Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom : Christmas Gifts for Mom: Breakfast in Bed

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hello my name is Ashley Charlton on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'll be talking about
different gift ideas for a mother. If you have a low budget or no budget, then a perfect
gift would be breakfast on Christmas morning to mother. Now she would love this very much
because first of all you would be cooking for her which if you were like me, you don't
cook much. Also, because you took the time to wake up and get the breakfast for here.
Now a good breakfast for Christmas morning would probably be something kind of sugary
to go with the holidays. I would say French toast or pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs
or fried eggs and just whatever you can think of orange juice, cranberry juice. Anything
festive would really be great for Christmas morning. Another thing to add to the breakfast
would be a thank you card for everything that your mother has done for you. Or just a little
poem or just something special to go with the breakfast. This is Ashley with Expert
Village and breakfast in bed in a very meaningful and thoughtful gift.