HOLIDAYS - Bob the Patato!

Uploaded by BobThePatato on 05.12.2011


Welcome to another edition of the Food News Network.
The Holidays are right around the corner
so Bob and Dewey decided to decorate a Christmas tree. Bob?
Thanks Brayden.
Today, Dewey and I are taking the time to decorate the Christmas tree.
Dewey and I have been having a great time.
I'm hanging the lights!
Yes, Dewey and I have been wraping the ribon, hanging the
ordaments, and now Dewey is hanging the...
AHHH! I'm on Fire! Help! Help!
Dewey! You're sitting in a fire!
[Camera Failture]
We are happy to report that Dewey quickly recovered and
only suffered a minor burn.
Happy Holidays!

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