New Years Driving? Dine & Sign Episode 15

Uploaded by Podsmiths on 03.01.2012

Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
What do you think about New Years?
I used to go the Casino to gamble.
Casino? What for?
I was curious to see the people. I went to the deaf club, too. Stay home? I think staying
home is best.
I know what you mean, stay home, comfort.
It saves trouble.
Drive. Park.
Cops around, Taking my foot off the gas! Now? It's scary now. You drink there, you can't
get home. You can't! If you drive? Bless you.
Bless you.
Now it's different. Unbelievable.
But do you think it's more secure?
Yeah, forced to stay home. You want to go party, you can't use your car. You must stay
at a motel.
That's scary. Once, a long time ago I drove drunk, the policed stopped me on New Years
My god. Really?
I was drunk from the Deaf club. I drove, the police came- shit, I pulled over.
I gave him my license, he looked it over. "Drive carefully home, okay?" I said okay,
"be careful, you can drive, right?" I said yes. "Okay, move along" can you imagine that?
My god.
That was a long time ago. Now? Arrested.
That's different. It's scary to go out. I'm scared.
Why would you drive like that?
How else can I get home? How?
Thats it. Forced to stay at a motel. I have to find a motel near by and walk. Park there,
drink until finished, walk, sleep, then tomorrow morning go home.
Whats a New Years Party for?
To enjoy and talk!
That's true.
People you don't see all year. Talking is enough. Every Saturday? Some people go every
Saturday and get drunk drunk. They're stupid.
What for? Same same, it's stupid.
Some people's lives, what else?
I'm not like this type. Once in a while, a gathering is fine, but before I'd go on New
Years Eve, and less people show up. A long time ago, tons of people came. 1970's crowds
came. Now? I've lost motivation to go.
Why not go to New York City to watch the ball drop.
There's too many people.
I can't hear, i'd just wander.
You think?
Deaf? Forget it. If they have a screen with signing, I'd go. Noise booming, I can't hear.
Lights, that's it. Forget it. For you, go. Worth it. But I think once with you and a
group we could go once. I don't mind. Someday we should go. I have never touched it, I should
see what it's all about. Can you imagine, New Years in New York? I should go once. I
should. But we'd have to plan a motel. Have fun then sleep overnight and leave in the
morning. Night Driving? forget it.
Just figure it out as we stumble through.
We should rent a truck, with a box box in the back.
Right, with a lift, those ones.
Sleeping in that is not allowed!
We'll put mattresses in the back. Get everything ready.
You will get arrested anyway.
No, not driving. Pull over. So I don't have to pay for a motel.
I think the law says you can't sleep in the back of a UHAUL.
A van is allowed.
Risky, risky.
Before I slept in the back. A cop put on a light. He saw me, was quiet and left. It's
But maybe New Years has a law that says you can't sleep in a car.
I don't think so, no. No…
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