Alejandro & Diego - 031 (English Subs)

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Today I was about to take my life away. But thanks to someone...
I understood that the war against your bullies ends the moment you accept yourself for who you are.
Because you succeed in being at peace with yourself; instead of worrying when they laugh at us...
Because we're different. Let's laugh at them because they are all the same.
Hi. My name is Alejandro, and I'm proud to be gay.
I have one more strike left.
This could have been a tragedy for me.
Where is my cell phone, mom?
How is Leonardo?
What did you do to my son?
What did you do to my son!?
Because of your son's fault, a girl who's a minor almost died in my house.
He saved that girl's life. -And he ruined mine! I had to pay bail to get out of jail!
And now they are going to investigate all my copanies' funds. And you don't know what that means to me!
Where are you going? -Dad, let her go!
You checked, did you check my phone? -Stop, stop, Gonzalo stop! Son calm down, please.
If you hit Bob, he'll call the police. And from there, everything will go to hell.
He said he knows where you got the money. -Oh yeah? Where from? Are you going to call me a thieve now?
Enough! Stay calm.
Bob! Bob! Enough! -What did he say?
That you have to look for decent job to pay rent. Son, what do you have in that cell phone?
If Bob finds out about your thing with the drugs, I don't know what we're going to do.
Sebas is going to get very jealous when he sees you with Diego. -Ugh, I know. But you know, there's an advantage.
We don't have to be fighting over Sebas anymore. I give him to you. Everything and all of him.
Oh but yeah. One thing, you better not crave my Barón man. Because apparently you and I have the same taste, friend.
What? No way! I don't get what you see in him. He's just another gorilla like Gonzalo and Máximo.
Just another bully.
Read them.
Positive? Dad, this can't be. Dad hear me out. Hear me out. I DID go to that party. But I didn't do any drugs. I swear.
I swear. -Look. MDMA. That's ecstasy, Diego! Ecstasy!
A minimal dose. But it's there. -The drinks. It was the drinks. Something was in it. Dad, It was spiked.
It was- -From now on I'm going to do unexpected urine-tests.
I don't want you to do drugs, or be drugged like girls. I already told you. In my house I don't want thieves, homosexuals or drug addicts.
Mom, till when are we going to let dad treat us like this?
Son, Andres is not a bad man. What happens is that he is under pressure. I hear him talk, his business have him stressed out.
We depend on him.
At least we don't lack anything. -No. All that's left is for him to kill us.
Unless I kill him first.
What was Bob showing you in your cell phone?
Fuckin' Alejandro. You're going to pay for it.
Gonzalo. This was in your backpack when you fainted. (phone): SENT
Where are the pills that were here, huh? -What do you think? I flushed them.
If Bob finds out he'll kill you, and if the DA had found those here you would get arrested.
Those pills weren't drugs, ma! -SHHHHHH!!
They were pills to help me concentrate. -I don't want any more drugs in this house. Did you understand?
Gonzalo, you have a 7 year old sister. By any chance do you remember what happened last time?
Gonzalo is an asshole. -They took me that picture to send to all Cervantes.
Well, and what are we going to do? -Well, what can we do? Nothing.
And what's up with you, Max? Dude, it's not like we're in a cold front. It's going to be 80°F / 26.7°C today, man.
Let's see, are you a fashionista or did you catch Alejandro's gayness? huh?
No, calm down. What the matter with you?
Wow Ale! You look so handsome! And look, you're wearing my bracelets for the first time.
That's how it's done Ale, my friend. With your head held high. -Thank you, girls.
Diego, I wanted to thank you for all you did for me. -And what's the matter with you, Alejandrita?
I am no pansy, go it? Faggot! Go away!
You owe me $150 / €115. -For what?
I had to clean the disasterfrom your house.
But I'm no opportunist... -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nora, I heard something. What do you have with Diego? -Sebas, seriously? You're making a scene?
There's nothing between you and me. We both clearly said I was Rodrigo's girlfriend. And we have to respect that.
I want to tell you something. 'Cause Gonzalo and Máximo are so homophobic, they had to hire a dirtbag called Javier...
To take me the pictures they sent you yesterday.
I know, Cassius. This high school phase is just a little piece of our lives. When we get older, everything gets better.
And besides, I'm tired of hiding who I am.
Sit down, 'kay?
And you two... Do you believe in miracles?
Well start asking for one, because if I get elected principal, I'm going to become your life's worst nightmare.