Tujurikkuja 2009 - Eesti Nokia (ENG subtitles)

Uploaded by CatapultFilms on 30.12.2009

Hello, we are back with Estonian Nokia,
where smart and clever Estonian people
introduce their inventions and bright ideas
that can change our lives for the better in one way or another.
Today's guest is Helmet, from the country.
Hello, Helmet. What kind of an exciting invention do you ha-
Hello to all the viewers.
Yes, hello. And what is that interesting thing you have with you,
I can see that you have a bundle on the table here.
Yes, it's in here.
And you think this should become the new Estonian Nokia?
Very interesting, the viewers are probably very excited.
Let's open the bundle...
Oh! I understand this has something to do with eggs.
No, that's it.
What...an egg? A chicken egg?
A chicken egg is the new Estonian Nokia?
No, this is a rooster egg.
A what?
This is a rooster egg.
What rooster... this is a common chicken egg.
No, it's a rooster egg.
I may be from the city - but I can see,
I know what a chicken egg looks like.
No, it's a rooster egg, look.
It's rounder at one end.
A chicken egg IS rounder at one end.
No it isn't. Well, it is,
but a rooster egg is rounder at the other end.
What other end?
A rooster egg is rounder from the pointed end
and pointed at the round end.
What difference does it make which end is rounder?
That's exactly what makes the difference.
Oh really? So...
now it's a chicken egg?
No, now it's a rooster egg that's been turned around.
Listen, did you come here for some kind of a stupid joke?
No, look, I will turn it back and you can see immediately.
No, really, listen, we will move on with our programme...
I can prove it. I can prove it's a rooster egg.
It's a rooster egg because...
…the shell of a rooster egg is made of gold.
Mister Helmet, this egg in front of you right now -
its shell is not made of gold.
Of course!
What do you mean, of course?
You can only see it with special glasses.
And do you have these glasses?
No. - Very well, really!
So... continuing our programme-
I have something else, too. Something better.
And what's this?
It's a box that cannot be opened.
What do you mean, cannot be opened?
It cannot be opened, give it a try.
Oh, it opens on that side.