Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Supplies

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

I enjoy taking everyday items that you find around the home and turn them in to fun, whimsical
and even beautiful items. We're taking an ordinary wooden spoon and turn it into all
these different things that you can use in your own home or give as crafts. To make all
of these different things out of a wooden spoon, you will need a variety of supplies.
So we're going to show you all the different supplies you would need to make each one of
these items we have displayed. First of all, of course, you will need wooden spoons. You'll
need a variety of wooden spoons from ones with a round bowl, to ones with a flat top,
to spaghetti spoons and forks. Of course, after your wooden spoons, you are going to
need things to embellish them to make them different. Some of the, these are all the
things you'll need to make everything we have displayed. You'll need some kind of oak board
or tag board and some little flags for it. Some kind of material. You'll need a variety
of clay pots in different sizes. You're going to need something to use as a paint pallet.
You'll used different kinds of paint brushes. You'll need some kind of a marker. This one
has a very sharp point. You're going to need a pencil, pieces of cardboard. You're going
to need tricolored Rotini and Angel hair pasta. I prefer the wheat just for the looks. You're
going to probably need either some salt dough or a form that goes in to a pot in order to
secure your spoon. One of the spoons, you'll need some potpourri. You're going to need
a variety of ribbons and lace and beads. You're going to need some raffia or perhaps some
yarn and some jute or twine. You're going to need a different type of cruet. You're
going to need some kind of glue. I use all of these kinds of fastening. I used this rolling
glue. I used good ol Elmer's glue. I used tacky glue and I used hot glue. Of course,
if you're going to make this wall hanging that is somewhat of a shadow box or this one,
you're going to need baskets. This one will require or look best in an oval basket and
of course, this one looks good in a rectangular basket with a wire bottom or some other bottom
that you will be able to put wires through in order to attach things to the basket. You
are going to need a drill with a very small bit for one of our items. You will need artificial
flowers, artificial vegetables. You're going to need fabric or felt. A couple of doilies.
Well, actually you'll only need one for the one project you going to make. You're going
to need different sizes of screw eyes, cup hooks or the straight hooks that make an L.
You're going to use different colors of paint. I have the Crayola paint for kids that's washable
and I also have the acrylic paint. It doesn't really matter. For one of our items, you're
going to need strip magnets. You're going to need scissors. I use stickers for mine.
For some of these projects, you're going to need seed packets of vegetables and seed packets
of flowers. You're going to need this wire, this is 22, 28 gage wire. And toothpicks and
skewers. So you will need all these supplies to make all of these items. But as we make
each item, we'll stop and show you the exact supplies that you'll need to make that item
to decorate your home or to use as a gift. And that's what we're going to do with the
plain, ordinary wooden kitchen spoon.