Mahabharat - Episode 70

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Neither is there the gentle sunshine of love ...
... nor the healing shade of forgiveness
I stand alone in the forest of Anger ...
... Insult and Pride
My voice is trapped like feet in marshy ground
The story is still far from finished
In truth, what I have narrated so far ...
... is only the introduction
The story will begin and end ...
... in Kurukshetra
In truth, this centuries-old story ...
... is the story of those eighteen days
Of course, it is true that ...
... these eighteen days are like eighteen centuries
But before we reach Kurukshetra ...
... it is important for you to know ...
... the few things that remain to be said
The title of this episode could well be Shikhandi
Shikhandi who was known as Amba in his previous birth
Amba, the Princess of Kashi ...
... who was kidnapped by Bhishma for Vichitraviya ...
... along with her sisters Ambika and Ambalika
I am sure you remember the Amba ...
... who challenged Bhishma in Hastinapur's court ...
... that she would take birth after birth ...
... so as to avenge her insult
Her insulted soul has journeyed far
So, let us first go to Shikhandi's camp
Come youngster!
Why poison the arrow heads?
The brave warrior has many names
Devavrata! Bhishma! The son of Ganga!
The taint of insult on my forehead
I will kill him for you, my brother!
One must avenge one's own insults
He is my debtor
I re-live my insult every moment of the day
The day of marriage for the Kashi Princesses
Not a single day has passed after that....
... when I have not re-lived that day
I have to merely close my eyes...
... to see the court of Kashi and ...
... the demon of insult dancing before me
The court was filled with brave warriors
The arrival of one man wiped off the smiles
Bhishma, son of Ganga, is on his way!
Bhishma's oath has lost to the beauty of the Princesses
The oath has been left behind
I represent Hastinapur's King Vichitraviya
The Princesses of Kashi have always wed the Kurus
The same will happen today!
I claim the three Princesses for Vichitraviya
You have insulted Hastinapur by arranging this marriage
However, I forgive you!
The Princesses have a right to choose a husband
Not these Princesses!
In any case, there is none worthier than I
Bhishma! Give rein to your tongue
I only rein my horses
Had I not granted you life once before ...
... I would have punished you for interrupting me
I announce in this court ...
... that I am taking away the Princesses
Does anyone dare stop Bhishma?
Allow the Princesses to leave, O King of Kashi
Turn the chariot!
Yes! I am Shalva!
I have no dearth of arrows, Shalva but ...
... I'll not take the life I have granted
I forgive you once again
Let's return to Hastinapur
May I make a request Queen Mother?
Call me mother, Amba
My request is to the Queen Mother
You may speak !
Before Bhishma came I had, in my mind ...
... already chosen Shalva as my husband
Why didn't you tell me that before?
Fear! I was afraid of you
Then Vichitraviya cannot marry Amba
You are right!
Don't worry Princess
You shall be sent to Shalva with honour
Tell Bhishma I do not accept charity
Another thing! Tell him ...
... he has insulted me by sending you back
I have been insulted by Bhishma
Had he not sent me to Shalva I wouldn't be insulted
Order Bhishma to honour his Warrior Code ...
... and accept me as his wile
Victory to the King!
I am bound by my oath, I cannot marry
Why then did you bring me here?
I had announced in court that ...
... I was representing Hastinapur
My lord, I was kidnapped ...
... when I was holding the marriage garland
My sisters accepted you as their husband. I don't
Now I wish to marry Bhishma
That's not possible
Why not?
Because I have sworn bachelorhood
Learn to fear a wounded tigress, an insulted woman
You cannot salvage my honour merely because you are ...
... bound by an oath!
In this royal court and in the King's presence ...
... I, too, swear an oath
I'll never forgive you for this insult ...
... even if I have to take birth again and again
I will avenge this insult by causing your death
Amba swallowed her humiliations and ...
... reached a hermitage
After listening to her, the Sage said ...
... a woman has two refuges: lather or husband
Amba said there was no question of refuge
It was a matter of insult and its penalty
Amba did not want refuge ...
... but sought revenge
We live in a strange society, my brother
A man even controls a woman's honour and insult
She has no personal honour or insult
But Amba was unwilling to accept this
She had been insulted
So, she wanted to take revenge herself
So, she said to the Sages
O Sages! I cannot go to Kashi now
There I'll have to lace the ridicule of my colleagues
I cannot go to Shalva for he has already rejected me
I have only one option left to me ...
.. that of penance
Penance is not easy, Princess
I know! But I have no other alternative
So, I have to tread the path which is open to me ...
... no matter how difficult it is
O Sages! Penance cannot be ...
... more difficult than bearing humiliation
But my child ...
Welcome Revered Sage Hotravaan!
Please be seated!
The Sages seem worried
It is a serious matter
This is the Princess of Kashi, Amba
Listening to Amba's tale ...
... Sage Hotravaan was shocked into silence
I had renounced the world before your birth
So, you do not know me. I am your grandfather
Don't go to your lather
Go to Sage Parshuram
He has an antidote for your sorrow and anger
Where can I meet him?
On Mount Mahendra
He is my friend and schoolmate
May you live long!
Please be seated O Sage!
This is my grand daughter Amba
I was just suggesting that she meet you ...
... because only you have an antidote for her sorrow
May you live long!
What is your problem?
Bhishma has insulted her
He kidnapped her and now refuses to accept her
If that is so, Bhishma must accept her
That is the code
My respects! A Sage wishes to see you
- My respects - May you live long
Please be seated!
I have a message from Sage Parshuram
From my teacher!
What does he order?
He is here on a special mission and ...
... wishes that you do something for him
His wish is my command. What is the task?
He will tell you himself
When you did not want to marry, why kidnap Amba?
And when you have kidnapped her ...
... why have you rejected her?
The result is she is alone and helpless
It is for this that Shalva rejected her
With Fire as your witness you must accept her
Honour the Code of a warrior
O Sage! Now I cannot even wed her to my brother
Amba told me she had accepted Shalva as husband
I sent her to Shalva with honour and ...
... did my duty as a warrior
Devavrata! Il you do not obey me ...
... you'll have to light me
I do not wish to insult you ...
... by tying to explain to you
No, Bhishma
Go ahead and do that
O Sage! You are my teacher
How can you light your disciple?
It is the teacher's duty to punish an erring disciple
I repeat : Accept Amba
That's impossible!
If you really order me to light you ...
... your disciple will respect that command
I know you have defeated the warriors single handed
But O greatest of teachers! Even you know that ...
... none among the warriors you fought ...
... could vanquish your warrior's pride
Devavrata has been born in this age
Proceed to the battlefield!
Let me see ...
... how well I have taught my disciple
As you command!
O Teacher!
You stand on the ground
I cannot light you from this chariot
Wear an armour and letch a chariot!
This land is my chariot, the clouds my horses
The wind my charioteer
The Vedas are my armour
O Teacher! Permit me to light you!
Bless me with victory!
Your humility has pleased me
Anyone who desires success must be humble
In particular, those who light their elders
Had you not done this, I would have cursed you
Go! Fight such a war that ...
... your teacher is not shamed
On guard!
On guard!
That is the Ashwapatra!
What does it do?
It is a precise weapon
Only Bhishma knows how to use the weapon
If he does use it on Sage Parshuram ...
... then his defeat is guaranteed
O Bhishma of the Bharat dynasty!
Do not use the Ashwapatra
Its use will humiliate your teacher. Do not use it
O best of my disciples! O son of Ganga!
O great warrior Bhishma!
Today you have defeated your teacher
No teacher will ever get a disciple like you
But my child ...
... I cannot retreat from the battlefield
So, either kill me ...
... or retreat
O Teacher! I fought you to obey your order
If you order me to retreat ...
... I shall retreat
Let's go!
I have seen Bhishma defeat Sage Parshuram
Then I decided I would have to do everything myself
I did severe penance. The result was ...
... hall my body became the River Amba
The other hall became a Princess of Matsya
But this did not serve my purpose
I did penance once again
Lord Shiva himself granted me the boon ...
... that I would be the cause of Bhishma's death
Then I said : O Lord!
I am a woman. How can I kill a warrior like Bhishma
Then the Lord said: You'll achieve manhood
After obtaining another body you'll remember all this
You'll be born to Dhrupad and become a warrior
So, my brother, Lord Shiva's boon stands before you
She could not complete her oath
Her entire life was spent
Amba was born once again
The Past had taken a new form
I don't want the matter to reach the battlefield
I don't want to decide on whom to side with
Guide me O mother! Help me!
My respects mother!
Have I erred?
Why do you run to your mother in every danger?
You swore an oath without asking me
You gave your word without asking me
Then learn to lace the consequences
As you command, mother
I'll not come again, mother
You'll have to come to me
Victory to the Commander! Sage Drona is here
My respects O Sage!
Please be seated
Looks like even you cannot sleep
This is a night when ...
... none of Hastinapur's well wishers can sleep
When sleep does come ...
... the child Pandavas appear in a dream ...
... and seem to ask:
O Teacher! Will you light us?
We cannot even escape these dreams
Young Arjun would come running and embrace me
Grandsire! Save me from Brother Bhim
I have eaten his porridge
I would say: Child, I am not your Grandsire
I am your lather's grandfather
That small child has grown so big
My old chest will welcome his arrows ...
... like it would embrace his childhood
My old age will be honoured by his arrows
This war is his test
The depth of my wounds from his arrows will tell me ...
... how successful a teacher I was
One day I had told him:
There may come a day when you may have to light me
Don't spare me because I am your teacher
I swear to you. Il I see this happening ...
... I'll tell him in Kurukshetra ...
... you are not worthy of being my disciple
He will not give you the opportunity to say that
My dear Arjun will not give you the opportunity
Are you surprised to see me?
Why are you here?
We had left you in Uplavya
Has Arjun forgotten that ...
... this is not the Pandavas'' war alone
This is also my war
I am the Commander as well as the Army
These unbraided hair are my weapons
I don't want to trouble powerful Bhim ...
... that he bring Dushasan's blood to Uplavya
By the time he reaches there the blood will be gone
Do you want my hair to remain unbraided?
I will wait for Bhim in the Pandava camp
Besides, you can never tell with Yuddhistir
God knows when he'll change his mind
He may say Religion is Forgiveness
I will stand between you and this philosophy...
... till I have avenged myself
May not the flame of the fiery woman ...
... ever burn down
The revenge of the fiery woman ...
... has given her courage and strength
Draupadi is the foundation ...
... of the Kurukshetra war
She is not only the shield ...
... but also the sword