Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 17 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Grandpa! Faster, faster!
Okay, I get it.
Mr. President, I'll do it instead.
It's a delight for this grandfather to be able to be a horse for his grandson.
Why are you trying to take that from me?
JiHoo, are you having fun?
Yes, grandpa.
Grandpa, can we go fishing?
I'll catch a BIG shark.
Fishing? Of course, we can.
When do you want to go?
Let's go now.
Fine, let's go.
Oh, my boy...
Mr. President, do you like it that much?
If you become a grandfather,
you will know how it feels.
What? Are you sure?
Don't hold anything back. Did you check?
-Mr. President... - Yes?
Due to talks of a possible merger between ShinHwa and JK Group
all stocks regarding ShinHwa Group have been sky rocketing.
As people continue to watch closesly as these two groups economize their companies.. they also watch as they plan to join theirs hands in-law
Do you know what that means?
If our relationship with JK breaks tomorrow,
What do you think will happen?
We don't know whether our company's stock will crash by the morning.
This ShinHwa which your grandfather and father built with their blood and sweat.
If it collapses due to your foolish love-play,
then will you understand?
Stop it.
JoonPyo, give us a moment.
I'm not finished talking.
JoonPyo, starting tomorrow,
treat JaeKyung like she's your fiancee, understand?
Aren't you going to answer me?
Aren't you going to give us a moment?
Was I not enough?
Don't butt in.
When you needed a hotel, you sold your daughter.
When you need an investment, you sell your son.
What will you do if you need anything else?
You don't have any kids left.
I do this all for you and JoonPyo.
Who asked you to?
Who the hell told you,
that it's all for us?
I've never even saw you,
as someone that was there for us.
Who do you think gave you the happiness you're enjoying now?
Do you even know,
what happiness really is?
I don't have the luxury to listen, you don't know how lucky you are.
JoonPyo . . .
Leave him alone.
I already said that this doesn't concern you!
This time...
I won't just sit back and watch you do this.
Why are you here?
Suam Art Center Concert Hall
Now you. What are you doing here at this hour?
I have a bit of a situation.
You're doing all of this yourself?
I'm in the process of doing it all.
What are you doing?
I already told you. I can do some cleaning too.
Thank you.
Here you go.
I can't split the work money.
Instead, I'll pay you back with coffee and a drive.
JanDi... JanDi...
Wake up! Can you hear me?
I'm OK.
Get on!
Get on!
It's exhaustion plus malnutrition.
If she just rests, she'll be fine.
Thank you.
I'll just do this and go.
I held back because you're my friend and she's your girl.
And I gave you chances up until the very end.
Now, I'm not going to hold back.
Why? Now that JunPyo's engaged, you're getting nervous?
So you planned to throw yourself at him?
- You detestable and audacious little.. - Stop it!
This is the company that your grandfather and father built with their blood and sweat.
When you realize that you threw it all away for some love game, then will that set you straight?
Nuna, somebody is waiting for you at the playground.
What's wrong?
Gu JunPyo...
Did something happen to Gu JoonPyo?
He says he wants to go out for real.
I'm so happy. So happy that I thought I was going to go crazy.
I hurried all this way to tell you.
You are... going to congratulate me, right?
Falling in love with one's fiance...
Don't you think it's so romantic?
Thank you.
I'm glad I have a friend to tell this to,
I'm so happy.
Look, I got a matching phone as a present.
Let's go.
Please look this way.
Please look this way.
Is a wedding date set yet?
Look at them, they suit each other don't they?
Yes, you can say that.
So little time has passed, and already JunPyo looks so dignified.
JaeKyung, please be careful not to bring shame to JunPyo.
No, I'm sure she won't. I think it's time
that the image of ShinHwa's future first lady changed, don't you?
Miss Jaekyung, please stay as bright as you are.
Thank you.
Then, is it okay if we leave?
Where do you plan to go?
It's our first date and you want to stalk us?
I got it. Please take care of her, JoonPyo.
Over there.
How did a little kid like you learn to gamble?!
I'm not playing! I'm not playing!
I'm staying with grandma.
Who's grandma?
Hey, Joon.
Joon? Do you think I'm a dog?
Hey! You . . .
What picture?
Ah, let go.
Buy this for me!
Let's Go Together!
No, I don't want to ride this.
If you want to ride it, ride it yourself, you woman.
It's a date, why would I ride it by myself?
I see. Are you scared of heights?
You really are, aren't you? It really doesn't suit you.
Who's scared of heights?
If you confess you don't need to ride it
As soon as you get on the cable car, "AHH, SAVE ME!"
You're not going to be like that, are you??
Why does this monkey make me into some idiot?
Fine! Let's ride it. I'll just ride it.
Is the studying going well??
If I get into medical school with all this studying,
then that would be a real miracle.
You're really good at miracles.
Don't you remember?
Wondergirl, Geum JanDi.
Even if I don't get into medical school, I still want to help out at that grandpa's clinic...
Can't you make up with your grandpa?
We've never fought.
Because I'm the one who was thrown away.
It's not like that.
Your grandpa's also living with a lot of regret.
- And... - And?
He also misses you, Sunbae.
I always feel like
you understand things better than I do.
That person (Min SeoHyun)
And grandpa as well.
I... just...
Are you really going to be like this?
It's always me asking.
And even when we're together, you never agree.
You really are being annoying.
If you're really that unsatisfied, you can stop chasing me around.
It's because I feel anxious.
I keep feeling anxious.
If you make me believe, if you make me certain,
I'll stop chasing after you.
I'll wait patiently.
What do you want me to do?
Kiss me.
Hey, Joon. Let's go together.
Hey, Joon, I said let's go together.
Hey, what is this again?
It's annoying, so go over there.
But there are 99 things I've alyways wanted to do once I got a boyfriend.
You're not already annoyed are you?
99 things?
I don't want to, so get another guy to do them with.
I'm busy.
Okay, then let's do just one a day.
Then, when we do all the 99 things, we'll reach our 100th day and become real lovers.
What 100th day?
You really plan on being together that long?
Then since today's our first day, can't we make it special and do 2 things?
Can you... take me somewhere?
You probably were an otter during your last life.
You're similar.
You both are diligent, off-the-wall, cute,
and can't live without water.
Couldn't you just say something like the little mermaid or something?
The Little Mermaid won't do.
Turning into bubbles because you can't forget your love...
is too sad, isn't it?
Seems like the otter is hungry?
Ah. Let's go!
I'll buy dinner.
Monkey, why should I go to a place like this? Go by yourself.
Just try to eat at this place, it's really good.
Oh... it's JanDi!
Jandi, it's like we sense each other, right?
Hello, my name is Cha Eun Jae.
One moment...
Please come in.
Welcome! I welcome you to the world of pottery.
Ah, thank you.
The one who is grateful is me.
Usually, older women like to come.
I'm happy because someone young like you came.
How did you get interested in pottery?
Someone I know does pottery.
Is that someone a person you like?
Because you want to get to know him
You want to learn so you can do it together. I know that feeling well.
Teacher, did you also...
We were childhood friends.
While other kids were playing house, we learned to make pottery together.
Did your boyfriend also become a potter?
He's a potter.
But he didn't become my boyfriend.
Ah. I don't need sympathy.
Thanks to it, I became even stronger.
This piece here. Even though it looks weak on the outside, on the inside it's actually very strong.
Turned upside down,and stepped on.
After it's cut endlessly over and over again on the potter wheel, then . . .
1,300 graus
That's right!
After heating it in a kiln at 1,300 degrees
You can make something with as strong a soul as this one.
But, GaEul, how did you know that?
Ah, it's because I've heard it before.
To me, that friend was,
was my kiln and my potter's wheel.
Have you forgotten that person now?
Gaeul, please bring your friend here sometime.
I'm curious.
This is my studio.
Do your "job"
Somewhere else.
Son, don't you do the same thing?
Why don't the two of us try to get along, okay?
If you're going to be this way,
I'll move to another studio.
You can not do that.
I'm the one that should leave.
But you can't.
Did you forget that the person to take on the "So" name
is not me, but YiJung.
I've never said I wanted to do that.
You've never said you didn't want it either.
Am I not correct?
Why must you live like this?
Because I'm bored.
Living is so boring, son.
Have you ever lived properly,
for even one second?
The woman who makes me want to live right....
came only once in my entire life.
If you lose a woman like that....
every other woman is the same.
It's just all meaningless repetition.
Don't you think that to mom....
Don't you think that you're being too cruel to mom?
That's why I wish this lifetime would go by faster.
It's just not working out the way I want it to.
Do you know why you passed Il-Hyun and became the head of our family?
It's because you resemble me the most.
Cruel, don't you think?
Don't forget it. Once in a lifetime.
The real thing comes only once.
That's just another cruel truth.
Here's "kim-bap" for 2 people
Event! 50 Bowls of Free Coupons for ladies who can eat our jumbo ramyun in 20 mins!
Excuse me. Yes?
Is that real?
But it's pretty hard to accomplish.
Do you want to try it?
If you succeed, do you really get 50 coupons for free ramen noodles?
of course!
But...who is going to do it?
Hey, monkey, what are you doing?
JanDi, you want to try too, right?
All right. I'll win it for you!
No, don't. Do you really think you'll be able to eat all that?
What will you do if I win?
If I win...
you three have to grant my wish.
- Wish? - Okay. We'll grant it.
All right! Ready to meet the challenge!
5... 4... 3... 2....
Jandi! For you.
Now, you all have to grant my wish.
What kind of wish?
Let's go on a trip!
The four of us,
JanDi, JiHoo, JoonPyo and I.
Two couples on a double date trip to our resort.
Hey, monkey, I really hate double anything.
What do you mean? You said you'd grant my wish.
JanDi, you will go, right? Let's go! Hmm, hmm?
What the heck are you, anyway?
How can a girl eat that all?
What a glutton!
JanDi, let's go. Hmm, hmm?
JiHoo, let's go, hmm?
Mom, please don't die!
Don't die.
Found you.
- Do you think mom will die? - She'll be fine.
- YiJung! So YiJung? Where are you? - IlHyun Oppa is calling you.
how did you find me?
Wherever you are, I just know where you are.
You can't leave until I fall asleep.
Can I . . . sleep?
EunJae, will you be able to find me again?
You were always the one who found me.
Good morning!
Hey Monkey, why are you here so early in the morning?
What kind of question is that to ask your fiancee?
It's ok. I take it as a term of endearment, so I'm not bothered by it.
I'm used to it.
You're making a perfectly fine person into an idiot.
This is why girls who are raised properly are different.
That sweet heart of yours can't be bought with money or taught.
Not really. I have a friend who has a very hard life but she keeps working hard without any complaints.
Hey, Monkey!
Aren't you leaving? If we leave late, we'll get stuck in traffic.
I'm leaving!
Have a great time.
Over here.
Hello. How are you?
Wait right here.
What do you think? Is it pretty? Do you think JoonPyo will like it?
Normally I find these things really cheesy.
But I guess people really do change.
I keep wanting to brand him: "This man is mine."
- J and J? - JoonPyo and JaeKyung.
When I was getting this engraved, I felt really awkward. Is this man really my other half?
J and J...right...
Are you guys finished?
Let's see.
It's awful.
Please prepare our dinner.
Yes, Barbeque.
Jandi, eat a lot.
Let's make a toast! I already drank it all.
Hey Jandi! Guem Jandi, are you OK?
Wake up!
Hey, Geum JanDi, are you ok?
Can you hear me?
Goo JoonPyo,
I thought you couldn't swim.
I can, now.
What happened?
I learned.
Don't lift your head up. Turn it to the side.
I realized I would rather drown than to watch another guy save you. So I was able to learn.
What happened? JanDi, are you ok?
She is ok.
Thank god !
I'll take care of her from here.
Yes. Take her so she can rest.
You, are you okay?
I'm okay.
Here's your lattes.
- Which cake is good?
- Oh, cake?
Today we have chocolate cake, and cheesecake.
With lattes, cheese cake will probably go better.
Then give us two cheesecakes.
Two? Okay.
Why are you acting like this? Are you crazy?
I'm perfectly okay. That's how I know.
What? What do you mean you know?
Do you remember?
The story that grandfather used to tell, the story of the god of the kiln.
What are you talking about?
The dish that the kiln god chose was not mine, but yours, YiJung.
Hyung. (Older brother)
This hand . . . How much I wanted this hand.
You don't know, right?
Because of that....
you're quitting?
So you're leaving me alone like this?
You're running away!
You're leaving me alone in this house. Leaving me all the responsibilities and you're running away!
Are you alright?
I keep forgetting that I'm not supposed to swim.
I'm supposed to be your fireman. And now your lifeguard too?
I forgot something at the spa. I'll fetch it and be right back.
Don't worry. I won't get into trouble again.
I'll take her from here.