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Guess I can't use fakes like the Titans, after all.
I'll remember this!
Next time, I'll definitely beat that Hades guy!
That's right! We've gotta celebrate your victory!
There's really no need to.
Hey, how about a date?
I-I have to get on with my journey and, besides, I'm still a trainee...
I guess you're right. I'm still just a junior warrior myself.
Then, how about this?
We'll go on a date as soon as I become a warrior!
I-I can't make such a promise!
Alright! Now that's decided, I just gotta get serious with my training!
Aw...it's already over? And I just finished up with my training.
Aqua? What's wrong? Your face is all red.
I-It's nothing...
You've been trying to become a hero, too, right?
Strength isn't the only part of being a hero, you know?
I know.
I probably won't become a hero if I just focus on my strength.
I realized this after watching you and Zack.
It seems that your heart is on the right path.
I know you'll definitely become a hero someday.
Terra, I know someday you will, too.
You can now do a dimension link with Zack!
Mark of Hero A keyblade with a strong attack power. High rate of critical hits when in a pinch.
There it is!
I'm gonna be the leader!
Aw, I was so close!
That was a close call, Lost Boys!
But rules are rules. You're the first person to pick up the treasure map...
so you get to be the leader. Well done.
Of our expedition party!
We're going on a treasure hunt! And that's the treasure map.
Girls aren't allowed to join, you say?
Why not? The more the merrier!
I have important things to attend to, so I'll return this.
That's too bad, but rules are absolute.
That means all we can do is forget about our treasure hunt.
I guess it can't be helped. I'll join you guys for a while.
This is where we are now.
And the place where X marks the spot must be where the treasure is.
Whatever! Let's just go!
Oh, yeah. I never asked for our leader's name.
I'm Peter Pan. This little jealous girl here's Tinker Bell.
And you are?
I'm Aqua.
So YOU'RE Aqua!
Alright, first we're headed toward Mermaid Lagoon!
Found you, Peter Pan!
Today is surely the day you'll meet your end!
I'm busy today, Captain Hook. I'll fight you some other time.
I don't fight at your convenience! Give me back my treasure!
Who's that?
Oh, that's just the stingy pirate, Hook. Pay him no mind.
Why you--How dare you mock me!
It's the Cap'in's signal!
We'll get hit if we just stand still--Run!
What is it?
The X on the map marks that spot up there...
Don't worry. With a little pixie dust, we can fly up there easy!
But, I've never flown somewhere so high...
What if we fall?
Since when have you been such scaredy cats?
Won't it be a little too hard for them?
You stay out of this, Aqua.
If you wanna find the treasure, you gotta be brave.
Do your stuff, Tink!
Hurry up and go!
Follow Tink!
Isn't this where we just were?
We went all around the island for nothin'!
It wasn't just for nothing.
If we had found the treasure easily, it wouldn't have been as fun, right?
I guess I underestimated you a little.
You were leading the boys forward for their own good, weren't you?
It's nothing like that.
You're too late, Peter Pan!
I've already got my treasure back.
Check the box, Smee!
Aye aye, Cap'in'!
What's wrong, Smee?
Ca--Cap'in'! The treasure...the treasure...
The treasure what? Spit it out!
What's all this junk?!
How rude! That's our treasure!
Where's the treasure that was inside it first?!
It all disappeared.
You won't get away with this, this time! Prepare yourselves!
Hm? What's that? That ticking...
I-It's back!
Stay back! Go away!