Pacquiao Bradley Reaction

Uploaded by MegaToonTV on 11.06.2012

Hi guys welcome to MegaToon TV, this is Steve for another episode.
On this episode, I would just like to share my quick reaction
about the Manny Pacquiao, Tim Bradley fight.
Okay, so at first I thought Manny would win.
Because I saw Bradley wobble,
and I thought it would be a knock out.
Eventually, that didn't happen. The fight reached round 12.
Bradley was tough but I really thought Manny would win by decision.
In fact I was not watching the official score of those judges.
Because I really though Manny would win.
I was surprised, when Bradley won!
I don't know how that happen, but it happened!
Some says, because Bradley did more points...
I'm not sure, because I just watched it on TV.
So, what do you think? Do you think Manny won?
Was he cheated? or what?
Please leave your comment below and I will read them.
Okay, Thanks.. Bye.