(Batsu Game) 24h tag part 4 (subbed)

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Wantan Noodles
It's hot!
That stinks.
10:30 p.m. (9 hours 30 minutes left)
As time goes on
the group gets physically and mentally exhausted.
One person still continues to get on everyone's nerves.
What now?
I have a fever. - A fever?
First cracked ribs, then a rash, next a ripped ear
and now a fever.
Graduation certificate
We got away from it this time.
See? Your ribs not broken.
The way you were waving about.
It's cracked.
No matter how you look at it, you're fine.
I'm not. When you're being chased, adrenalin is released.
10:53 p.m. (9 hours 07 minutes left)
Enough already!
You're just a bag of nerves
Come, gather around these manboobs! - Okay
This is for all of you.
Eat it.
A pork bun.
Shouldn't there be four?
I don't really like this kind.
At least it's easy to divide, just cut along the lines on the bun.
We should take turns like before.
Rock-scissors-paper would save time..
Save time? We've got loads of time.
What's wrong with cutting along these lines?
Some might get more pork than the others.
The pork often isn't dead centre.
Okay, that seems fair.
I'll start.
Keep an eye out.
You never know when they'll come.
I'll keep watch.
You're all grown men, I supposed you'll need a bit more.
We're pretty full actually.
Well, Matsumoto has seen fit to give you more.
Yet another present: a sausage
This one is easy.
Only one again.
This one's easy, no problem.
We just divide it into four.
As we did with the Noodles and Bun.. - Wait, wait.
If you're all full why don't you...
It's for a different part of the stomach, like a cow.
Fine, let's just divide it into four.
It wouldn't cut evenly as it's soft.
That doesn't make a difference.
Let's just get it over with.
The middle is noticeably thicker.
It tapers toward the ends.
What're you talking about?
It doesn't change that much.
Keep watch.
It's the same.
It rounds off at the corners, whoever takes that will get less.
I'll take he end then, just add a bit more.
How about that?
You don't want the ends, right? So I'll take it with a little extra.
That'll be more than your share though.
Even though you're my senior, it doesn't count now.
How about this: Half it then you guys eat it from the inside
then leave me the bits on either end.
Got it, that seems doable.
That's fine.
Seems fair.
Don't forget to leave Hamada's bit.
Why did you put it all in?
Why did you put it all into your mouth?
That's it, I'm done.
But we did it by your rules.
You put it all into your mouth.
I couldn't tell how much I put in.
Just hold it in your hand
and bite off the bit left sticking out.
This end is a little slippery.
If I put it in once..
Look, don't talk with your mouth full.
Just hurry up and eat it.
Why are you telling him to do that?
Just thought he was being rude.
What about my bit?
You've still got some left. Bite it off.
Just bite it off.
Why are you pushing it in?
Bite it off.
Stop that!
Why couldn't you bite it off normally?
Why did you do it like that?
Why twist it?
I told you to just bite it off, why twist it?
And what about you?
You've got nothing.
We made a deal, I get to have the ends.
I'd say about this much but I can't even work out what shape it is now.
You couldn't leave this much?
I was trying to make sure...
Are you an idiot?
Sorry. - Sorry.
I'm really sorry.
It won't happen again.
I just don't get it.
We're really sorry.
Well, I'm stuffed.
11 p.m. (8 hours 50 minutes left)
Where you going? - The bog.
Yamazaki goes to the toilet alone.
What happened?
In the toilet.
They were in the toilet.
The taggers? - The taggers.
Three of them.
They were in the stalls.
Did you finish?
They attacked me half-way through.
Are you serious?
That's bad.
Your face is unbelievable.
You're totally unrecognisable.
We heard you screaming out like that.
I just hear a noise.
Then turned?
They attacked you when you turned around?
I didn't know what was happening at first.
This is hell. Pure hell.
No place is sacred.
There are so many of them.
When you see the video we seem to be energetic all of the time,
but between those bits there'd be periods of 30 minutes, or an hour,
just sitting there, completely nervous.
How much do you think you ran?
You ran quite a bit.
Seemed like dozens of kilometres. - That sounds right.
It caused a bit of tension between us, though.
What do you mean?
Go on, explain.
Surely you get what I mean.
I thought you'd bring that up.
You know, about being senior or junior.
From here on, we got really tired.
Fatigue really kicked in.
You're rickety muscles must have started giving in.
12:30 a.m. (7 hours 30 minutes left)
It's past midnight.
They have reached the peak of their fatigue.
Any energy to talk has long gone.
Come, gather around these manboobs!
What's this?
Gather around, make it snappy!
It's bedtime.
We'll continue the game tomorrow,
for now, get some sleep.
Really? It's okay to sleep?
One last thing.
Let's say goodnight to Matsumoto.
I'm the only one he kicked twice.
There's a single set each.
It's better than nothing.
It'll have to do, let's get ready.
Mine's a different colour.
You've left me with this one.
It looks cruddy.
Just my one.
We just took them in order..
It's getting late, we need to get some sleep.
Oh, yours is nice.
It's elegant looking.
Yea, elegant.
Look at mine.
It's green. - Nice.
I don't want this one.
Swap with me.
Even for a single size it looks small.
Just swap with me.
Okay, let's get some sleep.
(It's tiny!)