HetaHazard 4 [ENG / FRA / ITA subs]

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That hurt! Why won't it open? Isn't it an automatic door?!
Oh, come on, is this one locked, too?! It's going to be a pain in the ass if I have to open them one by one! Why are the inside doors locked, anyway?
Um, ID, ID...
There, it opened.
The awesome me's the most supreme! The strongest! The one who gets the last laugh, yeah!
The water here is dangerous, so we have to block it up. ... Germany...
Italy, wake up!
Oh, you're finally awake, Italy!
Veeeeeh! Forgive me; I'll do anything! I'm scared! Germanyyy! Japaaan!
Veh? Germany? Japan, what happened to Germany?!
Oh, Italy. It seems that Germany fell into that pool. We just pulled him out.
Whaaat?! Is he all right? I'm so worried!
He's fine. He seems to have swallowed a little water, but I gave him first aid.
I see. Thank goodness. Huh? Japan, you're soaked, too. Did you also fell in the water?
No, but when I went to pull Germany out of the water, I slipped in the pool and fell over. I've been stumbling on steps a lot lately... Embarrassing as it may be.
You have to be careful, Japan. You're old.
I'll hold your hand when I'm with you. Then, if you think you're going to fall, Germany can hold us up.
I'm sorry. I'm nothing but a decrepit old man...
You don't have to worry about it! We're friends.
Hey, you! Don't get too excited! And you, Italy! Help me carry him! My arms can't take it any more.
Oh! Speaking of which, my back is also on the verge of breaking point. Italy, might I ask you to help me?
Huh? What about the others?
Ow! My back, it hurts so much! Japan! Japan! Help me!
Wh-what happened? My whole body hurts! Are my vital regions okay?!
China and France are so funny. I'll just keep watching for a while. Uhuhuh.
Huh? Where am I?
Oh, are you awake, America? Are you okay? Aren't you hurt?
Are you okay?
OH! NO! Canada! What am I going to do?!
Huh? What's wrong?
I can't find them! And they're so important to me! How could I lose them...?
Calm down, America! What did you lose? Just tell me and I'll help you look for it.
My burgers! How am I going to keep living without them?!
*sigh* I had a feeling it was something like that...
The others are still unconscious. Come help us already!
Italy, please. M-my back...
O-okay! Hang in there, Japan!
I wanted to have one last meeting here before this place was demolished!
(Wow, they're going to demolish this place...)
Uh, Germany... The water tank...?
(The water tank? Are they talking about that pool? I wonder if the water there is safe...)
It seems that the pipes are separate for the water that is stored to wash away chemicals and laboratory utensils, and the drinking water.
(There are separate pipes. Maybe they're separate for each room? I hope they don't all have dangerous water.)
That stored water over there is dangerous, but the water in the sink, in the washbasin and in the bathroom is safe.
(The stored water? Does he mean that pool over there? But didn't Germany swallow that water? Huh? Germany looks so calm...)
Hey, Canada, what he just said--
Kumajirou, what do you want to eat first if we can get back home?
Let's see...
I want to eat maple ice cream.
Then that's what we'll have if we get back home safely.
J-Japan, what he just said--
... a bath... mumble mumble... food supplies I was saving... mumble mumble...
Japan? Japan? What's the matter?
Oh, I-Italy. Sorry, I was just thinking.
Thinking? Did something happen?
Oh, uh, nothing important.
Then the issue of drinking water is settled. Now the issue is food supplies.
Well, I have some food in my luggage, though it isn't much. You can divide it among yourselves if you like.
(They're nations, so they'll be fine, right? That's why no one is saying anything, right? But if they aren't fine... Germany... Japan...)
There are so many kinds of Japanese shampoos!
Japan has so many interesting things in his bag.
R-Russia, you shouldn't search Japan's luggage...
Japan always wears this when he's busy at home. I wonder what it is?
Japan often wears this and a kimono when I visit him. Maybe it's part of his national costume?
C-Canada... You keep swinging that scythe around. Is something wrong?
Since this is my first time fighting with a scythe, I thought I should practise using it a little. What about you, Italy?
I'm fine! I often used a deck brush when I was little.
Really? That's reassuring.
I'm so lucky I can read the newest comics... I love Tsundere Cookie.
Oh, are you talking about the sweets that Japan brought? There's even an I'm So Awesome Cookie. Kinda sounds like Prussia.
I'll mix this medicine with my medicine, and then add this...
It's amazing how you can make medicine, China.
As far as I'm concerned, it's easy to make one or two medicines.
I think I'll go back to making flags.
What are you doing, Italy?
I'm making flags for Germany and Japan. Then I can wave these to cheer them on.
Oh, so you're recycling your white flags?
Hmm, Germany and Japan are so lucky to have someone to cheer for them.
Uh, well, those three have always been friends, so--
I'll make flags for you guys, too! I have a lot of white flags, anyway.
What? You'll make one for me, too?
Yes! I'll make one for France, one for Canada, one for China, one for America, one for England, one for Prussia, and of course, one for you, too, Russia!
I'll cheer for all of you!
Thanks, Italy.
Thank you.
Oh, um...
Thanks, Italy.
It's done! It's done!
What have you been doing all this time, anyway?
Weren't you making medicine in case those who went out searching get hurt?
I got that done a long time ago. Now I was making an antiviral drug.
An antiviral drug?
You mean a vaccine? Uh, but why use a different name for it?
I made it just in case. I couldn't make a vaccine without the ingredients, so I made some other medicine that will also be effective against the virus.
Wait, hold on, stop! Can you explain it in a way that we can understand? What is that antiviral drug?
This antiviral drug stops the progress of the virus. It isn't useful at this point, but it will be if someone gets infected.
D-do you have enough for two people? If you do, give it to me!
I made enough for everyone, but... it would be pointless to take it now.
There is enough for you, Italy, so just calm down.
Forget about me! I have to take that to those two as soon as possible!
I told you! The medicine only stops the virus's progress after the infection! There's no need to take it now!
Hey, Italy, is there someone who has to stop the progress of the virus?
What? You mean someone has been infected? That's impossible!
... It's not that I have any proof... But I heard that the virus mentioned in the journal might be in that water over there...
Now that you mention it, it did say that the virus fell in the water tank. Was that water connected with the water tank...?
Oh, no... Germany fell there... and so did Japan.
Wh-what happened to Rìběn?! Don't tell me he...
Viruses don't survive for long in the air, do they? And it's been decades, so an air-borne infection is unlikely. Did they drink the water?
Japan only said he fell over when he was in the water, but I don't know if he swallowed it. But he said Germany did...
I see. So they need the medicine...
Wh-why didn't you say anything before they left?! If they're really infected, they're in danger!
Veeeh! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I... I...
Either way, we have to give them the medicine as soon as possible. Then we won't have to worry about whether they're infected or not, right?
Right. America aside, they're all cautious people. They can't have gone too far. We can still catch up with them.
Well, then let's ago after--
Wh-what is going on?
A system error?! It's their doing... isn't it?
It must have been America!
That's very likely...
I hope they're okay...
Don't just stand there! Let's go after them, quickly!
Is everyone going? Then I'll go, too!
M-me, too! (I'm scared! I'm scared!)
Oh, I'll go with you.
Wait, I'm coming, too! Don't leave me here!
Huh? Did you say something?
Are you okay, France? Nobody said anything.
Huh? But I'm sure I heard--
Hmm, so this is the biological weapon...
It's just unbelievable! Let's get out of here!
R-Russia! This isn't the time to admire it! Let's get out of here!
France! China!
Oh, shit!
France! China!
We won't be able to go on unless we kill it! But that thing looks pretty tough...
This could take a while...
... Yìdàlì! Catch!
...? What's this?
It's some medicine that I made by mixing the antiviral with some herbs. Take that and go after Rìběn and the others.
Obtained Antiviral, Styptic, Recovery Capsule.
Huh? But we're going to fight, too!
You shouldn't be wasting time here! I can't go on until I kill this thing, so I'm counting on you!
You can trust me. There might be strange creatures out there, too, but the three of you will be fine if you stick together, right?
I don't want to let Italy go alone, but are you two sure you're going to be fine?
We'll be fine! I'm really strong, even if Fǎguó isn't!
That's harsh! But fair enough...
Italy, Russia! Let's go!
You two, come after us later, okay?
France... China...
See you later.
Don't forget to give them the medicine!
Looks like it's really dangerous out here, too.
Eek! B-blood!
Excuse me, Italy, but can you hold Kumajirou for a bit?
Yeah, sure.
Kumajirou... I'm sorry.
What's the matter? Why did you lock the door? Open it!
Go after the others, quickly! I'll help France and China! I don't think they can make it on their own.
I'm sorry, Kumajirou. I was worried that you'd get infected. You can't stay with me.
Canada, we're leaving now, so you, France, and China will have to catch up with us later. You must!
All right! We definitely will. Also, Italy, there's some chocolate in the pocket in Kumajirou's bag.
Y-yeah, there is!
Give it to America when you see him. He'll probably be hungry.
A-all right! I'll give it to him!
Thank you, Italy.
Now go, and be careful. And please take care of Kumajirou.
Let's go, Italy.
France, China!
What?! Canada?! Why did you come back?
You don't need to worry about us! Delivering the medicine is more important!
Italy will deliver the medicine, and Russia is with him.
I was just putting on airs, but I actually had no idea what to do. Now I'm a little relieved.
You're really sloppy, Fǎguó. Well, but I guess it's better than fighting alone.
Whoa, watch out!
Give me a hand here! The faster we kill the enemy, the sooner we'll catch up with the others!
Again?! There's no end to them!
Indeed... At this rate, we will be too exhausted to keep fighting.
Germany, you look awfully pale. Are you all right?
I'm fine.
(Shit! I have to get serious now, or else... We have to get out of this place somehow...)
(Is that a door over there? According to the map, that door must lead to the cafeteria.)
(That door wasn't on the map. However, it's our only way to escape; we've got no choice.)
Guys! There's a door behind us! Let's get out of here! America, Japan, you go first!
All right!
Japan, go while we threaten them!
Excuse me! I will go ahead, then!
Let's go!