Justin Bieber Interview On French TV + ENGLISH SUBTITLES [Sept à Huit]

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If you have a young daughter, she may scream a little bit because I'm gonna say.. Justin Bieber.
If that didn't work, that's because she hides her obsession for him, of course.
*introduces Justin*
I was like 12-13 years old and I wanted to join a singing contest,
my mom said "OK but if you lose, I'm scared you might be disappointed."
I was like "No, it's okay, don't worry." I participated to the contest and lost.
My mom posted the videos on the internet because she wanted to show them to my friends and family who would watch them online.
However, there were a lot of views so we posted more videos and that's basically how it all started.
Your mom is single, she was 18 when she had you and
you once said you both were living in poverty, is it right?
Yes, it's true I didn't grow up with a lot of money
but I wouldn't say we were poor, I just didn't grow up as privileged as most of my friends.
There are couple times we had to save money and had to share our food at the restaurant
but at the end of the day, that's what made who I am now.
Given the Forbes Magazine, last year you earned 55 million dollars.
You weren't so rich before your career, how do you deal with this incredible wealth?
For me, money is just a kind of bonus. I don't do music for that, I do my job because I love it,
I love singing, being on stage and I feel like I was born to do that.
You're a teenager underlight, how do you deal with it?
when cameras all over the world are focused on you?
It is hard to grow up underlights; everyone's watching you,
everyone cares about each of your moves and mistakes,
it's hard because there's always a camera pointing at me and I always have to be appropriate.
When we watch some videos of your life, like when you get out of your hotel,
you're surrounded by bodyguards that protect you and
we may think you're not living a dream but rather a hell, your childhood, your teen years might be stolen.
Huh no, not at all.
I don't see it as I gave up my childhood neither stolen.
I started to make music when I was 13 and I was a regular kid until then.
I used to go to middle school etc. and when I was 14, things started to change.
It's actually when I was 15, when my 1st single "One Time" came out....
-I was 15, right?-
...yeah that's it, I was 15.
You have 2,7 billion views on Youtube, 22 million followers on Twitter..
Yeah that's crazy, it's a miracle.
Sometimes people compare Bieber Mania (Bieber Fever) to Beatles Mania,
a kind of hysterical madness that surrounds you, last week in Oslo, you had to (?) (I don't even get what the dude's saying LOL)..
you also had to cancel some concert in Australia, Israel, it was complicated, how do you live it?
Well yes it's complicated and hard, especially when I move from a place to another one
with all the fans behind me but it's also cheering me up a lot.
In front of this "hysteria", how do you do with this violence that's constantly harassing you?
What would harass me? - The hysteria, the..
No no no, my fans aren't violent, they are really sweet!
In number they can be a lot but they're never violent.
Even when you go out there are always like 50 people around you
including bodyguards protecting you, right?
It is true that whenever I go on tour or anywhere for a "promo" there are a bunch of people around me
but when I'm just going out, there aren't that many people.
There are some rumors saying you punched a paparazzi last week, is that true?
No it's not true.
At the end of the day, paparazzis that have been following you can be rude but you just have to stay cool.
People say police wants to hear about it.
That's crazy.
Are there some days you just want to have privacy, don't you dream to,
like, eat a sandwich on a terrace in Paris without creating a huge riot?
No, no.. I mean, I would have never been in this position if I didn't have this career,
I could have never come here, to Paris so no, not really.
How do you explain this universal obsession that you created, don't you ever wonder,
while brushing your teeth at nights, "why are they all into me?"
It doesn't get to me, no, it's just crazy to have so many fans that support me,
it's crazy but right now, all I care about is to be the best I can be and do everything to,
I go on rehearsals and train everyday, go on tour all around the world with this only goal: be the best.
Girls, mainly young girls adore you. Whenever you see that your haircut becomes the topic of conversations of the entire world,
do you think it's crazy or funny?
No I think it's flattering how some people want to have the same haircut as mine and want to look like me,
I'm definitly flattered, I mean, thank you,.. thank you!
Last question, for your fans can you say few french words to them since you can speak french?
Je peux parler un petit peu de français.
Je t'aime beaucoup..tous les fans..correct?
Vous êtes très belles... right?
Vous êtes très belle mademoiselle!
That's my french and rhyme.
Thank you.