Cooking Tips : How to Dice Purple Eggplant

Uploaded by cookingguide on 27.10.2008

To chop your eggplant go ahead and remove the very top of the eggplant. The stem is
inedible so go ahead and throw that away. I'm also going to check to see if any of the
stem is left on the eggplant. Now to chop it I'm going to cut off about a two inch portion
of the eggplant to make it easier to work with. Now from here, I'm just going to cut
strips of eggplant all the way through here. And I'm going to take half of it and set it
aside. This will give me a nice flat surface to work with. Now I'm going to make slices
through the eggplant like so. Now I'm going to line up my slices so I can slice through
these again and make a small dice.
And that is how you dice an eggplant.