Dragon Age: Redemption - Saarebas (Episode 6) ft. Felicia Day!

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Tallis and me wagered on who would get to you first,
us or the mage.
I was just thinking about our deal...
The Chantry wants Saarebas alive, but you intend to kill him.
That is, if you win our duel.
You were never intending on going back.
When I left Kirkwall, I knew there was no going back.
I have no regrets.
The mage deserves to die. You know that as well as I do.
Doesn't matter what I know.
The Qunari want him back alive. That's my mission.
I can't mess up again.
Sooner or later you will disobey another order.
You can't change who you are.
Then they'll do more than demote you.
Show me an alternative.
Free yourself.
As I have done.
Are you suggesting that we run off together?
That I become Tal-Vashoth?
What's Tal-Vashoth?
One who abandons the Qun. An exile, forever outcast.
From what I've seen, that's exactly what you are.
You said it yourself...
We're both renegades.
I suppose...
Although we see the pit, we cannot avoid it.
What are you doing?
Falling into the pit.
Hey, boy, see that?
I like to blow off a bit of steam too, just before battle.
You up for it?
I'm betrothed to Fina. Have you not been listening?
You're going to get torn up by a demon army soon enough!
You done it before, right?
No. Never!
Then get here and practice, for Fina's sake!
Hey, you two!
Over here!
[Saarebas] At last!
Josmael and I will sneak around the back, closest to the altar.
Get the girl out before attacking.
But your mission...
Will get done one way or another.
I can't be all Qunari after all...
No use denying it.
Move! Let's go!
For the first time in my life, I am not the weapon, I wield it.
Fina! Fina!
Saarebas, they're here!
What more appropriate audience for a night of death and destruction.
Go on Templar, I got this!
I think not, Saarebas!
Love, why did you warn them?
All I've ever been was the girl you were to marry.
I wasn't special until Saarebas captured me!
A little blood...
...for a lot of power!
My sister!
Thank thee for thy wondrous tools!
I owe you thanks, Templar.
Such freedom you've given me.
A gift for killing your family, perhaps.
You will bait me no longer, mage!
You may take my family, but my future will be my own!
[Nyree] Nice one!
Stop the blood!
Cairn! Cairn! Josmael, come quick, heal him!
Heal him!
There's no healing that, lovey.
...our duel.
[Saarebas laughs]
Well, this has been an amusing respite.
You serve your title well, elf.
Tallis true.
Why this? Why not just escape and live your life?
I had the means to do harm, so I took it.
It was almost... involuntary.
How could I deny my function?
The Qunari made me this way.
As they have made you.
You're right...
No matter how hard we fight it, eventually we follow our true nature.
You can't be faulted for that.
And neither can I.
This is for Cairn!
Don't force it.
You got to dig down a bit.
I'm going to walk the lad back to his people.
It's along my way. I'm heading back to Nevarra myself.
Get myself clear of the blasted law.
The balance.
Doesn't feel much like a victory, huh?
Not really.
I thought you might want this...
To remember.
Thank you.
Goodbye Josmael.
One day you'll make a fine Keeper!
Not one day...
I am the Keeper. I know my duty.
Thank you, Tallis.
Your Qunari gonna be right peeved with you not showing up with the mage.
There's a smart move, just lay it all on the Templar.
I'll finish my mission my way.
Right, renegade.
Who knows? Next time you see me I might not be Tallis anymore.
I could be Tal-Vashoth.
Past the idea of right and wrong, there is a field.
When a soul lies down in that grass, the world is in balance.
I will meet you there.
Subtitles: Dani Figueiredo.