Cajon Lesson: Basic Beats #1

Uploaded by Rossco9992 on 22.10.2011

Hello once again percussionists. In this cajon tutorial we'll be looking at
a few sample beats and grooves
This is a great place to start off with playing some basic beats on the cajon.
Just a simple snare and bass alternation on the right hand
and then you start fill in the 8th notes
with the left
this one is similar, but instead of playing 8th notes in between the pulse we're using 16ths.
I hope those two beats were fairly easy to figure out.
Now what we're going to do is take the second one.
The one with the 16th notes and we have a little bit of fun with a
few variations that I've come up with
so like to think of those 16ths between the pulse as
extra beats that we can add into our pulse to make it a bit more
here's just a quick demonstrations of what i mean

so what i've done there is
made the pulse more interesting by taking the notes that I was already playing as
As ghost notes or softer notes
behind my main pulse
and started to add them in. So I'm not doing anything more complex than still playing the
One E and A Two E and A Three E and A Four E and A
With my right and left hands; alternating right and left.
I've just started to add
extra beats into the mix
Alright, here's something simple that we can take from that last
It's just
Our pulse is just with the right hand still, so staying on the 8th notes, the evens.
i guess just think of
"We Will Rock You" by Queen but just with the right hand. So
Bass, Bass, Snare, Bass, Bass, Snare
Okay so I played that beat at the start of the last demonstration.
But now all we have to do is fill in the 16th notes.
And that begins to sound like this:
Okay, there's something fairly simple to work on for now.
I hope you enjoyed the video.
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And I'll be back with more tutorials later.