Survivor Israel VIP S06E09 [w/eng sub]

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Tinium - day 13
[anat] I felt really bad after tribal, it wasn't easy for me.
on the other hand, i feel more secure with Ana and Turgi. this alliance is more than a strategy, it's a friendship.
- we must get ready for Azam coming back today, we must be smarter this time.
[itay t] azam will return with many defenses and fear, and rightly so.
we need to get Azam feel secured. we started a move called "put Azam to sleep" (free translation...)
- as long as we are going to pretend, when he comes back we'll be making peace with him... so he is less alert.
- the way he behaved, all is fair, I'd lie to him 300 times if it's needed.
[itay] this game is real survivor.
Dang - day 13
- i built this to hang clothes, shoes... - we are done buki.. you keep surprising us...
- (sings) 'buki the builder, yeah yeah yeah'...
- it's not buki the builder , it's puki the builder... (Hebrew slang for fart)
[azam] I don't want to go back to tinium, i'm alone there, helpless.
i rather go back for a month to my prison cell in Egypt.
- i'm leaving, I had fun, you are great.
i love you... - i love you too...
- try to make peace there - i mean to, i have a good heart.
- it's only lack of communication - I even forgave Mubarak (Egyptian president at the time) for keeping me in prison 2950 days...
-if you are his (itay t) friend, tell him he should change at some point
- he is a good guy - maybe i haven't found the good in him yet...
- bye.... tell moshe to come back quickly
- friends, i'm going back to Dang tribe... - i'll miss you...
- if he is leaving, it means azam will be here any second...
- how was it there? - for me it was great, you? - same.
- so, update me, who went home? - michal.
- she left to hope island? - yeah
-bye - good luck
[azam] as soon as i heard michal was gone, i knew that if i can't join Turgi (itay t), I'll be going home.
- he has a scared face... - smile guys...
- how are you? how was it there? - 3 days of fun.
- hi - stand up, show some respect...
- i have to say to all of you, we lived and eaten together, and I just wanted to be back to my home
this is my home. I am with you, and i'll stay with you.
if I've hurt you... (kiss) ... let's forget what happened before and start over,
and show them that the reward is ours and the next eviction is theirs...
[itay t] i don't buy a word he is saying...
he is like a politician in a press conference, not a single true word, not a single word from the heart.
- a new clean slate, from my heart...
[Ana] we sat there and didn't believe him, azam did all the work for us
first phase of our plan is completed. as far as azam is concerned, we are one big, happy family.
- i hope you stayed loyal to me while i was away... - sure...
[itay s] moshe came back to me... we needed some space... it's good for every couple once in a while...
- wow, the camp looks upgraded
- sit and tell us everything - okay, where do i start...
- who got voted off? - michal, but it was known she would.
- they are a very strong three
- azam is doomed... - anat, turgi and ana are an alliance, nothing to do about it.
[itay s] they have a strong alliance there, and i'm starting to be afraid from the time
turgi and oshri are united. they can form an alliance. i need to think a step ahead.
hope island
- hi.. im sad and happy to see you
- looks lovely here... - i cleaned...
- not much to say... - is there hope...?
- wow a monkey! - another one...
- eating the rice
- mommy!!! - no, it's dangerous
- i hope he wont take my clothes.
- in few minutes we'll be surrounded by monkeys - you are scaring me
- get them away
- i think they are gone - it's not the pastoral island i thought it was...
- watch out from an alligator or a gorilla... - you wanted Thailand...
[guy] welcome to the reward challenge, as you can see michal was voted out last night.
- anat, how was it to have azam back? - we decided to leave the bad feelings behind us,
and it was moving how azam came to us and wanted to speak to us, it was all from the heart.
- it was a tear jerker moment...
- azam, how did they welcome you? - with hugs and kisses, with love and we'll do anything to win today.
- turgi, a clean slate? -yes, all is good.
- you body language says otherwise... closed arms...
[itay] azam is in a very problematic situation....
...he is not really with a clean slate.
- how was is to get moshe ferster back? - it was good for our relashionship being apart for a while
[guy] in the next challenge, you are going to play handball, but in the water
- each round a tribe member will try to score a goal, while jumping to the water.
- each tribe will elect a goalie, who will try to block the ball.
- first tribe to score 5 goals, wins the reward. - yes, we want to know what we are playing for...
- have you ever seen a "kang liang"? - a what...?
- how about 'pad ka paou'? - come again...?
- pad thai? - ohhh... now it's clear.
- the winning tribe will get a traditional Thai feast
- everyone gets a plate, right? not just those 2? - yes buki, there are lots of plates...
- one more thing, since you are VIP... you deserve a better service...
- the reward now looks better...
[itay s] why did she come? to add me as a facebook friend?
- Oscar is one of the leading chefs around here, she will be cooking for you, and at your own camp.
Dang, you need to sit 2 men out.
buki and ferster
- Dang who is your goalie? - Natalie.
- tinium who is your goalie? - Ana.
- tinium won the draw and will shot first, who will go first?
turgi, take your spot.
round 1. turgi will try to score vs natalie.
- too low
ana at goal. oshri warming up...
- you missed oshri....
still no goals, will anat be the first to score?
- too high.
- still 0-0 - we are still learning...
- itay too low.
[itay s] since i was a kid , i was pathetic at football (soccer).
azam scores.
[azam] i was surprised to score first, im not great with water, but i did it correctly.
tinium leading 1-0.
yulia may get us tied
- good... straight in the middle...
[ana] i didn't understand why she aimed to the....
[ana] if she was a man i could maybe understand it...
- it's the jealousy Ana...
[natalie] I was thankful it wasn't me, with those.... (she was surgically enhanced not long before survivor...( I've googled that...) )
- turgi misses again. too low.
- can oshri score for dang?
- oshri, please not in that area... - I'm not even looking at those areas...
- itay, how cause him to lose concentration...? - turn around...
oshri scores. 1-1.
anat misses
- where do you want me to throw to...?
- ana, i think it is working...
[moshe] ana can shake and move her body well. i'm lucky i didnt have to face her...
- moshe, can't you see i'm concentrating...?
itay scores. 2-1 Dang.
[ana] i was insulted by natalie copying my tactics, it was my idea...
[itay] azam had a look in his eyes like a cartoon's loopy eyes...
- a Druze dance...
natalie blockes the ball. still 2-1.
[buki] i would take natalie as the goal keeper of my football team, it may attract more spectators...
- yulia misses.
- if i was doing it... - enough buki...
[buki] i could, with my stability, throw the ball fast.
[buki] yulia is playing, and im sitting out. im an outsider, it annoys me.
turgi scores. 2-2.
- itay scores. 3 -2 dang.
turgi scores. 3-3
ana blocks oshri's shot.
[ana] the moment ive stopped his throw and fell in the water, I wanted to watch it in slow-motion...
azam misses.
oshri scores. 4-3 Dang.
anat scores. 4-4
itay can win it for Dang.
[buki] its up to itay whether I eat or not.
[itay] I've never scored a winning goal.
coming up...
itay scores! Dang wins reward.
- first time that im a winner....
[itay] it feels so good. i was thinking of my daughter at school the day after the show airs... 'how you see my dad...'
Dang, you finally win a reward.
- itay, how does it feel to be a winner? - great... you can vote me out now...
tinium, i have nothing for you - well, we support them... i hope they choke...
[guy] i remind you to select representatives for the negotiation hut
-cheers - to victory
(food chatter... )
- i'm starving, i want real food
- why did we lose this challenge
[anat] we could smell the other tribe's food from across the fence
- i think, since they have lots of food, they can give us some.
- it feels bad enough to be starving, but now to go and beg for food?
[buki] after we ate all we could, came the dessert... it was great.
- open up... where are my brothers...?
- i can't eat now...
- bon appetite... love you...
- guys, it's not nice, come on.
- i want to eat something, nice or not, look how much food they have.
[itay t] i felt like a beggar in Delhi... not my style.
- here, they are bringing you some - i can't believe it...
[itay s] this situation wasn't pleasant, i know they are hungry, and they saw us eat, so the minimum we can do is give them some.
[azam] it reminded me of prison, everything via the guards who say what you can and cannot have.
[ana] there was something pathetic about this image,i never asked for food, it was bad.
- thank you - my brother, i love you.
[anat] it was worth every minute of miserableness
- all i'm missing is beer... - what a great day, we won, we ate..
- i'll stop the party for a moment, cause the big meal is distressing me...
- moshe is a good man
- who's belly is larger, buki's or mine..?
- listen, we have to make a move, keep it quiet. - yeah, we have to
[anat] ive started to work. Itay, Ana and I started working on a plan to make azam think I'm with him.
- i do whatever i can, so they won't notice i'm not with them
- even if they'll know you are not with them, they can't do anything, we are 4.
- we can use them also after the merge. - the way i see it, they are together
- for now they are okay with us, but when the merge comes, they'll get together with their friends and we'll be out.
[azam] anat is worried about the merge, she thinks about this move smartly. well done.
she needs to think of a new strategy to make it to the end.
- if you were with me a week ago, Turgi would have been gone
- well, it is better late than never
Dang - night 13
- save us... - i can't take it anymore...
[oshri] buki, buki, buki...
the worst night ever, buki started snoring ,and it lasted all night. we couldn't sleep.
Dang - day 14
- buki is going to be the first survivor ever to be voted out cause of snoring...
- I want to apologise... , i'll sleep outside tonight
- did oshri sleep outside because of my snoring? - i dont know
- good morning, you slept here cause of me? - yes buki.
- i'd like to apologize to you personally.
[buki] me snoring kept people up all night, i feel bad about it, i feel i hurt my tribe
- why didn't you slap me...? - i did it all the time...
[buki] so that my friends won't have to hear me snore and hear me fart, ive decided to isolate myself.
- let's give is a try... snore there for a minute...
- we have negotiation now
- azam, you want to go? - whatever you decide, i'm okay with it.
- we trust you to go and take care of us.
[itay t] we decided to send azam to the hut as a strategy, showing him we trust and forgive him.
- i respect that, and i'll do my best
[azam] well done to them, now that we started a clean slate they trust me and send me.
- hi , how are you... - fine...
- let's eat first
"each one of you have to decide which item he wants from the other tribe"
"in order to decide who gives his item and who doesn't,"
"you can either play backgammon or a special version of 'Scattergories' game"
" the loser will have to give up the item he bet on"
[yulia] we have to select an item from the other tribe and write it down on paper, who ever wins the game, gets the item.
- i dont know what Scattergories is - its a game that we select an alphabet letter,
and you have to come up with a city, name, country that begins with that letter.
- okay, start saying letters and i'll stop you...
- a,b,c,d,.... - wait, dont say them out loud...
- stop - 'H'
- so i have to write a city and country starting with H? - yeah.
coming up...
- lets start
- i don't know this game - oh come on...
- what did you write for animal? - (yulia misspelled a 2 letters animal name...)
- what is that? i dont know that animal... - it's this small flying thing...
- forget about this game...
[yulia, in russian accent] I'm new in Israel... I've made such a blunder, everyone at home will make fun of me...
- let's play backgammon, its a known game.. - but i dont know how to play, can you teach me?
(azam explains few times not too clearly, yulia doesn't get it...)
[yulia] turns out azam is not a great teacher
- forget the games, lets agree without games
- lets make it simple, i'll put the notes behind my back, you pick one.
- right hand
[yulia] i open the note, and i see that azam wrote 'pot'
- azam, we need the pot to make food to survive
- i wanted something with value, i wanted my tribe member to be happy with what i bring back
- why do you need 2 pots? - i dont know...
- we cant cook, cant eat without a pot, yesterday we gave you some of our food.
[yulia] i didnt know how it happened, i was shocked
- you took their pot?
- it was about a vital item from each tribe, i was against Yulia
- there was this game, and i won their pot.
- she lost, so she doesn't get anything from us
[anat] taking the pot may be legit in survivor, but i found it a bad humane move
it will hurt him in the merge, it wasn't a smart move.
- it hurt me taking the pot, but it's a game
- yeah, you did good.
[ana] it's terrible, we don't understand how he did it, but all we could say at that time was 'good move, they'll manage'
[ana] we can't tell him the truth, cause we need him
- she is smiling, she must have good results... - she has nothing, so must be just information
- hmmmm.... so we had to pick an item... and play a game
- we wrote the items on paper. i wrote 'mat' and he wrote 'pot'.
-and he won? - yes, azam took our pot.
- so we dont have a pot now? - what an idiot he is.
- he is trash, how can we cook? - he just took our food..
[buki] azam is a dog! you were a guest in our camp and now you take our pot so you have 2?
- we give you the food we won, and you write 'pot'?
[itay in heavy Arab accent] "you are all my friends... give me your pot so you can't eat.... I love you.."
[itay s] i was disappointed by azam, i took it personally.
- if you take a pot, you either don't have a brain or don't have a heart.
[oshri] azam made a big mistake. if he makes it to the merge, i think he just 'bought' his eviction
[guy] welcome to the immunity challenge.
- Dang, you look upset, why?
- we are left without a pot, no way to cook some rice
- i think there is lack of moral here, maybe Azam can explain..
[guy] isn't survivor about making the other tribe weak?
- how are we suppose to cook the little rice we have?
[itay t] azam made a logical move strategy wise, it's a game. but, i wouldn't have done it.
- i can't even look at thier faces now, i feel bad. but the task was to take something essential.
- but you have a pot - take something we don't really need for our existence here
- why do you need a 2nd pot?
- i may have been wrong with my decision... - you were maybe wrong??
- a person makes a mistake, and he is forgiven.
- we can't lose our humanity in here, take anything, but don't take my pot.
- i'll give you my food... - i don't want your food...
- what do you want me to do? - i want you to think next time.
- Dang, I'll need the idol back
- immunity up for grabs.
- each tribe will be divided in pairs, pairs of guys and pairs of girls.
- each pair will get 2 poles and a ball. you will place the ball between the poles
- the goal is to keep the ball from falling down.
- the last pair remaining, wins immunity for their tribe.
- Dang, 2 men have to sit out. oshri and itay, you played in the reward challenge, so you have to sit out today.
yulia and natalie from Dang
azam and itay from tinium
moshe and buki from dang
anat and ana from tinium
[itay t] it was important to win, we have been too many times in tribal
[ana] we found a good balance, no way we are losing this task
-Yulia and natalie's ball drop, Dang loses the girls pair.
buki and moshe ferster are the only pair left for Dang.
[Natalie] our future was dependent on buki's chubby shoulders and on moshe's skinny shoulders...
Tinium wins immunity
[azam] we won, and it felt great
- we are not going to tribal...
[oshri] i don't mind losing, we need to 'thin out' our tribe and send someone home.
coming up...
- tinium, the immunity idol is finally yours
- you gained 3 extra days in the game - we appreciate it so much, we needed it.
- dang, I'll see you tommorow in the personal immunity.
- from hope island, welcome Harel and Michal.
[michal] both tribes were applauding me, how great is that.
- each one will pick someone to fight for them and give them a chance to stay in the game
- harel, you are the veteran on hope island, so you pick first.
- you don't change a winning team.. i pick Azam.
- michal, also from tinium - i pick turgi
- both tribes, head back to camp.
- we must get to the merge as the majority -we are the majority...
- no, oshri will join turgi ana anat
[itay s] i keep thinking what will happen on the merge with oshri. he is close with turgi.
at some point, he will vote me out
- so we need to create a foursome - you, me, moshe and buki
[itay s] i don't want to be in second place, i want to be at the head of the pyramid
tactically, I need to vote oshri out.
next time on survivor...