How to Transform Yourself Like a Celebrity : Celebrity Transformation: Spin Bike

Uploaded by expertvillage on 30.09.2008

Hi, I'm Angela Martindale and we are talking about your cardiovascular endurance, on how
to transform yourself like an A-list celebrity. We've already talked about the treadmill and
how to do it correctly, and I wanted to give you another option. So here's a spin bike.
You can also use an upright bike, or a recumbent bike. So first of all, you want to make sure
that the bike is adjusted for you, for your workout. You're going to be on this thing
for 20 minutes so let's adjust it for you. So you want to adjust the height of the saddle
to where your knees are just slightly bent when you put your foot in the stirrup. Also
if you have bike shoes, you're going to clip in, right? You also want to make sure that
it is adjusted per the length of your handle bars. So your seat is back just a little bit
and you can slightly bend your elbows on the handle bars. The great thing about these bikes
is that they have numbers. So remember your number. So I'm turning off all the resistance,
putting your feet in the stirrups, and now as you can see I have a slight bend all the
way down to the bottom so I have a slight bend in my knee. Now I'm going to add just
a little bit of resistance onto the bike. Now on a spin bike you have three positions
for your handles, for your handle bars and for your palms. So you have first position,
you have second position standing up, and you have a third position with your glutes
over the saddle, and you're pressing through a lot of resistance in this position. So first
you want to start out in one position. Adding a little bit more resistance, to where you're
feeling some heat. Now remember to turn on that heart rate monitor and keeping your heart
rate within your target cardiovascular endurance which is 125 for the first week. Remember
continue to breathe, lift through your spine, open up your chest, roll the shoulder blades
back and pull your abdomen in. I'm going to hold this position for about two minutes,
getting a nice warm up. Elbows are slightly bent, in towards the chest, and continue to
breathe. Now in the next 5 minutes, you want to add a half a turn, and stand it up. Pulling
those abs in, slightly bending those elbows, and push that cardiovascular endurance. Now
at two-minute intervals, you want to take that resistance up another half a turn. You
want to get into your third position, put your glutes all the way back over the saddle,
flatten out that back, squeeze your abdominal muscles, breathe and push through those heels.