Singin' in the Rain (7/8) Movie CLIP - Switch-a-Roo (1952) HD

Uploaded by movieclips on 26.05.2011

♪ singin' in the rain, just singin' in the rain ♪
♪ what a glorious feelin' ♪
♪ we're happy again ♪
♪ we'll walk down the lane ♪
♪ with a happy refrain ♪
♪ and singin', just singin' in the rain ♪
This is dora bailey talking to you
From the chinese theater in hollywood.
What a night!
Every star in hollywood's heaven is here
To make monumental pictures' premiere of the royal rascal
The outstanding event of 1927.
Everyone is breathlessly awaiting
The arrival of lina lamont and don lockwood.
Look who's arriving now.