Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Results Based on Science

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Intermittent Fasting weight Loss Results: Video Transcript
CALORIE RESTRICTION Scientists have long known that
controlled eating is the way to a longer and healthier life.
However, most people would rather... live 85 years doing what they want than...
living 100 years under a calorie-restricted diet.
Is there another way? Yes there is!
Intermittent Fasting is an alternative that offers many of the same benefits.
These include: significant lost of body fat,
lower blood sugar, lower bad cholesterol, and lower IGF-1, a factor related to aging.
HOW DOES IT WORK? Intermittent fasting is very simple.
You reduce your food intake on alternate days. One day you you go on enjoying...
the foods you normally eat. The next day, you go on a nutritious
but low calorie diet (600- 800 calories).
WHAT RESULTS TO EXPECT? A recent scientific study showed that
in two months of alternate day fasting, people experienced a loss of
up to 12 lbs in body fat mass, up to 3 inches of waist circumference,
up to 18% of bad cholesterol. These results WERE THE SAME weather
people had a high-fat or a low-fat diet.
This means you can eat whatever you enjoy the most and still...
Lose weight and be healthier! IS THERE A KEY PLAN TO FOLLOW?
Be patient, there is even more...