Tutoriel : débutants en one stroke, apprendre le bon geste nail art

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 16.02.2012

I will show you in this video how to make a one stroke.
And will show you how to make a gradient with acrylic paint.
And understand the basics to realize a one stroke.
Here it is…I hope that this video will be useful to you.
So, to make a one stroke, You will need acrylic paint.
I’m using acrylic paint from LM Cosmetic shop.
It’s very liquid but covers the entire surface pretty well so it’s convenient.
To make a one stroke, we will need two different colors.
We will need a soft square brush or a beveled brush
That we will dip in water.
Then we dry it with paper.
shape it with your fingers.
I dip one side of the brush in one color and the next side in the other color.
I make the gradient on my palette to merge the colors and to remove the excess paint.
I can now make the one stroke.
I show you once more. It is important to do it first on your palette.
Now, let me show you how to make a simple petal.
With my brush, I go upward.
Then I make a U-turn and I go down.
As you can see, I go up, make the U-turn and go down.
It can be done with other colors.
You can also make different styles rather than half of each color.
For exemple, one third of a color and two third of the other.
One third of blue and two thirds of red to have a different effect.
The method is the same as I’ve shown you earlier.
Now I invert the colors, I make two third of blue.
You can also make little waves with your brush.
You need to apply several coats on the paint. It takes some times.
We can also draw the petals one over the other, like this.
You don’t have to separate them every time.
Let me show you now how it looks on a nail.
I proceed like I’ve shown you.
Then if you have a hole in the middle, fill it with pink paint.
Don’t paste your design at the side of your nail or else you won’t see it from the front.
Let’s see another effect now.
I won’t have to go up and down several times.
I only make some small bridges, like a cloud.
And there you go you have a different style!
And now the third style, the one I’ve shown you earlier.
I make the petal one on the other.
I try to paint the beginning and not the end since I will draw the next petal over it.
That’s it for the one stroke method.
Here’s the nail art I end up with on my nails.
You can watch all the tutorials in the one stroke nail art kit on the LM Cosmetic website.
I hope you enjoyed this video and that it’s been useful to you.
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