TGF2 - Making your own game tutorial

Uploaded by 3kliksphilip on 01.08.2011

In this tutorial, I'm going to be making this game that you see here. In further tutorials,
I'm going to build on this game until it's fairly decent. Have fun!
[Installing TGF2]
Now first of all, download and install The Games Factory 2 New Grounds Edition Setup...
file. I'll do this right now.
Once it's done, load up The Games Factory 2.
[Making the game]
Now, let's make the game. Go up to File, click New. Make this fullscreen. This shows all
of the levels in your game. Currently, you only have one. And it's empty. Double click
on it. This is your level. It's empty. Let's make some things. Right click on the screen,
and choose 'Insert Object'. Choose 'Active'. That's all we need at the moment. Now, this
one's going to be your character. So double-click on it to get this screen up, and then just
draw it however you want. I'll be going into this in more detail in another tutorial. Click
Okay when you're happy. That's your character. Now we're going to make the enemy. Right-click
on the screen, Insert Object, Active. Double click on it, and... make it red. Because,
clearly, red things are evil. Now we're going to make a bullet. To do that, right-click
on the screen, Insert Object, Active. Click on the level to make it, double click on it.
We're going to make this YELLOW because bullets are YELLOW. There. Next, we're going to make
it so that your person can run around the screen. To do this, select your person, and
in this properties thing, click the movement tab. In the type, choose... 8 directions.
Now, you can play the game whenever you want by pressing F7. Or F8 for the entire game.
But... F7 for now. Now, you can move your character around the screen using the arrow
buttons. Next, let's make the enemy run around the screen. To do this, select the enemy,
go to the movement tab and choose... bouncing ball movement. Play the game again, OH. Okay,
we need to stop him from running off the side of the screen. To do this, we need to make
our first bit of coding. And when I say 'coding', I mean... this. Choose the Event Editor button
at the top of the screen and make a new condition. To do this, right click, choose the enemy
character, positition, test position of active 2, and tick all of the arrows that indiciate
that it's leaving the frame area. Once you've done that, click okay, go across to where
the enemy is in that event, right click, movement, bounce. Let's play the game again. YES, we
have a very intelligent enemy. Next, let's make it so that our character can fire bullets
at the enemy. To do this, make another event. Right click on new condition, choose this
icon, the keyboard, upon pressing the key, spacebar. There are other ways of doing it,
but this way's simple enough. Go across to where your character is, right click, launch
an object. Because he wants to shoot a bullet. Choose a bullet. And that's fine. Let's play
the game again. You can now fire out bullets, but it doesn't do anything when it hits the
enemy. To make it so that it destroys the enemy, we need to make a third event. Right-click
on 'New Condition', bullet, right click on that, collisions, another object, enemy, destroy
the enemy. And the bullet. Let's try again. Yeah! You now have your first game. Well done.
Let's just add some more enemies into it so that it's more fun. And delete the bullet,
because it's no longer needed on this frame since it's already spawned in the events.
Ignore everything I just said. Press F7 to play the game. Oh brilliant! Yeah!!! Now,
should you want to, you can now save the game by going up to FILE, SAVE AS... and by calling
it something. If you want to make it into a format that can be uploaded to newgrounds,
which is the only thing you can do with The Games Factory 2 Newgrounds Edition, go up
to File, Build, Application. Save. You should now find the file, wherever you saved it,
you can now upload that file to newgrounds, and everyone will play your game. But don't
do it! It's REALLY bad at the moment. Wait until the game's better. PLEASE. I hope this
helps, watch more tutorials to find out how to make this game into a much better one.
Have fun.