Så länge det finns punk finns det hopp

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As long as there is punk, there is hope
A documentary about the Swedish punk today
Made by: Anton, Farida, Ludde
You want to spread the music you like The music and lyrics are very meaningful
You want people to embrace what others write
It's creative, if I sit at home on a Sunday and wasn't into punk, I would have just sat on "myphotodiary.com"
But now I can write a review
1977 started the first punk wave in Sweden, with bands such as The Pain and Ebba Gron
Today, punk developed and separated into several genres, such as:
trallpunk, kangpunk, crust, oi, poppunk, knallpunk, streetpunk, skapunk, skatepunk...
...and hardcore
Which is just one of the many differences between punk then and now
Spontaneously, I think that people have higher demands on the bands today
I've seen punks leave when the band hasn't been good enough
You never saw that back in the day I think that is a bit sad
It feels like, especially in Gothenburg that it's kangpunk that applies
It's more brutal and raw
Swedish trallpunk and common Swedish punk is not as dominant to the same extent
I feel that it's fewer people that's listening to punk today than in the past
There could be a band on stage that didn't even know how to tune
It was charming but it was back then It's a bit higher threshold to get up on stage now
It's a lot of focus on the music and the bands
I think punk has fallen back into just another genre where the idols get praised and the fans have their place
I think the music used to be worse but otherwise I think it's more split between kang, trall, crust, oi
Two of the biggest genres today is kangpunk and trallpunk
What kang- and trallpunk have in common is that both use the drum beat "d-beat"
And that their lyrics are political, but even there you can see some differences
The main difference is that trallpunk is more melodic while kangpunk is more raw
But how are the actual division?
It's fun to kick trallpunks because they are lame, but it's still good music both
I think trallpunks seem to want to do something while kangpunks just want to drink beer and be the dregs
I think it's better to do something meaningful than just being like the dregs
But both are fun maybe
"You should be in that slot and I'm going in this, and we are here and they are there"
When we started playing we barely know what it was called, but "punk" was the name then
Then we became trallpunks years later when that was invented, that came as a suprise
In the beginning we were called rawpunk and then as time went on as heavier bands appeared
We became trallpunk... a pop punk band
One thing I wonder is why punks can't get along Many trallpunks hate kangpunks and vice versa
I don't get it, if you're a punk rocker and sing about the same thing
Then you should damn well be able to agree
I think people demean themselves when they set one thing infront of the other
They're doing exactly what punk wanted to destroy when it came
They do just as supporters of the rock that dominated back then
They might as well dress up as Elvis and say that it was better before
Because it's the same fucking fascism
- How do you think we should solve the conflicts? - We could just be friends, it's not so difficult
An easy way to get people to like each other, getting them to understand that they are alike
Only that they listen to different music styles
You can organize concerts with both trallpunk and kangpunk bands
That's a simple thing, but maybe that won't work
I do not know, it's not a conflict everywhere I know Bosse here and he's a scum punk (kangpunkare)
- What does punk mean to you? - Nothing! Ah, what the hell do not include that
It's an addiction that I have had since I was young Where would I have been otherwise, I have no idea
It's a cliche, but it's a lifestyle
It's a music genre but it has also shaped my values
I don't see myself ever stop being a punk rocker ever - I am hooked!
Punk means a lot to me, that's what I based my life on, especially music in general
But it's punk I play, I only pick jobs that fit my lifestyle, so I can perform and have a label
and a band, most of the time I don't work at all because I don't have the time because i'm busy with punk
It's not a lot of money, but I couldn't care less It's the music and the punk that matters
My upbringing has been colored much of the punk mindset, it's has meant a lot to me
Today, it means that I have a nice band to play with and a nice springboard into the old man's life
Ha ha ha!
Even though punk is divided, it still lives on and people still goes to concerts
But what will happen to the swedish punk in the future?
It feels like more and more people are listening to punk and embraces it
When i'm out with Sista Skriket, we get people who only listens to heavy metal and hardcore
to also like us and buy our records
Record sales decreases of course but punk is growing, so it has felt in two and a half years
So I think it just keeps getting better
It will continue to grow and blossom it might take a different direction
Or there will still be that nonsense about trallpunk and kangpunk
But it will always bloom
There is always at the grassroots level all the time with all the driving forces
Then it will come emos and... It will continue, I am absolutely convinced
As long as it's flaws in society, punk will live on...
You've just seen "As long as there is punk, there is hope"
A documentary made by: Anton Anarchy, Farida Dangerous, Ludde Silly