Lets Move! with Top Chef & The Dallas Cowboys

Uploaded by whitehouse on 07.11.2012

♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Audience: (chanting) Go White!
Chef Spike Mendelsohn: We have a nice little friendly competition going on.
Chef Jen Carroll: For now, it's friendly.
Chef Spike Mendelsohn: For right now, it's friendly.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Your time starts now.
Chef Fabio Viviani: Pomegranate -- squeeze these a little bit and tap it so you can
get the seed out.
Go for it.
Chef Spike Mendelsohn: We are grouped into pairs where we have to come up with a
nutritious meal that mirrors the idea of MyPlate.
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
First Lady Michelle Obama: Let's Move is only possible with partners.
And we are doing this because we want to see what folks across
this country are doing through the Healthier U.S.
Schools Challenge.
It recognizes schools that meet the highest national standard
for nutrition --
Audience: (chanting) Go Red!
First Lady Michelle Obama: -- and physical activity.
These schools are the schools that are finding creative,
innovative ways to serve healthy meals and to get kids active.
Audience: (chanting) Let's move!
DeMarcus Ware: It's about really tackling childhood obesity,
and, you know, we're here sort of to root the kids on and give
them a little words of wisdom about eating healthy and living
healthy lives.
Chef Richard Blais: I think the strategy is to use fresh herbs and spices and to
really draw a lot of that flavor from other sources instead of
relying on, you know, the salt shaker.
Keep pulling those basil leaves, and we're going to do the same
thing with this cilantro.
You like cilantro?
Student: Yeah.
Chef Richard Blais: Okay, perfect.
Chef Fabio Viviani: When you cook for kids, you've got to use a lot of color.
Different shapes.
So, you know, make it playful, make it fun.
Again, don't oversize portion.
Chef Paul Qui: Interactive.
If it's interactive, I think kids think it's fun, and it's --
Chef Grayson Schmitz: Dipping.
Dipping is key.
Chef Richard Blais: It has to be a familiar aspect to the food you are doing.
So I think, actually, Paul and Grayson are doing taco today.
Now, it's a healthy taco.
But when you can sell someone on the idea that they're already
familiar with, like, oh, a taco or, you know,
a food that they're used to eating.
Chef Paul Qui: Yeah.
Chef Richard Blais: And then make it healthier.
That's a great strategy to cook for kids.
First Lady Michelle Obama: We are trying to help even more schools win this challenge with
a fun program that we call Chefs Move to Schools.
This program brings local chefs into our schools to help prepare
healthier food and to teach our children about healthy eating.
Chef Spike Mendelsohn: I'm involved with the Chefs Move to Schools program.
Invite the kids and their parents to come in and we do
food demonstrations.
We plant rooftop gardens.
It is kind of full circle for the kids to kind of understand
where food is grown and where it comes from;
that it doesn't come from the supermarket.
And, you know, get their hands dirty with the dirt and feel the
soil and see things grow and then actually pick it and
actually cook with it.
So I think it is a great program.
First Lady Michelle Obama: I think that we have decided to announce a Top Chef first.
And the winner is: Red, White, and Blue.
Everybody wins!
When you've got great chefs paired with kids that are
enthusiastic, everybody's a winner.
♪♪(music playing)♪♪