,
we'll flnd new words of love
Then, with those words...
we'll write a song
A song...
that fllls hearts...
all hearts...
with love
Let our words...
become songs
And let words...
in our conversations...
melt into tunes
Here. That settles your account
Where are you going? You have to pick up Andrew from school
Will you pick him up today, please?
What's happening? You've been staying out all day
I was...
going to the studio... I might land some work
Purple Haze, in Bandra. Rob has fixed some meetings
Oh... oh really?
You keep saying that I ought to look for work
So, in the past few weeks I've been doing the rounds of studios
Okay... fine
Okay... bye
I'm on, Rob
Hi guys... - Hey, Joe
Hi Joe! Look, channel V's talent hunt is up next month, on the 24th
Winners get an album contract
What do you say? Should we enter?
One minute
Jamming indoors is one thing, performing on stage is quite another
After all these years, can we perform on stage?
Why not?
What's time got to do with rock and roll?
KD, I know you so well. You'll do all this, just to impress girls
Sakshi, if it impresses your friend Devika...
I have no problem
I'll see to it your message reaches her
Seriously guys, are we taking part in this contest?
I don't know, man
But I do
Yes, Joe
This is my last chance
And I don't want to throw it away
Just think, it's not as if we have to prove anything to the world
If we do this, it's only for ourselves...
to finish the journey we began ten years ago
For Magik?
For Magik
Wow! When is the contest? Can I come?
I haven't told Mummy about it yet
I want to give her a surprise...
So keep it...
I love you champ, you're a rockstar
Goodnight, champ
Goodnight, Nana
Goodnight, Joe
Debbie... - One second
I've something to tell you...
Okay, great. Joe's here too. I'll talk to him and call you back
Thanks a lot... really. Bye
That was Sandra. Remember her?
Her husband Pete is a chef on the Blue Line Cruise
His ship is on a six month voyage, round-the-world
They need musicians. The money is very good
Pete has already spoken for you. Just contact them
So you've planned to exile me?
Stop joking! Where will you find a better offer?
Just imagine, you get to travel the world
The company provides bed and board. All you have to do is play the guitar
And make money
When is it sailing?
On the 24th of next month, I think
Yes, I think so. But before that you have to do an audition
Joe, come on. They don't know how well you play the guitar
I'm telling you, when they hear you, they'll love it
Yeah... - You'll get the job really easily
Adi... come, let's eat. - Yeah... guys, let's eat
We still have our magictouch
Steaming hot
That song sounds definitely better. - But it can become...
"Much, much, much better"
Which reminds me... are we going to Channel Vtomorrow?
What time? - Four thirty
But don't worry. This time, we just fill up some forms
Rob, you okay?
Aslight headache. It's okay
Should I get you something?
No thanks. I took pills in the morning
Pills... what are your plans after the rehearsal?
Sir, Magik is here to meet you
Yeah, send them in
Magik, huh?
I heard you guys broke up?
Guess, I was wrong
Yes, you were
Actually, we were on a break
But now, we're back
Please sit down
Getting to see you up on stage will be pretty cool
And just look at your luck
This time, there's no competition
Especially since Chakravyuh has stopped performing
You're the lucky one
You lost then and this time, you wouldn't stand a chance
Well, you can't win everything in life
Anyway, the channel is hosting a party tomorrow night for the contestants
If you guys are free, why don't you come?
I'm getting tired of being a culture bandit
and oh... it's funny and sick recalling all the ways
How's the baby doing, Sakshi?
I would paint my face
Yesterday, we went for the sonography
It's beautiful. - Yes, it's a great feeling
KD, where's Rob?
He should be here anytime
Hi, everyone
Hi, Devika
Looking good, KD
And you always look great, Devika
Aditya, can I borrow her for a second please?
Of course
I'll see you later...?
What...? - What's wrong with you, dude?
Very romantic. - Of course, man
Get some water. Fast. - Water, please
Adi... Adi...
"Tanya, after what happened today, it's best that I leave. "
"When I'll meet you again, I can't say. "
Oh my god!
Hey Tanya...
Look at you!
What are you doing here?
The last time we met... was... - Ages
Hi, Joe
Good to see you
How's Debbie?
She's fine
You look great. - Thank you
Hey, glad you guys could make it
So you met my wife?
Of course, you know each other
I'm sure, you've a lot to catch up
You're okay?
Got to get myself a drink. Excuse me
I don't believe this
Remember, he and Joe scrapped...
KD, shut up. - Oh, of course
We were so immature
Back then, even I thought Ajay was a little weird
But after we became friends, I got to know he's a nice guy
And I'm happy to be with him
I need a drink, man. KD... drink?
You need something? - No, thank you
We'll see you soon. - Yeah
Looking great. - Thanks, KD
Hey Tanya
Tanya, I'm sorry, for leaving the way I did
I found your note
I knew then, you weren't coming back
Then, you knew more about me than I did
Let bygones be bygones
But at least, you've got a second chance, to perform with Magik
Life's rarely this generous with everyone
That's true
You know, I had put all that musicbehind me
But because of my wife Sakshi, it's happening all over again
That's her... Sakshi
Tanya, a very old friend of mine
I wanted to thank you
If I hadn't seen your photographs, I'd have never known Aditya had a band
First, I was afraid I was petrifled
Kept thinking, I could never live without you by my side
Save the guests I am coming
But I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong
I grew strong I learnt how to carry on
And so you're back
From outer space
I just walked in to flnd you here with that sad look upon your face
I should've changed my stupid lock I should've made you leave your key
If I'd known for just one second you'd be back to bother me
Go on now, go...
walk out the door
Just turn around now 'cause you're not welcome anymore
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye
You think I'd crumble, you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I, I will survive
As long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live I've got all my love to give
And I'll survive, I will survive
Hey, hey
KD... I don't know these songs
You have to sing
KD... I only know Hindi songs
Come on
Strange story it has been
Where it began Where will it all end
What destinies await us
Neither he knows, nor I
Strange story it has been,
Where it began Where will it all end
What destinies await us
Neither he knows, nor I
Why does smoke...
obscure the lamplight?
In my dreams...
I have woken up from my dream
Talk to him... - But Rob isn't taking my call
He must be busy. - But he would answer...
Let's go to his place
No way, KD
Adi, talk to him. - KD...
It's on our way back, let's go there
No... no way
I'll drop you to the car
I'll see you outside
Yes, but please come back. - Yeah
See you, girls
Hey KD...
Rob, KD can't live without you
Hey Rob
Holy shit! Rob!
Guys... Adi...
Hang in there
You'll be fine, hang in there
Adi, take the next right
So what if it's a No Entry? He's passing out
Rob, look at me, man... Rob
Just hang on... hang on... we're reaching the hospital
You'll be fine, you're going to make it
You see this?
I'm sorry,
but your friend has a grade Four brain tumour
Have you told Rob... that he has brain tumour?
He knows
He tells me he's had some chemotherapy sessions
And he's taking medication too
Why didn't he tell us?
What good would it do?
You'd re-unite Magik thinking, poor Rob's dying
I didn't want that
If we are to get together again, it has to be because...
we believe in Magik's music and we believe in each other
But you don't believe we're your friends
Isn't that right?
It's not that, KD. This tumour has become a part of my brain
I'm beyond curing. That's a fact
Two days, two months, two years...
How much longer will I live...? I'm sick of thinking about that
Rob... listen to me
Dr Shetty is the country's best neurosurgeon
I'll talk to him
We'll shift you to his personal clinic
You'll be all right. - What the hell are you saying, Aditya?
Our show is on the 24th ... day after tomorrow
Have you gone mad?
Forget the show!
No, Aditya
This show is very important for me, perhaps my last chance
Don't you get it?
Where the hell were you?
You know how worried I've been? What's wrong with you?
After you left, the cruise guys called. Your visa is done
The ship is leaving tomorrow and you're going to be on it
What's the matter, Joe?
Debbie... Rob
And all these days, you were lying to me?
This Magik and all this...
Can't you see there's no future in it?
Whenever it comes to this band, why does your brain switch off, Joe?
I don't care
You're going on that cruise and that's final
Debbie, please
I've got another chance to do what I've always wanted to...
I don't know how to do anything else
And now Rob... - Stop it Joe
Agreed, what happened to Rob is terrible
But don't you see that your wife has been dying a slow death for ten years?
And Andy...
have you ever considered his future?
In life, you've got to make compromises
I wanted to become a fashion designer
Now look at me
I'm working your goddamned family fish-business
And what of Magik? You want to be a rock star at your age?
Use your head, Joe
Have you learnt nothing in ten years? You're ready to trust the same man again
These are the dresses you asked for
We really didn't have it in your palette, so I got you this
I want to see the red one
Would you like to try it on? - Sure
Ms Debbie is here to meet sir
Ask her to sit down. I'm coming
Hi Debbie
Such a pleasure to meet you
You know, I've met your son Andrew
Oh... it's showing
Yes, there's a glow on your face
Is Aditya in? - Please sit in the study
I'll call him
Debbie...? Hi
I've been asking Joe about you for ages
Will you have a drink?
How've you been?
Not okay
But... you seem to be doing fine, like always
I'm sorry...?
Some people have all the luck, they get whatever they want
Like you
You were a hero in college, the creative rebel
And now, a successful businessman
Pretty wife
And soon, a father
Everything a man can ask for...
I can't tell if you're complimenting me or not
I'm just speaking the truth
Or you can take it this way...
I'm pointing out what sets you apart from Joe
Joe... Joe isn't lucky like you, Aditya
He's fought against life at every step
And such was his luck...
most often, he failed
Please, stop showing him these new dreams
Because when these dreams shatter, the shards will wound my life... Andrew's life
What are you trying to say?
If Joe goes for the show tomorrow, he'll lose a very good job
Just let him go, Aditya. Please
He still has fever, 102 degrees
I'm fine doctor
The fever will vanish the moment I get out of here
Rob, please be serious
They don't become doctors overnight
Listen to him. You need to rest
What if something happens on the stage?
Guys, if you think so negatively, I'll definitely collapse
tomorrow, we'll be on stage, there'll be lights, a huge audience
There'll be music,
in its every beat and every note, there will be life
I want to live one night to the fullest before I die
Don't give up on me!
Okay, relax now
You should save your energy for tomorrow
I'm sorry, guys
But if I have to go, then why not with a bang
You're right
My eyes speak of bright stars,
colourful places
and open meadows
My thoughts speak of dancing shores,
where I stand alone, waiting for you
My dreams feel just like heaven
I'm just a traveller passing through
My eyes speak of bright stars,
colourful places
and open meadows
My thoughts speak of dancing shores,
where I stand alone, waiting for you
My dreams feel just like heaven,
I'm just a traveller passing through
Thank you very much, sister. See you doctor... bye
You're welcome
Don't let this moment pass us by...
as we talk
Tonight's the night!
Where's Sakshi? - She's watching the concert with Devika
Checking out the competition? - Yeah
fully unzipped
Saying hear I am
take a look at it
I'm getting tired of being a culture bandit
and oh...
it's funny and sick,
recalling all the ways...
I would paint my face
Saying, please come take me oh I'm worthy please
I believe,
I'll receive love
but 'til then I'm my own biggest fan
You guys are on in five minutes
Where the hell is Joe, man?
KD... - Yes?
I don't think Joe'll turn up
What do you mean?
Debbie came to see me last night
She said...
Joe's got a job on some ship and he's leaving
I was still hopeful that he'd turn up
Even after a decade, Magik is still stuck in the same rut
I'm so sorry, Rob
You know what...
We always get caught in this big ego clash...
between you and Joe
You the only ones with personal problems? What about us?
Forget it
That's the problem, I can't let go!
Aditya and Joe may be able to
We can't go on stage without Joe
Why not? If it's vital for Joe to be on that ship, it's vital for me to be on stage
And no one can stop me!
Even if I have to play the drums for twenty minutes on my own, I'll still go!
And you guys decide if you're with me
Wow, that was fantastic! Are you guys having fun?
We have to reach the airport in fifteen minutes
For the flrst time in ten years, here is Magik
Andy, turn around
It's been ten years since Magik performed
But the wait isn't over yet
This song is his and this is for him, the one who couldn't be here today
With you beside me,
my heart sings a song
Without you,
my music is gone
If I have you with me,
I have everything
If you're gone,
there's not a thing
To have you with me,
is to live a wonderful dream
When you're around,
it feels like...
I've found every joy
When you're gone,
happiness doesn't satisfy me
It's my life that's asking,
for you
Papa, go!
When you're with me,
I can flnd my way
When you're gone,
there is no path
When you're here,
there is everything
Without you,
who's left?
If you're with me,
every moment is bliss
When you're with me,
I feel even the breeze has the colour of love
When you're gone,
life is without spirit
When I found you,
I found life
Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome, on lead guitar,
my friend, my brother, Joseph Mascarenhas
Sinbad the sailor, sailed away one day
listen up my friends
Looking for a new world
in his own way
He sailed into uncharted seas
He was at the mercy of the waves
He was warned not to go to sea
listen up my friends
Warned that it wasn't such a good dream to see
listen up my friends
He was rapt in his own dreams
And he listened only to his heart
For the only thing he owned, was a dream of his own,
that dream of Sinbad the sailor
For the only thing he owned, was a dream of his own,
that dream of Sinbad the sailor
A typhoon struck his boat once
listen up my friends
But he kept his zeal afloat
listen up my friends
He was such a devotee
A dream-walker, that's what he was
For the only thing he owned, was a dream of his own,
that dream of Sinbad the sailor
For the only thing he owned, was a dream of his own,
that dream of Sinbad the sailor
Thirsting for a dream
He kept right on his path
The oceans were deep and the waves tall,
listen up my friends
Where the largest ships sit uneasy,
listen up my friends
But he reached the shore one day
He flnally reached his destiny
For the only thing he owned, was a dream of his own,
that dream of Sinbad the sailor
With you beside me,
my heart sings a song
Without you,
my music is gone
If I have you with me,
I have everything
If you're gone,
there's not a thing
To have you with me,
is to live
a wonderful dream
When you're around, it feels like I've found every joy
When you're gone, happiness doesn't satisfy me
It's my life that's asking...
for you
When someone has a dream in his eyes, happiness is a joy in chasing that dream
Just for once make a wish from life, then you see
When someone has a song on his lips,
even a loss seems like a dream
The song in your heart...
sing it out, just for once...
then you see