Microsoft Excel Help : Using Excel Visual Basic for Applications

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.12.2008

Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Office Products and I am in no
way, shape or form affiliated with Microsoft Office or Microsoft. The question has been
asked, how in the world do you use Visual Basic in Excel? First off you got to open
up a worksheet and you click on tools and you click on macro. Then you can click on
Visual Basic editor, and what that will do, it will open up a Microsoft Visual Basic book.
And as you can see, for this particular object, the sheet that we're on, you see each sheet
is differentiated between, and then you got a section for the workbook. So whatever you're
clicking on, say if I'm on this workbook, whatever code I write would apply to the entire
workbook, okay. But if I want to do code just for an individual sheet, I would have to click
on that sheet. Click on view and you can either do it by viewing object or viewing code. I
personally like to view the object first, this is my object. Then I want to be able
to see my other tool bars. And in order to do that you would click on the down arrow
for it and click on the Visual Basic tool bar. And click close. And then I can jump
back and forth between my editor. And my notebook. And then if I want to I can go ahead and write
code. And it opens up a area for me to actually create code in.