FINAL Press Conference 2/3 - Dec.04.2009

Uploaded by K1 on 04.12.2009

Michael: Ruslan, this is your third time facing Hari. Do you have any
thoughts about the fight?
Ruslan: I am happy to have a third fight with him, We always have an
aggressive fight so it will be exciting.
Michael: Welcome Badr. I will leave it to you because you always have
plenty to say.
Badr: I feel very strong. I trained hard. I am confident. I have been
here three times and last year was close, but this time I want to
finish it. Ruslan is a strong fighter, and always exciting. We are
going to show an amazing fight tomorrow. I am really looking forward
to it.
Michael: Welcome to your first ever WGP. In Vegas the odds makers have
you listed as the 2nd favorite to win. How does that make you feel?
Alistair: It makes me feel good. Usually I don ft pay attention to the
odds, I just focus on myself. I trained hard and want to do my best.
Micahel: Last week you stirred up a hornets nest by saying MMA is
harder than K-1. Do you think tomorrow will be easy?
Alistair: Well, the tournament is a new thing for me so I can ft say,
but being the only person other than Semmy that fights for MMA and K-1
too, so only I could really know.
Michael: You told me yesterday you didn ft think these guys would do
well in MMA. How long did you say you would give them?
Alistair: I challenge any of these fighters to step into the octagon
or MMA ring with me, and promise I will finish them in 2 to 3 minutes.
As you may or may not know, my friend Badr here already declined a MMA
fight with me, so I am waiting for someone else to step up
Badr: I had a fight with Alistair Overeem. He won that fight. It is
strange for us as kick boxers that this guy beats two guys in K-1. He
did a good job, and it is a good thing for him. But, if he gets
through Teixeira, then I promise he won ft make it 2 to 3 minutes in
the kickboxing ring with me this time.
Michael: Welcome once again. This is your second appearance in the
WGP. I mentioned that Alistair is now the second favorite. You
however, are least. What do you think about that?
Teixeira: I can ft say anything until I step in the ring with him, so
look forward to our fight tomorrow.
Michael: This means a lot to you, how have prepared?
Schilt: I had good preparation. I am ready for it. You fll see good
fights tomorrow.
Michael: How do you feel about Jerome showing up less than 24 hours
before he is due to fight you?
Schilt: It is his choice, and I guess he doesn ft want to be at the
press conference.
Michael: You are here to take on the champion. You asked for him in
Korea, and you got him. Why did you want to face Bonjasky?
Zimmermann: Because I think I can beat him. I trained well, and on
Saturday I will break some bones.
Michael: Remy is renowned for his frustrating peek-a-boo style. What
will stop you from being frustrated?
Zimmermann: I will knock him down with his hands up if I have to.
Maybe kick, maybe punch.
Michael: Errol says he is coming to break your bones. Did you have any
hesitation picking him in Korea when he asked for you?
Remy: No I didn ft have any hesitations to fight Errol. He is strong
and can even do the flying kicks he copied off me. As you can see from
the stare-down earlier on, we really will show a good fight.
Michael: You are the reining champion, a vet and poster man for K-1,
but you got pretty pissed at Overeem and said you wanted to defend the
honor of K-1 recently.
Remy: Well, to honor the fighters of K-1 I want to make clear that it
is not only up to me. I want to say to all the fighters here that it
will be embarrassing to have Alistair take the crown back to MMA, so
guys, please, beat Alistair Overeem.
Alistair:I am not disrespecting K-1 fighters. I am a K-1 fighter
myself right now and I started as a stand up fighter. I think there
are some gentlemen up here that are a little bit scared of me.
Michael: Who is afraid of you?
Alistair: Well, Remy wouldn ft ask desperately to the others to beat me
if he wasn ft, so I guess he is afraid of me.
Remy: Since you have been in K-1, I am the one that beat you. You went
down against me, so bring it on.