La necesidad de trabajar bien para no traicionar al Maestro (Subtitles: en/pt/fr/it/ro/ru/es/hu)

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Gnostic Congress of Transvaluation 26 Octomber 2008 - Second Part (continued) "The Treasure of Light"
It is important that you know, for example,
that in the history of Gnosis
there were many persons with great
spiritual longings.
The Master Samael stretched out the
hand to many of these persons,
to such an extent as to tell them
the tests that they were going to go through
in the Path, and the way in which
they could overcome these tests.
And, of course! This is the same thing as a teacher
telling us which questions we will be asked
in the exam and what we have to answer.
So this is what the Master did
with some persons of the
Summum Supremum Sanctuarium of that time,
a place which was constructed in the entrails
of a mountain called the Sierra Nevada
of Santa Marta in Colombia, in South America.
Since these persons were his first disciples
and they received him, he wanted to pay them
by helping them to enter the Secret Path.
Obviously, he taught them Alchemy,
he taught them the death of the “I”;
and they started to work
in the mysteries of Vulcan and,
to a certain extent, in the psychological death.
Conclusion: with the help that I have just mentioned,
the help that the Master gave to them,
they awoke their inner Fires,
they developed the Five Serpents of Fire
and as a result, they converted into Masters.
And, what happened? That these persons
having reached this point, considered
that the work was already done,
ignoring that the “I”, as the Moon,
has two aspects, the visible and the one that we don’t see.
You know that the Moon is illuminated by the Sun
in one of its faces, but there is always
a face that we don’t see; this is how the “I” is.
We can easily appreciate one part
with the self-observation,
but there is a deeper part
that is not easy to discover,
this is the famous Ahriman of the Persians.
This Ahriman is the Antichrist that the
Book of Revelation speaks about.
The Book of Revelation speaks about two beasts,
one with two horns that was making signs
before the multitudes
so that the multitudes would follow the other beast,
superior in strength, which had ten horns,
and represents the Antichrist
inside of every person.
The Antichrist is the secret root of the “I”,
it is made up of perversities
that we have committed
during centuries, during millennia.
Each person is dragging his own Beast,
whose number is 666.
And, of course, there are those who have confronted,
in the processes of Initiation,
the first beast with two horns,
the “I”, and they dissolve it.
But Gnostically speaking
it is said that when the “I” dies,
it resuscitates in the heads of the Beast;
the Beast has seven heads
and ten horns.
The number ten reminds us of the Arcanum 10
of the Tarot, the wheel of all the fatalities;
the Beast is what secretly brings us back
to this valley of tears.
And the seven heads are representing
the seven mortal sins
in their most hidden form: the anger, the greed,
the pride, the gluttony, the lust, the envy and the laziness.
So, well, not all of the Masters,
even if they reach to be Masters,
achieve the total purification
and the total integration of the parts
that make up the Being.
Those who achieve it
have achieved the so called
intimate Self-realization;
and this is not just anything.
I say this, all these things,
because many of these persons,
curiously, incredibly, turned against
their Master afterwards.
This seminary of AGEAC's International Coordinator, Mr. Óscar Uzcategui Quintero, in Agra Town, India - Octomber 2008
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