Domain of a Piecewise Function--Example 1

Uploaded by accessiblecalculus on 01.01.2011


This video demonstrates a graphical approach
to determining the domain of a piecewise function.
As the piecewise function on the left is traced,
the x-coordinates of the points on the graph of the function
are plotted on the graph on the right.
When the piecewise function has been completely traced,
the graph on the right will provide a graphical
representation of the domain of the piecewise function.
In the graph on the left, the tracer point begins
at x = - 3 and moves to the right.
As it moves, each x-value from -3 to 3
corresponds to a point on the graph of the function.
The x-coordinates are plotted on the horizontal axis
of the graph on the right.
Thus, in this example, the domain
is the set of all points from - 3 to 3, inclusive.
Symbolically, we represent the domain
using interval notation, [ -3, 3].
using interval notation, [ -3, 3].